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Lessons From My Dad- Podcast #380

June 6, 2017

Cathy’s dad recently passed away so Cathy and Todd share how he lived and what he taught them. Most importantly why culture literacy leads to a bigger heart and mind, why willingness is the key to a deep and meaningful life, and why we...


Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat

June 26, 2015

Cathy and Todd share a letter from a listener whose son discovers himself through dance, and how this discovery leads to self-aware parenting. It's an inspirational and emotional story about how to create a connected relationship with...


Curse It, Nurse It, Rehearse It

April 21, 2015

When you are struggling, do you curse it, nurse it , and rehearse it? Or do you disperse it and reverse it? Todd and Cathy discuss all of these possibilities, and which choices lead to greater contentment. They also discuss Lionel...


Outliving Cancer with Tears, Wit, and Grace

March 23, 2014

In this compelling interview, our friend Katie Weiss shares her breast cancer experience, starting with the fact that she was diagnosed at 35. Due to her age she is told her lump is probably nothing, but she walks us through the...


Past Guests

Conversations with People We Love

Every so often Cathy and Todd do an interview with someone they find extraordinary – they call these podcasts Conversations with People We Love because they are inspired by their work and excited to share their message.

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Leana Greene
Leana Greene
Entrepreneur, Kids in the House Founder

Founder and CEO of Kidsinthehouse.com - the world's largest parenting video library, and winner of multiple awards.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Author, Speaker, Psychologist

Dr. Shefali is a world-renowned clinical psychologist who received her doctorate from Columbia University, New York.

Dr. Alexandra Solomon
Dr. Alexandra Solomon
Clinical psychologist, Author

Alexandra is a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and a clinical assistant Professor.

Dr. John Duffy
Dr. John Duffy
Psychologist, Author, Life Coach

Clinical psychologist, best-selling author, certified life coach, parenting and relationship expert, and proud husband and father.

Dr. Therese Rowley, PH.D
Dr. Therese Rowley, PH.D
Consultant, Educator, Speaker, Author

Dr. Rowley is a trusted advisor to CEOs and C Suite executives as they make high impact business decisions.

Annie Burnside M. Ed.
Annie Burnside M. Ed.
Author, Speaker, Teacher

Nurturer, author, public speaker & teacher specializing in helping others embrace a soul-to-soul approach to life through self-awareness.

Leana Greene

Entrepreneur, Kids in the House Founder

Leana Greene

Todd and Cathy talk with Leana Greene, Founder of Kids in the House. After becoming a mother of three, Greene decided to focus on raising her family and developed a strong passion for parenting and education. She spent her time reading parenting books and attending lectures to gain as much knowledge as possible. Realizing that many parents were busy like her, Greene strove to create a comprehensive resource that was quick and easy to use. In 2013, after spending years doing research and filming over 450 parenting experts, Greene launched Kids in the House. With over 8,000 videos, the website is now the world’s largest parenting video library. It also serves as a tool to raise awareness on issues like bullying through social campaigns such as #EndBullying, which launched in 2014 and was publically supported by figures such as Beyoncé, Jeff Probst, and Brook Burke-Charvet.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Author, Speaker, Psychologist

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

We interview Dr. Shefali Tsabary the author of the The Conscious Parent (with a forward written by the Dalai Lama) and her new book Out of Control which questions why and how we discipline children. Some of the issues we discuss with Dr. Shefali: – What are the first steps we can take to become a more conscious parent? – What prevents us from being the parent that we want to be? – Why most discipline strategies don’t work. How parenting our children can help us heal our past wounds. – How to release guilt when we recognize our parenting challenges are less about our children issues and more about our issues. – Can our children be an instrument for our own personal growth? – How do we release the power of natural consequences?

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Clinical psychologist, Author

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Cathy and Todd talk with Dr. Alexandra Solomon, author of Loving Bravely: 20 Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want. They discuss why the past shows up in love relationships, the challenges of hookup culture, and how to listen with the “third ear”. They also discuss why self-awareness is essential, and why offering compassion to yourself and your partner are keys to connection. If you are in a marriage or partnership, or if you are interested in having a healthy partnership, this is a must-listen episode.

Alexandra is a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and a clinical assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University. She received her PhD in Counseling Psychology and a graduate certificate in Gender Studies from Northwestern University.

Dr. John Duffy

Psychologist, Author, Life Coach

Dr. John Duffy

Todd and Cathy welcome back Dr. John Duffy and his wife Julie to discuss why so many people are dealing with undue anxiety. They process why it’s difficult to discuss, where it’s coming from, and why we need to talk to our kids about it. They discuss Dr. Duffy’s new podcast called Undue Anxiety, Bruce Springsteen, and why communication and connection are the keys to feeling less alone.

Dr. Duffy is a highly sought-after clinical psychologist, best-selling author, certified life coach, parenting and relationship expert, and proud husband and father. He has been working with individuals, couples, teens, and families for nearly twenty years. Dr. Duffy’s refreshing and unique approach has provided the critical intervention and support needed to help thousands of individuals and families find their footing.

Dr. Therese Rowley, PH.D

Consultant, Educator, Speaker, Author

Dr. Therese Rowley, PH.D

Does your child seem intuitive, gifted, or sensitive? Cathy and Todd talk with Dr. Therese Rowley, author, consultant, skilled intuitive and innovative educator who challenges us to see sensitive children through a new lens. This is part one of a two-part interview.

Therese Rowley, Ph.D., is passionate about supporting global leaders to operate in full power, high energy and clear focus that supports their meaningful engagement in business and in life.

Annie Burnside M. Ed.

Author, Speaker, Teacher

Annie Burnside M. Ed.

We speak with Author Annie Burnside about her book “From Role to Soul: 15 Shifts on the Awakening Journey” From her work with many who have awakened, Annie has learned that what it takes for us to finally quit trying to awaken, and simply awaken, is highly individualized.

A modern bridge between relative and absolute truth, Annie Burnside, M.Ed., is a soul nurturer, award-winning author, public speaker and teacher specializing in helping others to embrace a soul-to-soul approach to life through self-awareness. Burnside’s teachings inspire others to listen to the voice of their own soul to increase the authenticity and joy in ordinary living.


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Fatherly.com Logo with Zen Parenting Radio
7 Must-Listen Parenting Podcasts

Hosted by the husband and wife self help and spirituality super duo of Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams. For every heady topic like “Equal Justice And Quantum Entanglement,” there’s something a little closer to the “things you’ll actually understand” end of the spectrum — like “Who Lies More, Men or Women?” (spoiler: it’s women). The Adams’ approach is one part emotional/spiritual, one part analytical/logical, and the dynamic between the 2 of them frequently produces legitimate insights on the modern parenting condition. Also, they have really, really soothing voices.

15 Great Parenting Podcasts

Though the name implies a new age feel, Zen Parenting is easily relatable for any parent. The idea behind the show is that parents who have self-realization will be better for their kids. Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams are the married hosts who balance each other out. She is the emotional core while he is the logical view. Topics include how to deal with pain, why words and images matter, and staying internally peaceful to promote peaceful behavior on the outside. Though some of the topics go deeper into emotional analysis than most of us usually venture, they are tempered with topics that are informative without being over analytical. Tune in and get your Zen on with these very compatible hosts.

Positive Parenting Gold

I spied an article on great podcasts for parents and picked up my phone and subscribed to the one that caught my eye, Zen Parenting Radio. I listened to the episode they recommend, “Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat“… Wow. Talk about absolutely everything I want to be as a parent wrapped up neatly in an incredibly captivating story. Be prepared, you will tear up. You will also be inspired and, if you’re anything like me, will become an instant convert to the awesome parenting experts behind the podcast. Go check it out the next time you’re folding laundry. You won’t be sorry.

Top Ten Podcasts for Balanced Parents

This show is the ultimate show for parents seeking more balance in their lives. While it's billed as a parenting show, they talk about all of the other things that influence our parenting: Relationships, self-care, friendships, and who you are. It's hosted by a couple that are fun to listen to as they discuss parenting with presence and respect. One of the hosts, Cathy Adams, says of her show, "Our tagline for the show is The best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding, so we focus on self-awareness, empathy, mindfulness, and humor (and we throw in a lot of pop culture…). Our kids learn by watching how we live, not by listening to what we say - so if we take care of ourselves, others, and choose to be a force for good, our kids will learn to do the same.

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Podcast Reviews

Game Changer
Rose, USA

Todd and Cathy's approach to mindfulness and conscious parenting is both refreshing and humble. They help parents gain insightful information through self-discovery, humility, and without judgment. You leave a podcast feeling inspired and positive, versus shamed and less than. Their genuine love for another, their children, and the community at large is a welcome change. This podcast is a must. A true game changer.

Hands down my favorite podcast!
Lily S., USA

Todd and Cathy are right that listening to Zen Parenting Radio will make you feel outstanding! I just love Todd and Cathy and listening to Zen Parenting Radio always brings a smile to my face. The way they parent and live life is so in alignment with my own values and listening to Zen Parenting Radio this past year has made me a better mother, wife, school psychologist, and human being. Listening also helps restore my views on humanity when life gets me down. It also makes me feel less alone and recommitted to my desire/intention of being an aware parent. As an aside, I love Cathys books and have read all 3 and they are amazing. I have turned friends on and one even began listening before she got pregnant and it is a joy to get to share our love for Todd and Cathy and Zen Parenting Radio.

Enlightening podcast
Grateful parent in Colorado

Cathy and Todd, First I would like to thank you for your work. I found ZPR a year ago at just the right time. I am sorting through what I want to keep in my parenting and what I want to move away from. Your show has opened a whole new approach to living and parenting that feels like "moving toward the light". For this, I am forever grateful. Thank you for the light you bring to the world.

Turning mundane into inspiring!
SanDiegoMomJen, USA

Zen Parenting Radio has changed my day to day life. The mundane and sometimes frustrating tasks of the day have become productive and thought-provoking. Now I look forward to folding laundry or my commute so I can listen to Todd and Cathy. They are authentic, funny and a wealth of information and resources. As I am encouraged through Zen Parenting to become a more self-aware person, I already see the positive impacts in my parenting, marriage, and relationships. I never thought I would wish my commute was longer.








United States2017-09-125GeriaSonoMDLove Zen Parenting - Best podcast ever!!!Zen parenting has helped me become a more self-aware and mindful person/parent. I have not only changed how I approach parenting but how I approach my life. Todd and Cathy are inspirational, heart-centered and entertaining. I look forward to their podcast each week. They have truly jump-started my spiritual journey by introducing me to many new authors, books, documentaries and even podcasts. Thank you Todd and Cathy from the bottom of my heart. You are making even more of an impact than you realize and touching so many lives !!
United States2017-09-065kenistanleyJust what our world needs!This podcast is such a breath of fresh air! When Cathy and Todd say it will make you feel outstanding...they are not joking! Cathy and Todd, thank you for leading the charge in helping parents evolve to meet the needs of our future generation.❤️
United States2017-09-055Canines & CoutureI Feel at HomeThe biggest compliment I can ever give to someone is that when I'm with them I feel at home. It's how I knew my husband was the one. It's the feeling I had when my son was born. When I listen to Todd and Cathy I feel connected to them, myself and the bigger picture of life. I feel at home. I take away tremendous meaning and comfort. They've been responsible for building on my self awareness, self esteem, helping me refine and shift further into the person and parent I'm supposed to be. One of their podcasts on adoption through foster care inspired us so much that we are now days away from getting licensed in CA for foster to adopt. I can't recommend their podcast enough. It's been such a blessing in my life and my husband's. ~Julia Norcross
United States2017-09-015cedooleyRelevant, authentic & funny, too!Todd & Cathy keep it real by sharing their own experiences and wisdom on life, relationships & parenthood. Listening to their podcast feels like I'm having coffee with good friends as we navigate this together. I am a better parent because of this weekly check-in.
United States2017-08-265brandyrdeeGreat show for allMy sister (a parent) recommended this podcast to me (I'm not yet a parent but hope to be in the future) because of their focus on compassion, empathy, and efforts to break down stereotypical perceptions of people. I admittedly didn't really listen to podcasts until this one, and it has done so much to shape the way I interact with people and the world around me. I often find myself personally relating to what Cathy and Todd are talking about, and they help me find new language for talking to the people in my life about my feelings, emotions, and experiences. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to be more connected, grounded, and understanding with the world around them.
United States2017-08-215Angie3mI can't get enough!I have listened to a lot of great podcasts over the years.... but right now, nothing else appeals to me. Every episode has such relevant info to my life. From how to listen and talk to my child and husband to how to think about social issues differently. Thank you Todd and Cathy -- from your friend in WI:)
Australia2017-08-185Edee PeedeeSoo helpful - for more than just parentingI've been listening to Zen Parenting for the last 12 months while I've been home with #2... Tuning in has given me so many tips and often - huge piece of mind in so many areas of life. An inspirational couple who have also bring much comfort to me during this time! Keep trucking guys and thanks for all that you do! 🙂
Canada2017-08-155fraisesframboises❤️❤️❤️I love this podcast. Cathy and Todd gently but earnestly provide helpful tools for becoming more compassionate and supportive human beings. I have been listening for a couple months, and already this podcast is making a difference in my relationship with my husband and with my kids.
United States2017-08-075Jane EldenSomething in every podcastI have been enjoying this podcast for a few months now, and I always get something meaningful out of every podcast. A few weeks ago I was even tearing up on the treadmill. I would recommend this podcast to anyone, regardless if they are a parent, because the principles transcend parenting. It would be great, Todd and Cathy, if you could include more about step-parenting as well, or just say the word stepparent now and again just as a shout-out. Thanks!
United States2017-08-065Easily swayed.I don't have a kid and I love this show!Todd and Cathy are wonderful models for the type of parent I'd like to be one day. But, even if you never plan to have kids, there are so many life lessons to be gained from this show. I love that it's informal and playful, you never know what you're going to get and yet you can always be assured you'll walk away with something valuable to consider. Plus, it just feels like you're just hanging out with friends! Keep on keeping on, Cathy and Todd! Love the show!
United States2017-08-055This is isn't an appLove Cathy and ToddLOVE this podcast!!! I listen to it everyday in my car. I would laugh and cry. I learned so much more about myself and my relationship with my husband from Cathy and Todd! Thank you so much!!!
United States2017-08-025BodhipearlZPR Changed My Life - For the Better!Todd and Cathy's inclusive, relatable podcast shines like a beacon for anyone who desires to conduct relationships with self-awareness and heart-centered, loving boundaries. I've grown positively into my role as parent, partner, citizen and friend thanks to the guidance and support they offer each week. I cannot overrestimate how grateful I am to have a sane compassionate barometer for better mindful parenting to refer to when times get tough in the trenches. These two live their truth. Tell all your friends!
Australia2017-07-265ChachiouxI love you guys!Thank for being awesome. Sarah , Melbourne Australia
United States2017-07-215Big Bri1234Never Disappointed in COI listen to you every week while I run in the woods on my lunch break! It never fails that whatever I'm going through, I find wisdom apropos to how I'm feeling from every podcast. You both make me stop and think, laugh at myself and move on! Thank you!
United States2017-07-175TkdurowTake care of each otherWhat a great way to get back in touch with yourself and the people in your life. I love the banter between Todd and Cathy. Their love for each other is so apparent and infectious. Thank you for enriching our lives.
United States2017-07-165JessdanyelleRefreshing and enlighteningSome may find this podcast "corny" but I appreciate that Todd and Cathy keep it clean while relaying such valuable information. Because the show is clean I don't worry about my kids dropping by while I'm listening. I enjoy listening while I do weekly food prep and Todd and Cathy keep my family first in my mind while I'm preparing food to nourish their bodies!
United States2017-07-155KimOswaldZPR RocksZen Parenting Radio truly changed my life. Todd and Cathy are providing such gifts to both their local community (which I'm fortunate to be a part of) and the world at large. I recommend ZPR to pretty much everyone I know, I've been doing grassroots marketing without you guys asking ever since I started listening, ha. So much gratitude to you both!!
United States2017-07-135SanDiegoMomJenTurning mundane into inspiring!Zen Parenting Radio has changed my day to day life. The mundane and sometimes frustrating tasks of the day have become productive and thought provoking. Now I look forward to folding laundry or my commute so I can listen to Todd and Cathy. They are authentic, funny and a wealth of information and resources. As I am encouraged through Zen Parenting to become a more self-aware person, I already see the positive impacts in my parenting, marriage and relationships. I never thought I would wish my commute was longer
United States2017-07-125Rose (Team Zen All the Way!)Game ChangerTodd and Cathy's approach to mindfulness and conscious parenting is both refreshing and humble. They help parents gain insightful information through self-discovery, humility, and without judgement. You leave a podcast feeling inspired and positive, versus shamed and less than. Their genuine love for another, their children, and the community at large is a welcome change. This podcast is a must. A true game changer.
Switzerland2017-07-125Agar ..agarSuper podcastThis podcast is the best thing on the internet. Tuesday's are zen parenting new podcast day! A great companion on the self awareness journey.
United States2017-07-115505x206Slow Savory BuildThough I have been listening to Todd and Cathy for some time, it took a while for them to embed themselves in my heart. Most often, their best advice is not inherently advice at all. Many circumstances that we feel the need to jump in and fix, we just need to realize that, to loosely quote Cathy "just are". Give them a listen and change your perspective.
United States2017-07-075AndieMackHelps my self-understanding as a parentI love these two. At first I thought they were too corny, what with the clean language and the terms of endearment ("sweetie"), but Todd and Cathy are so genuine and real that I have come to love them. They help me be my best self!
United States2017-07-065CCYogaI really like listening to Cathy and ToddCathy and Todd help me put my relationship with my parter and daughter into perspective. They not only relieve my anxieties, but inspire me to "practice" being a person within my family who is growing and learning to love them more.
United States2017-07-055Hockey boy 49Thank you!Been listening to Zen Parenting for a year and a half. I've learned so much from Cathy and Todd. They have helped me learn more about myself and in turn I feel I'm a better parent. This podcast is just what I needed. I am forever grateful to you both for the work that you do.
United States2017-07-015Dlane001Insighful, calming & funThank you Cathy & Todd, your podcast helps me to do my best parenting, my best wife-ing. I'm a long time listener and a fan.
Canada2017-06-295prairiegirl70Best parenting and family podcastI have been listening to zen parenting for just over a year now. When I listen to Cathy and Todd, I feel like I am sitting in my living room listening to a conversation with good friends. I enjoy the podcast very much and I believe that they bring important subjects up for discussion that are so relevant to parenting our kids today. Tamara Winnipeg, MB
United States2017-06-285MsmorroneLoved your episode on EqualityThank you so much for not trying to please everyone and being true to what you believe. I loved how thoughtful you were in this conversation, how well-informed you were, and I just really appreciated you putting yourselves out there - it was so refreshing and obviously I agree with what you said.
Australia2017-06-275PasquarlieWhere would I be without you💕There are no words to express my heavy heart felt gratitude to Zen parenting radio. The minute I started listening to your podcasts almost 2 years ago I started to know and love myself more as youve helped me be the mom I want to be. Your guidance and helpful tools on self awareness has allowed me to connect with my children in ways I never knew possible. For me, you've made parenting a joy not a chore. We now have a 3rd boy (6 months) who I'm sure would not be here had you not come into my life. Thankyou thankyou thankyou💕💕💕Colleen in Australia
United States2017-06-275SluggoSteveOutstanding Podcast !The stop calling her "sweety" episodes were epic . Which one ? That would be too easy . The journey to find those episodes are worth the thought provoking nuggets that can be found each week . Keep up the good work , and Keep Trucking !!
Germany2017-06-215BohencarbarianTotally awesomeMeanwhile I’m listening to Todd and Cathy’s podcast for several years, every now and then. Even so it seems to have almost nothing to do with traditional zen, it is indeed about ‘living zen’. If you are interested in becoming a ‘better’ parent or spouse - so that the love and kindness in your family and relationship(s) can flourish - or simply in getting inspiring impulses and perspectives on life: this is the podcast I recommend.
United States2017-06-055JW2399Thanks for being part of my team!When I need a boost or just need to feed my mind on thoughts that are upbuilding you are part of "my team" of people I turn to to help me feel outstanding. Sometimes my spouse is available to help me feel outstanding, sometimes cuddling with my five year old does the trick, sometimes a quick call to my best friend is the pick me up I need and sometimes it's listening to you, Todd and Cathy. So thank you for being a part of my world and part of my team! ~Emily
United States2017-06-025PKT29See the world through the zen lensZPR has helped me be more calm, compassionate and self-aware in all aspects of life, not just parenting. It's been incredibly eye-opening, and makes me wish everyone could see the world through Todd and Cathy's zen lens.
United States2017-05-185Laraf12FantasticVery meaningful and timely.
United States2017-04-255TTLfkngDstructionNew Listener and FatherI've listened to a few episodes now, and I've thoroughly enjoyd them all. It's a great podcast that creates a great atmosphere to learn to look within for both self growth as well as helping the growth of your children. Keep up the great work you two!
United States2017-04-215Afpage19Feel good! You don't even have to be a parentTodd and Cathy are great. While I am a parent and their parenting advice is great, it's about more than that: being mindful and present and getting more out of your life. It's a nice break from the news and actually helps you deal with the world better .
United States2017-04-075Tammy RamsayTammy RamsayI love your podcast! I discovered you through the Dr Shefali tribe and now am a faithful listener. You give great advice and seem to have a healthy and authentic marriage. I find myself more centered and less reactive after listening to you. Thank you!
United States2017-04-075Jessica.d.wMy weekly inspirationThis podcast has helped me live in the present, stay grounded, and learn more about myself as a parent. I look forward to Todd and Cathy's insights to help me get through the week with kindness, patience, and self-awareness. A huge thank you to them.
United States2017-04-035Maggie_Rose_5617My Top Favorite PodcastI've been listening to this podcast for years and I have no plan on stopping. Although I am pretty far from the average listener (I am a 23 year-old with no children) I still find this podcast very applicable to my life and consistently illuminating. Cathy has such a high emotional intelligence that her take on situations can enlighten anyone in any life stage. Cathy & Todd have such great energy it is always a pleasure to listen to their podcasts. Keep up the great work!
Canada2017-03-155boardman2010My weekly giggle/cryI'll keep it short and sweet. Absolutely love you two! My husband and I get so much joy out of your podcast. Thank you so much for all you do. ZPR Rocks!!!
Canada2017-03-075ColleenQ2224You're my miracleTodd and Cathy, you have changed my life in a profound way. When I got pregnant in 2015 I was worried about temper tantrums and "bad" behaviour. A miracle occurred and I found your podcast. You have started my journey to self awareness and mindfulness. I have read so many books because of you, and you have helped me realize the kind of person and mother I aim to be. I listen to your podcast in random order, depending on how the mood strikes. But I always finish feeling outstanding! And really, who doesn't want to feel outstanding?! Thank you for all that you do, you're an amazing inspiration. I'll be a faithful listener for as long as you keep trucking! Love you both.
United States2017-02-255Alaskan FarmerAlways a joyThis podcast has something for everyone, not just parents! They best predictor of a child's well being is a parent's self-understanding. I love it, love every episode! Always entertaining.
United States2017-02-225AliswoopSo helpful, for more than just parentingThis is a great podcast. The ideas put forth about self-understanding and communication are invaluable for all relationships, not just the parent-child one. I truly feel that this podcast has helped me develop and grow as a person. My husband commented that he felt my empathy has really grown in the past year or two. I attribute part of this to the ideas and thoughts put forth by the two wonderful hosts. I also love the pop culture references and topics related to current events.
United States2017-02-185SmilesRockLOVE this podcast!I love this podcast so much that I'm heading from NJ to Chicago with a friend to attend its 2nd Annual Zen Gets Real Conference. If you believe in kindness, compassion and connected relationships, this podcast is for you - whether you're a parent or not. Thank you Todd and Cathy for being the good that I want to see in the world!! See the good, be the good!!
United States2017-01-25519373414577Great podcast!These guys are great and listening to the is so grounding. Love it!
United States2017-01-235Petra D.Zen Parenting RadioI love these two. Love their podcasts. I so enjoy their female/male perspective. They have a great repore with each other and a terrific sense of humour. Their guests are terrific in their respective fields and what they have to say. I would of been lost without listening to them about the change in my children from tweens to teens, an age group I find challenging. Thank you Todd and Cathy!!!!
United States2017-01-055Nukester71Be curious, not judgmentalI'm always amazed at the timely and timeless nature of Todd and Cathy's shows. Listening to this episode on perception and interpretation could not have come at a better time. But beyond this specific episode, the messages and perspectives these two bring to situations is unique, entertaining, and unmatched in my experience.
United States2017-01-015Lily S.Hands down my favorite podcast!Todd and Cathy are right that listening to Zen Parenting Radio will make you feel outstanding! I just love Todd and Cathy and listening to Zen Parenting Radio always brings a smile to my face. The way they parent and live life is so in alignment with my own values and listening to Zen Parenting Radio this past year has made me a better mother, wife, school psychologist, and human being. Listening also helps restore my views on humanity when life gets me down. It also makes me feel less alone and recommitted to my desire/intention of being an aware parent. As an aside, I love Cathys books and have read all 3 and they are amazing. I have turned friends on and one even began listening before she got pregnant and it is a joy to get to share our love for Todd and Cathy and Zen Parenting Radio.
United States2016-12-045SLAB_1978Parenting tips that are accesssible!!I am so grateful for the relatable ideas and helpful rhetoric I find in Cathy and Todd's podcast. Every aspect of my life has been positively affected by their intentional encouragement of self-awareness and mindful parenting. I am so grateful they give of themselves to study out, share, and practice self-understanding. Thank you, Cathy and Todd, for sharing your insights and making this podcast a safe place to consider new ideas.
United States2016-11-305Amazing and insightfulEye-opening!So insightful and helpful in getting me through this crazy ride of parenting! There is so much knowledge and insight which has truly made me a better person & parent. The guests on the show are equally as wonderful. I am the parent of two boys, ages 7 and 4; and while some of the talks are geared toward teens, I still find the material to be relevant to our everyday lives. I can identify w/ so much they discuss - some things I wasn't even conscious or aware of. I sincerely think that this podcast is going to help me naviagate and become much more self aware of my everyday actions as a person & a parent.
United States2016-11-305Grateful parent in ColoradoEnlightening podcastCathy and Todd, First I would like to thank you for your work. I found ZPR a year ago at just the right time. I am sorting through what I want to keep in my parenting and what I want to move away from. Your show has opened a whole new approach to living and parenting that feels like "moving toward he light". For this I am forever grateful. Thank you for light you bring to the world.
United States2016-11-295KerrymooreolearyBest podcastZen parenting is the best podcast, not just for parenting advice but more importantly on helping you become your best self. Thank you Cathy and Todd for your beautiful advice and for sharing your views on personal growth. During one of your podcasts you gave this great metaphor about being the sun for your children. You were saying that we can't expect our children to meet our own personal needs. We are here to be their sun, to nurture, love and inspire. I have fully embodied this sentiment and try to be the sun for my children and students everyday. Thank you for all your inspiration.
United States2016-11-135CarrieswJust what I neededCathy and Todd are genuine and thoughtful. I have been listening since my 4 year old daughter was an infant. They have inspired me every step of the way. I feel so blessed to have found this podcast. Thank you for providing meaningful content in these complicated times.
United States2016-11-125AmbugrlA blessing with each episodeAs a new parent, I learn a tremendous amount with each episode. Hearing Todd & Cathy give different ways to view situations and challenges that life presents is an enormous relief when I'm having a rough day or just have parenting questions. Zen Parenting helps me remember that I am a good parent and I can raise a good and strong child. Keep up the great work!
United States2016-11-115AmbyonceLove Love LoveI love having something new to think about and work I each week. Thank you for the meaningful show!
United States2016-11-065Michigan Mike 78Life changingThrough self awareness, they've not only helped me become a better parent, they've also help me become a better person. Thank you so much Kathy & Todd
United States2016-11-045Ross99!Good to keep you groundedI love how Todd and Cathy approch parenting. And more than that, I like how they show that even when you set the bar high, it doesn't mean you'll perform at your best each time. Their stories let me know that I can improve my parenting without having to beat myself up for making a mistake. Thanks. Listening since Podcast #296, right after your spot in Parents Magazine.
United States2016-11-015RonReezyYou guys make me feel outstanding9 months ago, I found out my wife was pregnant with my first child. I searched online for some good parenting podcasts and I stumbled about Zen Parenting Radio. I make it a point to meditate for at least 5 minutes a day, so I thought this podcast would be right up my alley. After listening to the first episode, I thought 'this has nothing to do with raising a baby'. But I stuck with it because I'm a huge fan of movie-references and quotes. I just had my son last week and I don't know where I'd be without you guys. I listen just about everyday (I'm still catching up on old episodes) and feel more centered and connected to myself. What I like most is the way you both explain things using language that doesn't harm. Pregnancy was not the funnest time to be around my wife, but listening to you guys helped me keep my head on straight and to realize there's a lot more going on than what's just in my head. To wrap up, I love you guys. You've made my commute to work a joy and I wish I could make it to your conferences, but I'm living in Seoul, South Korea right now. I hope you guys continue this podcast well into the future and then maybe someday, I can see the great Todd and Cahty in person. And lastly, this is Sparta??
United States2016-11-015AshsdotbLove the PodThis show has been instrumental in helping me become a better parent, partner, and person. Keep up the good work!!!
Canada2016-10-315Kate HosieMy Favourite PodcastI am really truly grateful for Todd and Cathy in my family's life. You make a serious, lasting difference in how we parent. Not just how my husband and I parent, but now both of my sisters and Mom listen. Instead of having tv shows in common that we talk about, we talk about the latest episode of ZPR. I also think ZPR is applicable to you if you don't have kids, or your kids are grown and gone. My favourite, favourite, favourite podcast!
United States2016-10-315fatalkimcheeVery Genuine and Applicable Parenting AdviceLove all of Cathy and Todd's podcasts. They always have very genuine advice and even share failures that occur in their personal lives. Parenting is the biggest challenge I have experienced and they really provide practical advice to add to your parenting toolbox. You can sense the love and compassion that they have for each other, their family, and their listeners. They provide guidance for the times when you have no idea what to do as a parent. Keep up the great work!
United States2016-10-315Kristie in MNAdvice that Gets to the Root of ParentingNow that I'm working at a job with a 2 hour commute a day, I appreciate ZPR more than I ever did before. I was listening infrequently ever since a friend recommended the ZPR conference and have grown so much already in how I parent and really just understand my kids who are 3 and almost 2. I began to realize soon after my first kid was born that I was carrying around a lot of baggage and unconscious habits from the way I was brought up when I was a kid, and despite reading lots of books on how to parents, was really struggling. Todd and Kathy have really helped me realize that the real work is with me and looking at why I want to react to my kids the way I do. I am incredibly thankful that they do what they do and are willing to share it with the world - you two do such important work. Keep on trucking, as Todd would say :).
United States2016-10-305landerbradHas changed my life!More than a parenting podcast, this podcast is by real people talking about real life and it makes real sense to listen to it.
United States2016-10-205Maryanne HanzelGreat TeachingI am a mom of three son's, ages 17, 15 and 14. Married for 21 happy years. Grateful to have found your podcast. Love the energy between you and the message in your topics. No judgement, just encouraging people to do their best! Great job, great teaching!
Canada2016-10-185Robynn03AmazingIf you want to raise happy, well-adjusted children and affect positive change in the world, listen to this podcast! Cathy and Todd offer a refreshing take on parenting advice, and recount their own parenting misses and triumphs. They also encourage their listeners to question the reasons for their actions and beliefs. Thank you!
United States2016-10-175RockinJoe07Great for Men TooThe advice helps in all areas across the board - who knew you could do something that would help yourself, your marriage and your kids all at the same time.
United States2016-10-175Karen in Silicon ValleyI’m addicted!I came across this podcast when I did a search for “parenting” and I am SO glad I found it. Todd and Cathy are so insightful and really inspire me to be a better parent. I love how they inject humor and sound bytes into their discussions, keeping everything fresh and honest.
United States2016-10-135ListsloverLIFE CHANGING!Seriously, I have learned SO much from these podcasts. Give them a try. I highly recommend!!! Thanks for every single podcast, ZPR!
United States2016-10-055liquidaddictBest Parenting Podcast!!I'm a male in my thirties who's going to become a father in the next couple of weeks and have been listening to ZP podcast in preparation. Such wisdom here and priceless advice about being a parent and for life in general. Thanks for the work you do!
United States2016-10-055MkbhivbAwesomeI appreciate the raw honesty and respectful nature of this podcast. Great tips delivered in a positive manner. Thank you!!
Australia2016-10-045K8WABeyond Spectacular!!Don't let the title of this podcast fool you, you absolutely do not need to be a parent to gain incredible benefits from listening. Insightful, topical, practical and contemporary advice from engaging hosts Todd & Kathy. I've only stumbled on to this in the last 6 months and am working my way through the back catalogue (all the way from Australia) and tell every Mummy and non parent friend of mine I can find to get onto it. Five stars guys!!
United States2016-09-225Steph FicMy number one priority podcast!Cathy Adams is the most insightful mom out there with beautiful, succinct words of (professional) advice for anybody wanting to be a better parent and human. Todd Adams is a great,funny and humble host that keeps the show moving and offers a great dad/ husband insight. My number one priority podcast. Thank you both for your genuine honesty and love. Two words- bumper stickers- need some to help spread the word on the necessary work you are doing.
United States2016-09-205aBrookebA Must Listen!A podcast that taps into the spiritual side of ourselves that provides tools for your every day life not just parenting.
United States2016-09-205beginner in yogaRaising Digital Nativesthis interview explores a critical topic for parents and so helpful to me. Thank you!
United States2016-09-195Grateful Parent of 3Awesome PodcastThis podcast has made me a more mindful parent and has taught me the meaning of "conscious parenting," which I strive to practice. I highly recommend this podcast to all parents out there. After listening, you will definitely feel outstanding!
Germany2016-09-155KopinskiGermany is listeningThanks for the great podcast. Love the content, the dialogs, the motto, everything. Keep up the good work, you got fans in Germany!
United States2016-09-095Mel_2103Thanks for a wonderful show!Dear Todd & Cathy, I have been listening for over 2 years now and I love Zen Parenting! Thank you for your wisdom and humor each week. Your conversations have helped me become a more self aware parent and elementary school teacher. Keep up the great work! I appreciate it! xoxo from Philadelphia, PA
United States2016-09-075Lauren ElaineAlways Real - Not just Great- it's life alteringA Giant 'thumbs up' for this superb parenting husband and wife team. While I miss their slower intro music, nothing in my hectic days as a mother, wife and substitute teacher brings me as much positive, thoughtful reflection and helps me be a more authentic person that listeing to Todd & Cathy (aka Sweetie) on Zen Paretning Radio. I find their approach to everything (parenting or not) geniune, kind, humourous and wise. In odrer to assure them of their rock star status, they should know one of my short term goals is to attend one of their confrences. Also, I have daydreams of living in their windy city and attending all of their great local activities, talks, movies screening,etc. I also easily invision Cathy fitting in perfectly with my coffee girls in Northern Virginia; she's welcome to join us any time she's in town =) Thank you for sharing your insights, perceptivness and posivity with us. Feel free to share this review.
United States2016-08-2352 1/2 hour daily commuteHow i spend my daily commuteI discovered your podcast about a year ago. Im almost done catching up on old episodes while i wait for the new one to come out. You have helped me look at life through a more positve lense. I feel like i learn new tools with every episode that allows me to be a better parent, partner and self employeed business owner. Because of the great people you mention in your podcasts, I’ve learned about Wayne Dyer, Tara Moore and Tony Robbins who i have also subscribed to his pod cast. I have a more peaceful daily commute because of you guys! Thanks for all you do for humanity.
United States2016-08-045WesterbeckerWonderful TeachersI stumbled on this podcast about 6 months ago. It is now a regular part of my week. I want to thank Cathy and Todd for being wonderful teachers. They teach about parenting, but also all about all relationships. I have learned about relationships with my spouse, family, work, and the world. Thanks, guys!
United States2016-08-025Ana RayI don't miss an episodeI discovered you about 2-3 months ago and I have been listening to all of the old episodes on days that you do not have a new one. I have noticed great change in the way I parent, my relationship wiht my kids and my husband. Keep on keeping on - as Todd would say!! love you guys =)
United States2016-07-265Jill snyderAlways just what I needThis is, hands down, my favorite podcast. Todd and Cathy are so real and honest and respectful of one another. I always make time to listen, and it always inspires me to be my best self. Thank you for being such a light in a world so full of doom and gloom
Spain2016-07-225@marinaEMG@marinaEMGGran podcast que nos da lecciones de vida, especialmente para padres y madres, pero muy útil para cualquier persona que quiera vivir una vida consciente.
United States2016-07-205JoodeezeeSecret weapon in lifeI don't want to live in fear but I definitely fear the day Todd and Cathy EVER stop doing what they do. I've listened for over a year and it's my secret weapon to MUCH calmer parenting. Moreover, Cathy & Todd's rapport is a good reminder to being a more understanding spouse. Good thing I don't live in Chicago because I'd creep-stalk them so they would be my friend. In the meantime, I'm happy they are in my life virtually.
United States2016-07-075Carrie From CA 🙂You're Doing the Good Work!While Zen Parenting does, indeed, provide a wealth of healthy parenting perspectives - and reminds us to remember our children are people too! - it's a fun, laid-back, relevant and practical reminder of how presence and mindfulness makes our life experience much more meaningful and less laden with drama. Also, I have to say, that the more you listen and "get to know" the hosts, the more you will laugh out loud. I really LOVE the way they keep it real for themselves too with funny movie quotes, exerpts of movie scenes (which cracks me up since they're on the radio but it still translates somehow) or their penchants for going off on the occasional tangent here and there when the mood strikes. I also apprciate how their own friendship and respectful regard for one another - even when they disagree - is so palpable. What a lovely and refreshing reminder of what conscious long-term partnership can yield. Finally - I say to them: Never cut your show short in an effort to "fit it" into an hour or less. If people want to stop listening, they can. But it just slays me when Todd says, "Well, I was going to talk about X but we're running out of time..." Noooooo! Just tell us about X! I'll happily listen an extra 10 or 15 minutes...keep the good stuff coming!
United States2016-06-215dhakjsZen parenting radio-beat podcast everLearn something with every episode. It's so much about me becoming self aware and carries over with my family. My kids are 16-24, so wish this had been around when they were younger, but still so helpful with our relationships now. LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. Thank you!
United States2016-06-195Kizzy JSo glad this exists!Just discovered Zen Parenting Radio, and I love it. I was hooked in the first few minutes of The 7-Year-Old in You episode (the first one I listened to), just noticing and enjoying how cute you two are as a couple and how fun you are together! I love all the laughs and lightheartedness, but you deal with real, deep issues. Very down to Earth. It’s also fun to hear the little sidetracks about bands that you like. I’m not even a parent yet—not technically in a relationship either, and I love your show! If you haven’t done this already, I’d like to see some attention on issues that same-sex couples face as parents, or those encountered by other kinds of nontraditional and minority families, touching on how children deal with racism in school and stuff like that. To the extent that you can advise on such issues in an authentic way (based on personal experience or the experiences of clients, friends, and others in your community), I think it could help a lot of people.
United States2016-06-115Mo GroLove Zen parentingZen parenting has become a daily companion and guide throughout my day. Both my husband and I enjoy and appreciate the perspective Todd and Kathy share with their listeners. Thank you and Keep on keeping on!
Canada2016-06-105Dr Gina MadrigranoFantastic PodcastI stumbled upon this fantastic parenting podcast lead by a down to earth couple. They are full of wisdom,while being witty and funny and so relatable. Not only do they offer great parenting advise, they are a wonderful example of how couples should treat eachother. They lead by example and that is the best way to learn. I look forward to each episode and love to curate the content for my wonderful clients. I love their approach to parenting which is lead by self awareness of the parents first and foremost, blended with compassion, understanding and teaching/guiding children as oppoed to quick fix one size fits all parenting tips. Love you guys. You are great! (Dr Gina, parenting coach and clinical psychologist)
United States2016-06-065PositivelyglamorousThank you so muchAs a brand new 28 year old working mother, that lives far away from family parenthood can seem overwhelming and daunting. I started listening to Zen Parenting on my way to work and home each day and it has honestly been life changing. It is like listening to two, wise, amusing dear friends explain their experience, challenges and advice. Thank you for not only making parenthood seem less stressful and more of a positive adventure, but life as well! Your positivity is contagious, keep up the goodness. Sincerely, Julia Mason
United States2016-06-065exploreandwanderExcellent!If you're interesting in a podcast that is full of information to help you live and create a self-aware lifestyle then you must subscribe to ZPR. Cathy and Todd Adams bring their light-hearted, humor-full personalities to share a wealth of information, most of which is research based. They always point to resources and references so the listener can dig deeper into the topics they share. Further, I would describe this as a secular podcast, not focused solely on the practice of "Zen"...and thankfully not based or focused on any other religion.
United States2016-06-065tmoesquadZPR AddictI recently discovered your podcast on the recommendation of a friend and can't get enough. I've told many other friends about it and look forward to car rides now as that is my happy place to tune in and "zen out." I already feel more mindful as a mother and wife, and my interest has been peaked into starting my own journey into a more self-aware state. I look forward to your book recommendations page. Keep doing what you're doin'; it's awesome.
United States2016-06-045Justi RLOVEZPR is just so good. Every episode has some tidbit that is immediately applicable to not only my parenting but also my interactions with my world in general. My husband also likes to listen and we've had some great discussions that sparked from something we'd both heard on ZPR. Thank you, Cathy and Todd, for being so informative and entertaining!
United States2016-05-315ValyGrlStill Helpful after two years of listening!I love that Todd and Cathy help me see the world differently. I was looking around for something to help me with my parenting as I was not happy with how things were going, so I am very thankful that I found this podcast. The tips and insight are so helpful. I am trying every day to become a better parent and incorporate what I learn here. Thank you!
United States2016-05-295Karolina2013My favorite podcastLove this podcast. Makes me better parent and better person. Every Tuesday thy have new episode. And its my favorite day at work. Other days I just listen to the older episodes. I am dealing with anxiety so this podcast its perfect addition to my meditation yoga routine!
United States2016-05-285kcn8Should be called Zen PeopleingWhile Cathy and Todd work hard to focus the podcast on "parenting" my wife and I often find the themes and concepts apply to daily interactions with our fellow Earthlings. Aren't we all just a bunch of kids anyway? Or alternatively don't kids reveal the unfiltered truth about how we all feel inside? We've been using mindfulness practices for a while to help us work through personal issues like anxiety and addiction recovery and it's been lovely to be able to think through various applications as parents. We have a 4 and 6 year old that drive us nuts and that we totally adore. We definitely feel like ZPR will help us connect with them in a deeper and different level. And if it'll help with them, why wouldn't it work with anyone?
United States2016-05-245jvttooLearning all the time!I learn something new to practice everytime I listen to your podcast. Your enthusiasm and down-to-earth advice is helping me grow my relationships with others and helping me be a more compassionate mother and grandmother. Love you guys! ~ Judy
Australia2016-05-245MrsGenkiFabulousLove this podcast, fabulous hosts, great format and always excellent information, tips and things that you can apply to parenting and personal life. Thanks so much Todd and Cathy
United States2016-05-195Amg2442Simply amazing!Listening to this podcast has lessened my anxiety and encouraged me to pay more attention to how I interact with those around me. I know I can't change others, but I can change my own reaction to their behavior. I am a better parent, spouse, coworker, and friend thanks to Zen Parenting Radio. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
United States2016-05-175Cathy RouseLove ZPR!Came upon this podcast at the perfect moment. As parents of 2 teen boys, 1 pre-teen boy, and an 8 yo daughter, my husband and I were in need of some serious help. While I’ve read a lot of parenting books, ZPR takes the best practices and advice from these and shows you how to apply them in your family. ZPR presents a balanced approach to parenting. Cathy and Todd are so down to earth and show us how to admit and learn from mistakes we make along the way.
Australia2016-05-145ThisnicknameisalreadychosenReaffirming my beliefsI’ve been listening for a little while now, and wanted to say how much I appreciate your advice. Listening to your podcasts keeps me grounded, they remind me of what matters, they give me permission to stop and really listen to myself and how I want to parent. I am calmer, I am more present, I am loving the time I get to spend with my children, and your podcast really does help to keep me in this good place.
United States2016-04-265Flora in CaliforniaLove themZen Parenting has really helped me become a better person.
United States2016-04-125C.KuhnAmazing!I'm a father of 5 who always wanted to be a father but once I had them I realized I had no idea what I was doing! I had a wonderful father figure but my mother had an abusive childhood and her parenting style reflected her upbringing. In turn, my parenting style reflected hers (yelling, physical punishment) when things got difficult or stressful, which is most of the time when you have 5 kids under 11! This podcast has help me realize my shortcomings, embrace my strengths, stay grounded, spread love, and has given me insight into why I feel and act the way I do. Cathy and Todd have equipped me to better deal with difficult parenting situations as well as make mundane day to day interactions with my kids meaningful and enriching to them and myself! Absolutely changed my life and the life of my family!
United States2016-04-065grandmamariZen Parenting resourcesZen Parenting has become a resource for me as a grandmother of three, mother of two grown daughters and two sons-in-law. Here are some of the helpful resources you’ve shared and I’ve benefited from. First, through your podcast I met Hunter Clarke-Fields and her Present Mama Community and have enjoyed several virtual retreats online with her and have joined the Community for ongoing support in my daily meditation and mindfulness practice. Second, you recently interviewed Dr. Shefali Tsabary and I am now reading and learning from her book Conscious Parenting. Third I was sold on your podcast after I listened to your shows titled “All Teenagers Are Amazing” with Dr. John Duffy last fall. Finally, there is the wisdom you both share on your podcasts each week. All of this has added up to positive changes in how I grandparent, parent, and relate to my husband of 38 years. Thank you.
United States2016-04-065Mdix1For new parentsI just got exposed to Todd and Cathy’s show and I’m enjoying. My wife is due in just a few weeks and we’re happy to be discovering new parenting resources like this one. I’ve just listened to one episode, but I’m enjoying Cathy and Todd's honest rapport.
United States2016-03-275AmyNC2012Anyone raising or working with kids should listenI began listening to this podcast with the episode 'Teenagers are Amazing' because as a high school teacher I needed to be reminded of that last fall. The episodes continue to help me raise my own middle school son, understand why I do what I do, and in general make me less of a grumpy adult. I've learned about issues kids face, movies to see or avoid, and how a marriage works best for kids when parents work together on creating the right experiences. The relationship of Kathy and Jim is comfortable as they discuss their own navigation of all things parenting.
United States2016-03-225JulesObieA Game Changer!!I am a military wife and mom to two young girls. Life is stressful. I recently got a Parents magazine and saw the article with your podcast and have been binge listening since that day. It's been about a week and my whole outlook on parenting...my whole outlook on life has forever changed. I have a long way to go to self awareness but the changes I have already made have been monumental in my life. I wish everyone listened to you all as it sheds light on where we need to head as parents...as wives...as people. I cannot thank you enough. You will never know the impact you have had on my life and in my family in even the shortest amount of time. I am forever grateful and am forever a fan. I'm on book two of three of yours by the way Cathy and I wish there were more. You both are amazing. I cannot say it enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
United States2016-03-175Robin73181One of my new faves!As a mindfulness student and a therapist, this podcast jives perfectly with how I aspire to parent (and develop as an individual). Thank you for the wisdom and insight you share. Wonderful work. I especially got a lot out of the "4 levels of relationships" episode, as it was eerily related to what I was facing with my husband just that week and helped me to let it go ("lets it gooooo!" -Elsa) and release resentment. Please Todd, stop derailing some of the wonderful articulation! While I love the synergy of you too, sometimes I get annoyed with the frivolous antics and interruptions that take away from the hard hitting messages (TBQH). I'll listen regardless though, who am I kidding?? Thank you for this work and keep it up!
United States2016-03-015chimellePerfect Resource for MEI started listening out of immense respect for a high school friend of mine who you've interviewed and who shared your podcast - but I've stayed a faithful listener because the topics are deeply relevant to me as a parent, as someone passionate about mental health wellness and awareness, and quite simply - as a human being. I'm a single parent to 3 very different kids and your tagline/motto about self awareness resonates deeply!
United States2016-03-015MamperdoskiExtra something to keep me groundedI can't say enough positive thing about zen parenting radio. Todd and Kathy are not only inspirational but also real. When I feel like I need a friend or support to get through the week, I know ZPR there to share both similar views as well as new ideas that cause me to think and be mindful of who I am and why I do what I do. Great podcast!!!
United States2016-02-245Megan Twin MamaLove them!Whenever I get an alert that ZPR has a new episode out, I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning! Always uplifting, encouraging and reflective- Todd & Cathy have already made me a more thoughtful parent. As a new mom of 11 month old twins, I often feel lost and this podcast makes me feel much more grounded! PS I LOVE THAT YOU CALL EACH OTHER SWEETIE- DON’T STOP! Namaste!
United States2016-02-245Rakey1990Best podcast everI love ZPR. It always puts me in the best mood and I get so excited when I get a notification of a new episode!
United States2016-02-235ApeshizA Gift for ParentsZen Parenting Radio has brought so much goodness to me and to our home. I recommend ZPR to friends and family because Kathy and Todd give tools for evolving the emotional environment in the home to one of resilience, compassion, curiosity, connection and healing. I love it. I continue to learn so much about my own emotional and spiritual health. I am so thankful to you two for putting some amazing things on this crazy interweb :). ~Lots of love from Boise, Idaho
United States2016-02-235ohanlobpMy Parenting Spirit Animal is CathyI cannot begin to tell you how ZPR has changed my life. Cathy is an insightful, well-spoken, brilliant therapist and mom who has helped me see how much self-awareness and choosing LOVE can change the way you parent. But ZPR wouldn’t be great without Todd: the logical, practical, interrupting, movie-quoting Dad who fiercely loves his girls and wants to do right by them. I laugh every time I listen to them, and I’ve been introduced to so many amazing resources. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Todd and Cathy!
United States2016-02-175Tpark44Loving two ZPR shows/week this month, keep it up!Thank you Cathy & Todd for sharing your experiences, thoughts, & feelings so openly, eloquently. After each podcast I truly do feel outstanding! I have learned so much about myself these past few months listening to your new & archived shows and made small changes that have had much larger impacts on the dynamics in my husband and four kids (ages 6-15yrs). I thank you and I’m sure they do too! My favorite new life changer I learned from you is to just go out to the car whenever I and any of my kids have to drive somewhere. I used to nag etc and let it bother me that they would drag their feet getting shoes on or packing up and often eventually yelling would start. Now, I take what I need, ask if they need help with anything they need to bring then go out to ‘warm-up’ the car (usually I sit in peace and put on a few mins of one of your podcasts or read an email or two). The kids have stepped up to this new normal, especially my oldest daughter when we need to drive her to high school in the morning. My mornings are much more peaceful and it’s such a better way to start the day. Also - thank you for the recommendation of Charlie Donlea’s book - Summit Lake. I cannot put it down and when I have to I can’t wait to get back to it! I wish I could text him like you did Todd as you wind through all the twists in the story! How fun that must have been! I will definitely recommend Zen Parenting & Summit Lake to all friends & family!
United States2016-02-175Choose loveYou guys ROCK IT!Todd and Cathy (the hosts) are awesome. This was my first podcast and, honestly, every time I find a new podcast, it never measures up to ZPR. I've learned so much from the both of them and they continue to make me think and grow after I listen to each episode. Thanks for this beautiful work and I'm so grateful that I found you!!!
United States2016-02-1552580088754321146Nutrition for the Parent's SoulI receive so many blessings from this podcast, that i discovered a few months ago. I tell my friends, it’s “good nutrition for the parent’s soul”. The spirit of the discussions Cathy and Todd have are where I like to dwell, and listening to them each week reminds me to live there, when i find myself pushed astray. Very life affirming, with important topics and interviews on personal awareness and conscious parenting that keep me thinking on how to improve my parenting chops and be the best dad and husband I can be. Thank you Todd and Cathy for modeling conscious parenting, teamwork, following your passion and for devoting the past 5 years of your lives, infusing awareness into the much needed american dialogue. Your contributions make my days happier, more peaceful and wiser, which must continue on in contributing to make the world happier, more peaceful and wiser. (by Zen Architect - Mark Miller)
United States2016-02-145maura_calmpeaceflow#lifegoalsI came to this podcast in real need of new direction in life. My life was not in a good place and I knew just how I contributed to get it there. I needed to know how to get it to a new place. I didn't know how. Your podcast gives me a gift everyday to look at my life in a new way which is allowing me to grow in ways I am so excited about. I love to listen to the two of you talk so kindly to each other and speak so highly of your family. You have given me inspiration and life goals to dream for - a family and team of my own. Thank you so much and I will continue to listen for as long as the show exists With love - Maura
United States2016-02-135Leigh Annie AnnieAMAZING!!!Wow! This is my #1 favorite podcast! Both Cathy and Todd are amazing…they each offer different and insightful perspectives into parenting and self-development. Their interactions bring a smile to my face every time I listen to them! This podcast is thought provoking and inspiring... If you want to grow as a person and parent, this is the podcast for you! Thank you thank you Todd and Cathy!
United States2016-02-115BounqiBetter than counting to 10!Hi Cathy and Todd, Love, love your show! Been listening for a while now and you remind me why I chose to parent/live in a mindful, conscious way (especially when I’m having a difficult parenting day). I have a 15 year old son and hope you do more shows on teens, especially boys. Thank you so much for everything you do, Mary Paliath
United States2016-02-105MichelleBurmTools to TransformTodd and Cathy have given me the tools to transform my attitude about life in general. Their practical advice and real life examples about how to approach my own spiritual and emotional wellness, in a way that ultimately influences my parenting and children, has been invaluable. I enjoy their funny and real banter, and find their variety of topics and interviews always interesting and engaging. Their appreciation for and non-judgemental attitudes towards different lifestyle and parenting approaches is refreshing. Thank you for doing the show - I look forward to every single episode!
United States2016-02-105Boot strap billyReview - 5 StarHello, First allow me to start by saying that I'm a 23 year old single mother who seeks new wisdom and growth through the path of enlightenment. I've been subscribed to this podcast for about 6 months now and I could not be more thankful for the encouragement, enlightenment and insight it provides. Their views and clarity of understanding have both encouraged me greatly not just as an individual, but a parent also. I admire this channel greatly for offering such wisdom, humor, love & support through their podcasts. Please know the appreciation I have for them is of deep sincerity, and I'll continue to seek this channel for the ultimate guidance and support needed in everyday life and parenting! Sincerely, Beckah
United States2016-02-105TedntricCan’t recommend enoughI love this podcast. We live abroad and so getting support from the community is more difficult than in a native English speaking country. We have 3 really fantastic kids (10,8 & 6), but each with their own challenges. We have good days, Great days!, and really really awful days. Listening to Todd and Cathy helps me gain perspective on our situation, our kids developmental age, and on our own growth opportunities as parents and as individuals. They are real, down to earth, parents themselves, so they understand the actual challenges of parenthood, beyond what the literature recommends. You won’t be disappointed you started to listen.
United States2016-02-045Bob in MadisonBetter Dad because of this podcastThis podcast has become a regular part of my work week. Not only to center myself but to be prepared to support and be present for my children each day. I am a more present and self aware man and no one in this world has benefitted more than my children. Thank you Todd and Cathy for the great words you share each day.
Canada2016-01-265JennyCarleenWonderful insights & uplifting messagesI love listening to Zen Parenting Radio. I get so much great and useful information about self awareness and parenting.
United States2016-01-215Choose loveMy heart smiles at youHi Todd and Cathy, thank you for your beautiful work! I'm a at home mom of two little adventurous souls and married to my best friend. You help me remember that even though there is so much overwhelming beauty in my life, there will be down times and that's normal and ok. I'm usually very high so when the lows come they are deep and steep for me. You guys help me be ok with that when they do visit. Thank you! Cathy, I learn SO MUCH from you and we have many similarities. You are about 10 years older than me and your self- realizations are helping me be ok with my spiritual path. I've had similar struggles about what it might mean if I follow my heart down this less traveled (in my circle) path that is intense with yoga and spirit and energy. You are a gift and a role model to me. Thank you! Todd, you are funny and add so much too. You remind me of my husband at times and I really enjoy the energy you guys bring to the show together. I just finished the conscious parent and am really hoping to meet you guys at your conference. Until then, thanks for following your heart as it helps fill my cup so I can follow my heart. And I have been in many ways. Be well, Marjorie Cottrell (from Philadelphia)
United States2016-01-135My Life MattersMOST AMAZING LIFE CHANGING SHOW EVER!If I could give it more stars I would! Zenparentingradio has transformed my life. Todd and Cathy are real and practical and have helped me gain self-awareness which has in turn changed every relationship I have for the better. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing! You are transforming lives every day!
United States2016-01-125E.Z.EPractical life hacks for adultsGreat podcast for adults looking to enrich their emotional intelligence and practice daily mindfulness. The hosts are sincere, knowledgeable and comical. They present useful "life hacks" and discuss a variety of topics on just being a better human.
United States2015-11-305julskiMTGrateful to have you on my parenting journey!I'm an avid listener and my husband now listens too. Things are very different in our house from the time we started listening...in a very good way! Your podcast has been an integral part of our household shift to a more mindful approach to parenting, and really towards taking care of ourselves too. A deep, wholehearted thank you for your dedication to this work!
United States2015-11-255Maine Unschool MamaThanks for the runs!I recently found ZPR and I have been binge-listening like crazy!! I take you on my morning run and I had to tack on an extra mile to I can hear the whole show. Your insights are right on and, as my oldest is also a 12yo girl, your topics are very relevant to my life as a SAHM who is homeschooling 4 kids! I wish I was closer to Chicago—I know we would be best friends!
United States2015-11-235LivinthegoodlifeStill listeningLike a lot of women, the transition to motherhood was bumpy for me, and I started listening to this podcast while finding myself awake all hours of the night with my baby. I'm now a more relaxed, more confident mother of two and I'm still listening. Not only is this show entertaining, it gives me concrete tools to help me stay grounded and connected to my husband and kids, and to my life. Thank you for what you do! As long as you're doing it, I'll be listening!
Canada2015-11-215Present mamaGreat conscious parenting podcastA gem of a podcast! Thank you both! I am a teacher and a new mom and have recently discovered your podcast. You are the podcast version of my bookcase (Dr. Siegel, Eckhart tolle, Dr tsabary etc) but have introduced me to new authors that jive with my current parenting and life philosophy, and you are expanding it in every direction. Thank you!
United Kingdom2015-11-185domestic_alchemiceasy listening and super informativeI happened across this podcast when searching for Wayne Dyer. As a new parent there have been so many relevant discussions to how I am understanding my life now (as a new mother and as a co-parent) and also my relationship now with my partner. I feel that I will return to these discussions also as my child grows. Cathy is particularly amazing! Helping to open up and also to see the opportunities within the complexities of parenting and relationships. Thank you! Wales, UK
United States2015-11-175AdrienneGrace999Great for Non-Parents too!I stumbled across this podcast because I'm very involved in the personal development field. I do not have children and may never choose to have children, but I do choose to listen to ZPR. It's a great podcast if you happen to be a human being who wants to have healthy interactions with other human beings including yourself. Hmm sounds like everyone should be listening!
United States2015-11-145Mmmmmagic3461EXACTLY the inspiration I neededAs parents, sometimes we can feel so alone… The Zen Parenting Radio podcast connects me to the wider world of parents like me. I love the enthusiasm - and the music snippets – as well as Todd and Cathy's perspective as a couple, and individually as a mom and a dad. Thanks, can't wait to hear more!
United States2015-11-115AmyNC2012Calm voices. Good conversations.I found this podcast by searching parenting on iTunes. I find every episode a worthwhile conversation, which often leads to more conversations with my husband, son, or even my high school students.
United States2015-11-05566vc66Great parenting resourceI am a 1st time mother of twins, wife and have a demanding career. You are the only podcast that I listen to and look forward to every week. You both are sweeties, thank you!
Canada2015-11-025Sacred EverdayLove it!I’ve been listening to Zen Parenting Radio for a few weeks now and I love it. I always come away with a small and sometimes big piece of knowledge or inspiration. It’s engaging, funny and real. I just finished the episode on teenagers with Dr. Duffy and I absolutely loved the positive tone of the whole show. I look forward to it every week!
United States2015-11-015Maria DismondyMuch Needed ConversationsI am a new listener and am in the world of education and parenting as a former teacher and children’s book author. Zen Parenting offers conversations that need to be had. Discussions we can no longer ignore in our families. I love that they are providing valuable content for listeners while at the same time, giving us a few different perspectives. Thank you!
United States2015-10-205BonanzajillybeanWoot.A great way to set the tone for my day. Always random, always enlightening.
United States2015-10-195Word brain luvaA weekly reminder...I started listening about a year ago and it has truly been a wonderful ride. It has been a weekly reminder to take a breath, step back, and parent from love and acceptance, not fear. I hope you guys do this for a long time to come...and I don't even mind the "sweeties". ✌️❤️
United States2015-10-125enlightenedmommaAwesomeness!I am a busy Momma of three with a diverse background in the health, wellness and spiritual communities. Like most parents, it is hard to find some “Me” time and even more difficult to find time to hang out with people having conscious parenting and spiritual conversations. One morning, I was really needing to connect with some like-minded folks but I didn’t know how I would fit it in to my already busy schedule. I did a search on my phone for spirituality and parenting and Zen Parenting Radio popped up! Now, on my early morning runs…at 5 a.m…I listen, feel connected and plugged in to two really great, loving minds who are willing to share what’s up for them to inspire as many people who are willing to listen. Now, I don’t feel so lonely on the road, when I hear Todd and Cathy talking about some serious issues, bringing light to the darkness and authentically sharing what it means to live with a wide-open heart and mind. I head out on the road with my headlamp and I-phone tuned into Zen Parenting Radio and I smile as they play their tunes and sometimes giggle as they share they motto. They are a beautiful example of embracing the male and female energies, logic/reason with intuition, empathy and inner knowing and of course, parenting. I love this podcasts and I would love it even more if everyone listened to them. Thanks, Todd and Cathy for doing what you do. Keep on Truck’n!
United States2015-10-075Corrin tBest parenting podcast for keeping balance in this busy world!Love love love the show! With three little boys (one set of twins) staying positive, slowing down to enjoy life, and keep a loving marriage has been easier after I found your show. Love the advice and daily reminder to stop and enjoy life. And keep calling her sweetie!
United States2015-10-065dwhatley13First Time Mom & Step-MomI am step mom to a 10 year old boy and a first time mom for my 7.5 month old boy. I have been listening to your older podcasts the past couple weeks and they have been really helping open my eyes to the kind of parent I have been to my step son and the parent I want to be for both of them in the future. Keep on Keeping On! ZEN Parenting for Life !!! Woot ! Woot!
United Kingdom2015-09-305Raewyn MExcellent!This is an excellent podcast, I have listened to literally hundred of episodes over the last couple of years, and have learnt something new from every one! Great variety of topics and lots of useful tips for self awareness and how to deal with parenting challenges.
United States2015-09-295Wellesley MASlowly becoming a better meI religiously listening to your podcasts. I think I am (slowly!) becoming a better me, mother, wife, and friend through better self awareness, acting more with kindness, and trying to be more empathetic. However, I do concur with another review about how annoying it is to listen to Todd call Cathy Sweetie but I respect that they are sticking with it and being true to themselves!
United States2015-09-275eaomomZen-sational ZPRI can’t get enough of Zen Parenting Radio! I learned about ZPR in June last year and have been an avid listener ever since. So much so that in between their weekly podcasts, I would get my “fix” by listening to their archived podcasts going back one by one until just the other day when I listened to their very first one in the beginning of January in 2011. No matter the subject matter, I always glean a nugget (or several nuggets) of great advice from their podcasts. Cathy and Todd’s conversations are very accessible and authentic. Their philosophies about parenting and about life in general really resonate with me. I feel like I’m listening to good friends. I can honestly say that ZPR has had a profound effect on my growth as a person and a parent. Thank you for all that you do. Now I wonder how I’m going to get my “fix” during the week in between your podcasts?!!
United States2015-09-265In steamboatGraceI am so grateful for Todd and Cathy’s wisdom! This last podcast on grace came just at the right time. Thank you for an excellent show filled with humor, heart, and fun.
United States2015-09-265Juan CafeZPR is my next tattooJust yoking. I’m so grateful to have found this podcast. I heard about it a couple of years ago while listening to another show. I was moved enough by that speaker’s mention of ZPR that I immediately found the show on iTunes and subscribed. I haven’t missed a show since. The show fits right into my journey of personal growth and not a week goes by that I don’t find myself identifying with the content and putting what I hear to use. And what timing. When my wife and I started listening, our son had just started middle school. I seriously can’t imagine how different the last couple of years would have been without ZPR as a tool. There were many times these last two years when I felt uncomfortable around the changes in my middle schooler only to be reminded the changes were not just normal, but necessary. The grace I felt at those times opened up space for healthy discussion as a couple and as a family. When I heard about the upcoming ZPR Conference, it was a no brainer decision to support the event and give back in a sense after getting so much “free” therapy! Thank you Todd and Cathy! - Tony
United States2015-09-225NW2382Thank Todd and CathyI enjoy listening to your podcasts, your humanity is beautiful and it shines. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and in turn your wisdom.
United States2015-09-205aterberFantastic Podcast!I look forward to every episode. Todd and Cathy are real, relatable and offer down to earth advice on parenting and relationships in general. Thanks for all you do!
United States2015-09-1648bitblissEvidence-based mindfulness parenting that makes sense....Kathy and Todd are a rare breed; with certain authenticity they offer unique insight into the uncertain domain of modern mindfulness parenting. If it weren't for Todd constantly addressing Kathy as "sweetie", they'd have five stars from me. Just kidding... But seriously man, it does kind of throw things off; "sweetie" or (how I address my wife "my love" or "love") is meant for the two of you. If it happens to come out in public then so be it, but in a setting like this it's distracting, at least for me. Otherwise, you guys rock. Thanks. I mean it; thanks.
United States2015-09-145RyanDoppsPure SunshineZPR is a realistic approach to emotional/spiritual wellness and how that relates to the family. My husband and I are both chiropractors (as well as parents), so this type of podcast is right up our alley as this aligns with the philosophy of our favorite mentors. Anyone can plug this information into their lives for immediate improvement regardless of religion or occupation. It is not easy to find fresh, quality resources like you all. Please don't stop! In health, Denise
United States2015-09-135byalixIt's Our One Year Anniversary"Doo dah doo dah-doo, doo dah doo dah-doo, okay, here we go...!" (You'll understand when you listen). Todd & Kathy Adams have joined me in my kitchen during dinner prep hour every week for the past year. The first thing that strikes me about them is their friendship. They seem to really like each other. They make each other giggle and I often laugh along. Their silliness is just real. Not jaded. Just sweet. Second thing I notice and appreciate is the fact that Todd owns the fact that he's sometimes a dude and Kathy owns the fact that she's sometimes an emotional, analytical woman. They seem proud of who they are and seem to recognize that a dude-spective is as valuable as a more emotional perspective. I think what I'm trying to say is they value both masculine and feminine approaches. I love how over the past year Todd has become more vulnerable and open to Kathy's ideas. He truly seems curious and that can be a rare quality in men these days ... or at least it can be a rare quality that they reveal. He asks lots of questions when Kathy shares her in-depth knowledge regarding mindfulness and living with intention -- questions I'd ask too! It's just nice he's not afraid to ask questions ... whether it's for himself or the sake of the audience. They somehow seem even more compassionate today than they were 1 year ago -- you can just hear it in how they speak and how they speak to each other. When you listen to this cool podcast not only do you witness their growth and expansion as humans, you also learn about new theories and studies they've researched and you get to process all this new information along with both of them. Thanks for a fun, informative and insightful year, Todd and Kathy! Keep it up and good luck with the upcoming conference!
United States2015-09-075Mom in training.Keep the podcasts going.I have loved all your podcasts I have listened to so far, but I want to give an extra thank you for the podcasts "Finding your family’s rhythm" and “Listen allow support and repeat”. I thought I was going crazy because my husband and I were having the same disagreements continually and realized that it is ok, and it can be an ongoing conversation. Still working on this and realizing its ok to seek outside help as well. Also the podcast on supporting your kids was amazing. I really wanted my 5 year old daughter to continue to take dance lessons but realized I wasn’t listening to her and allowing her to express herself. I took a step back and she is now happily enjoying gymnastics. Thank you.
United States2015-09-025ZendywendyReally really really feel outstanding!!!Wish I could be in your community! I just feel like I am listening too two people that I would be great friends with. I love and appreciate your dialogue. You guys validate me as well as enable me to recognize how I am imperfectly perfect! Thanks for doing what you do and keep it up.. UPSPEAKING... "Omg we are so Facebook friends" yay! Happy dance!! 👯👯👯 Wendy Finkekstein
United States2015-08-205Jen. C. From CaliJen C. From CaliI'm hooked on zen parenting, I listen while exercising and driving..... Can't say enough great things about Todd and Cathy. It's very practical and resourceful.... I've become a zpr pusher to my friends and family. I think they make fun of me behind my back, and I don't care.... Lol, heck yes come to California to speak.... Very fleek don't ya know;) San Francisco is close! Thanks guys love ya!
United States2015-08-185Jon1991No Kids.....Just Yet 😉I don't have kids yet but I can't stop listening to your show. It is so wonderful to listen to like-minded people. Thank you for your podcast. God Bless
United States2015-08-095Dr. Mark W.Self Awareness StudentPeople always say I wish there were a parenting manual. Cathy and Todd’s podcast is just that. Not only does it help you become a better parent but a better you so that you can have a better relationship with your spouse and child. Their advice does not force you into a certain mold but gives you the self awareness to break the mold and find what works best for you. I really appreciate how open they are in expressing their own trials and tribulations. Their openness makes them more relatable and makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin so you don’t feel like you are the only one going through this life journey alone. Thank you Todd and Cathy for guiding me to become a better, self aware parent and spouse.
United States2015-08-055CD VaughanWas lost but now I am foundBeing a stay at home mom of 3 kids under 5, I was finding myself more and more frustrated with the behaviors my kids were expressing, the anger I was feeling toward them, my husband even the world. I found myself having absolutely no patience with the most important people in my life followed by intense anger and depression. I sought out answers and I found this podcast. Not only does Cathy and Todd give there own relatable experiences from marriage to parenting, Cathy's educated background has given me the support and confidence to becoming self aware and becoming a better mother, wife and friend. They have given me a different perspective on life and truly turned my life around. Highly recommend listening to their podcast if you need a fresh outside perspective on everyday life struggles. They give you the tools to cope with life's most difficult situations. Thanks guys.
Canada2015-07-285simpleYukonHelping me a better parentI came across Zen Parenting Radio about a month ago and it has helped me so much! My spirited three year old can really push my buttons and listening to your podcast has helped me work on the feelings within myself so that I can be a far better and more understanding parent for my little boys. Thanks Cathy and Todd! I have already recommended your show to at least a half dozen friends. Keep them coming!
Canada2015-07-235Damira7Young Mom Feeling InspiredI've only listened to 3 episodes so far, but I'm instantly hooked. The intelligent and stimulating conversation is very inspirational, not just for the parents out there but for anyone looking to acquire wisdom and tap into self-awareness. Can't wait to listen to the older episodes (maybe with a notepad for those great take away ideas!) Thank you Cathy and Todd!
United States2015-07-205Jenny from LVVery real, very soothing & enlightening!I've been listening to ZPR for over a year & it has changed my perspective in the BEST way! Cathy & Todd discuss real, every day applications for a more peaceful, fun & wonderful existence with your spouse, your kids & yourself. Thank you for reminding a previously bitter, jaded, hurt person that life isn't always hard--even the hard parts can be fulfilling, rewarding & FUN---the parenting-related stuff and everything else too! PS Go White Sox & Blackhawks 🙂
United States2015-07-085Dkj73InspiredI'm always trying to be the best person I can be. This show inspires me and supports me in that effort. I love your ideas and this podcast!
United States2015-07-025Maddie E.ZPR Rocks!I always get super excited when Tuesday and Friday come around because that means there’s a new episode of Zen Parenting Radio. I discovered your podcast a few months ago and have fallen in love with you guys and the content you bring to the show. I don’t have any children yet, although I do have a husband (who also listens to your show) and there have been so many inspiring things that we’ve applied from your show that grow and deepen our relationship, while also expanding my own self-awarness. Can’t thank you enough…you guys rock! 🙂
United States2015-06-265Darby SpinxAmazing guidanceI love love love Zen Parenting Radio. I tell everyone about it! I'm a mom of a 2.5 year old boy with a baby girl on the way in LA and I really love the non-cynical tone of this podcast. Another popular parenting podcast that a few people recommended to me was way too snarky and cynical, like the hosts were inconvenienced by being parents and being sarcastic about how annoying things are. I love the validation that raising kids is one of the most important things I could be doing right now with my time... Even though I am a screenwriter (partnered with my husband) and a yoga and meditation instructor. Thank you for being such a strong voice of positivity and helping to bring a higher awareness to communication with kids. I feel so lucky that I have this kind of guidance so early on in my journey.
United States2015-06-165Snadyb64ZenderfulI look forward to each and every episode! I press pause at least 2 or 3 times while listening to jot down little wisdom nuggets. Thanks for putting it out there - keep on truckin'! Sandy B.
United States2015-06-155Wordy19Fantabulous.This show always makes me feel better after listening. Sometimes I don't know if I will connect to subject matter but always do take away so much. Glad to have ZPR as my husband and I raise out two boys. Thanks Todd and Cathy!!!
United States2015-06-075zen mammaThe parenting podcast I had been looking forWisdom? Check. Laughter? Check. Empathy? Check. It's all here, moments when I laugh out loud, others when I have to pause the podcast because there has been a pearl of wisdom that makes my breath catch and I need some time to take it in and reflect on it. And so much empathy - the greatest gift of listening to this show has been my slowly increasing ability to go easier on myself as a parent, to see things from my daughter's point of view, and to gently question the motivation and intent behind my parenting choices. This is the podcast to listen to if you want a thoughtful perspective on the information overwhelm and cultural pressures that can provoke so much anxiety in parents and make us constantly question whether we are doing the "right" thing for our kids. Thank you Cathy and Todd for bringing your whole authentic selves to your work and for making me look forward to my commute! P.S. Todd you can say that Jennifer from Boston wrote this review 🙂
United States2015-06-065mrsnInspires me to be a better parent AND spouseIt took me awhile to warm up to ZPR, but now I’m a huge fan. While on some short segments Todd may seem flippant towards Cathy, they actually relate to each other in a warm and respectful manner. Not only are the topics interesting and very helpful, just listening to how they talk is an education in itself. I appreciate how fundamental and respectful their philosophy is, they are not tied to labels of how one should parent.
United States2015-06-025JaybirdsladyCurrently Saving My Sanity!I feel like I was lead to find this podcast by the universe. Not only is it helping my parenting skills, but also my marriage. I could not recommend this highly enough. Download a few, you won't regret it!!
United States2015-05-305Listening from ShanghaiGreat inspiration. A must listen for all parents and couplesI have been listening to Cathy and Todd for quite some time now and I can say this is the best parenting podcast. They are down to earth and spot on in their philosophy and beliefs. Great, insightful and practical advice every time. And you are also an inspiration as a couple: the way you two interact shows so much respect and love and mutual understanding of each other.
United States2015-05-265Q Mama 894Should be mandatory listening!I just recently learned of ZPR and I can’t get enough! Todd and Cathy sound like the friends and neighbors we all wish we had. Chock full of great parenting advice, this podcast is surprisingly also very helpful for people without kids. Their approach to self-understanding leads to better relationships with everyone. I find that I need to limit my listening so that I make sure that I fully understand and absorb what they are saying (it’s so fun to listen to that I’m tempted to listen to one after another). This has become one of the few things my husband and I make time for consistently, and in a few short weeks it is turning our relationship with each other and our son around for the better. Thank you both for such a wonderful gift!!
United States2015-05-265Game critic kikiI am inspired by every episodeAs a single mom raising two children with special needs, I found this podcast to be a godsend. Todd and Cathy are warm, knowledgeable, open-minded and always have something new and insightful to share about parenting and living my best life.
United States2015-05-245OfficerDickyZPR = awesome sauceI'm a simple man. I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food... and Zen Parenting Radio. This podcast is like breakfast for my parenting muscle. Todd and Cathy Adams are outstanding humans that are willing to share their take on parenting with those willing to listen. I'm grateful and so appreciative of their advice, stories, and speical guests. For those on the fence about whether or not to listen to this podcast, JUST DO IT! Give them a try. I promise you won't be bored. Thank you, Todd and Cathy, for making me a better father, husband, and member of society.
United States2015-05-175BonnieLTPerfect for me!I have been listening for about 6 months now and love this podcast! It has helped me to better understand myself which is helping me to be a better partner, mom and teacher. I have listened to several of the podcasts multiple times because I learn so much!
United States2015-05-175AutumnV1979Radiating awesomenessIn addition to being a mom, I am a preschool teacher and lead parent education classes. I feel so nurtured and supported after listening to Zen Parenting Radio on my way to work. This daily act of listening to them has increased my capacity for self-compassion, patience, laughter, and presence. I am a better teacher, mother, and friend. The transformations that have been happening on the inside are now radiating outside and making everything in my life feel a little bit brighter. The changes are subtle, and often only noticed or felt by me, but incredibly powerful. I am starting to feel limitless and alive in a way I never have. So grateful for and inspired by these brilliant and beautiful people. (And my son loves to listen to them, too! He is eleven years old and not always that impressed with grown ups, if you know what I mean, so his endorsement does not come lightly. He thinks Todd is hilarious and often nods his head or gives me these knowing looks when Cathy gets serious. We have such engaging conversations after the show, and quote them often.) Love love love!
United States2015-05-155Lauren382650Highly RecommendLove this podcast! Tons of practical strategies & resources for how to bring self-awareness into your life both as an individual and as a parent.
United States2015-05-065LizzywbTake some time to listen and reflect...It is WELL worth it! I was listening in the car this morning and had many laugh out loud moments but also took time to think, reflect, and apply what they talk about to my own life situations. I only wish I found them when my kids were younger. Truly fantastic and thought provoking for EVERYONE, not just parents!
Canada2015-04-295Creative Urban MomMy favourite Co-parents!Six months ago, I separated from my spouse. Now I am on my own with 2 small, special children with 'unique' needs who rock my world. When I found this podcast, I feel like I found 2 new friends (i.e. Todd and Cathy) who are also kindred spirits in raising our children more holistically. Every night, as I do my dishes, or mornings when my kids are with their dad and I'm enjoying my breakfast, Todd and Cathy are there with me, shedding their light, humour, resourcefulness and kindness into my day! Their rapport is so genuine and tender that they truly guide the way into building better relationships with those we love. Thanks, "Sweeties"!
United States2015-04-275ErinnputziEnlightening, informative & a pleasure to listen to!The parents & couple who are this podcast bring a fresh and mindful perspective to being a person and a parent. They do it with compassion & humor. I love to listen on my long commute.
United States2015-04-065Yvette BrownSelf reflectionI have been listening to this pod cast for a few months now and it is my go to pod cast. It has made me so much more aware of my self and how I interact with my two boys. When ever I am having a challenging time, especially with my 3 year old, I search the archives and find some insight into how to work with him or my 8 year old. The bonus is that I have learned so much about myself! Thank Youuuu!!!
United States2015-03-275Patricia ShepardA great, unique, and enriching parenting podcast!If you strive to be a more mindful parent AND person, and enjoy lively conversations ranging from silly movie quotes, to current events, to big-picture philosophical and parenting questions, this is the Podcast for you. Todd & Cathy are warm, friendly, and fun to listen to as they explore a variety of topics related to parenting, family, and living a more self-aware life. Hearing their perspective on different parenting issues has broadened mine in immeasurable ways (even and perhaps especially when I don’t 100% agree with them) and made me a better parent. And most importantly, the podcast is just fun to listen to, whether while around the house doing chores, or out running errands (it’s family friendly for playing out loud in the car). Listening is like hanging out with your favorite funny, kind, and down to earth parent friends. Highly recommend!!!
United States2015-03-215MamaJennSeattleTHE BEST!!!!I love the podcast. Cathy and Todd are just an amazing, real couple that help me think,self-reflect and remind me to both enjoy parenting now and think through how the decisions I make for myself affect my kids. I look forward to it every week!
United States2015-03-095Well Intentioned MomSimply the best!I found Zen Parenting Radio at the perfect time! The Mom of 3 wonderful boys, 18, 16 and 12 I thought listening to a parenting podcast was a little too late for me as my kids were older. Little did I know that ZPR was exactly what I needed at this time of transition as my oldest was headed off to college. I am on the path to self-awareness now thanks to this podcast and many of the resources Cathy and Todd recommend. The self-reflection I’ve been able to attain has helped me so much as I strive to continue to grow as a parent, wife and friend. Thank you for starting me on this empowering journey!
United States2015-03-095Lorelei77Perfect for my morning walk!I don’t LOVE to walk but I do LOVE to learn about parenting and about other people in general. I love to hear about what’s possible and how other families do things. This podcast accomplishes that and fill my walks with wonderful and insightful ideas. Thanks for sharing with us! Lorelei
United States2015-02-215PinksmashSelf care and self awarenessI would not be the same parent I am today, if my husband and I didn't listen to this show even before we had our first child. The importance of self care and approaching our child and our lives with mindfulness is an invaluable lesson we have learned from the podcast amongst the many other ideas and approaches we are banking for the future of our relationship with our child. Great podcast with awesome ideas and approaches for the modern self aware parent.
United States2015-02-185Music.Breanne.SingAuthentic and PracticalEach podcast is full of positive takeaways that often leave me thinking WOW, that’s so simple and so true. I find myself sharing the ideas I have heard on the podcast with friends. Many times there is no manual for raising kids - being self-aware of my role has allowed me to see often create problems by trying to manipulate my girls. Loving and listening to my girls is the first step for me, to watching them blossom. (Todd - I enjoy the movie quotes)
United States2015-02-095Patrick B. in ATLThank you!I've only been a father for 3 years but ZPR has helped me think through countless aspects of how we are raising our two kids - as well as how we as parents can help each other.
United States2015-02-095GhjhyvnkkddssChanged my Parenting PerspectiveThere aren't enough stars for this husband/wife duo. Their insight and perspectives inspire me to be a more thoughtful parent. The things they discuss apply to parenting but I am finding more and more to use my new found self-awareness journey to improve other areas of my life too (ie marriage, friendships, etc). I find myself telling everyone I know about them and can't recommend them enough. I look forward to every podcast. Thank you Todd and Cathy for coming into my home and life and for really giving me important and interesting things to think about!!! Love it!!
United States2015-01-305LizzieP9Zen Parenting is the goodsZen Parenting is my must-listen-to-absolute-favorite podcast. Cathy and Todd are inspirational. They are authentic, heart-centered voices in this noisy, busy, and distracted culture of ours. They remind us to breathe, enjoy the moment, and cherish our children just as they are. Thank you Todd and Cathy for sharing your gifts. I listen while I exercise every week and I always take away something that resonates with me. Keep truckin’! —Liz
United States2014-12-315Not asking 4 muchYou guys better be around when my kids are teenagers!I listen to Cathy and Todd every week. They help me stay awake and aware of the parent I am and who I aspire to be...and that it's all okay. I love you guys!
United States2014-12-135adriaticescapeEmpowering!ZPR is such a highlight in my life. I've been listening to Todd and Cathy for almost a year and I just finished my first virtual retreat with them. And I'm really looking forward to the next one in the Spring. So many personal breakthroughs and insights have come to my awareness since I've been listening to ZPR. Inspiring!
United States2014-11-305Astewart11Finally!Todd and Cathy always talk about gratitude - well, right now I'm practicing gratitude for their excellent podcast. As an evangelical Christian I've read a lot of Christian parenting books, focused on law, the rules, and discipline. None of it felt right, and I couldn't put my finger on it until I started listening to Zen Parenting. Todd and Cathy GET IT. The only law that should apply in our parenting is the law of love. Their message is the same message of Jesus Christ - you are enough, and you are loved, and as a response to that love, love in return. Simple but life-changing.
United States2014-11-105Brad BordersStellar Podcast!This is my favorite podcast. I look forward to hearing from you guys every week. Thanks for helping us become more aware conscious parents. You guys are an adorable & funny duo. I get inspired every time I listen to you. I share with my husband every week and it’s helped him to better understand our role parents. Thanks for all you share!
United States2014-10-265Soule's familyYou are both great!! Thank you!!!Thank you Todd and Cathy for sharing your stories and experiences as parents and as human beings. I love you show!! Every morning I turn on my phone on my way to work, to listen, laugh and learn with you:))
United States2014-10-255Nicole PuliaThis Podcast is Truly EnlighteningI don't know if I even have the words to describe how this podcast has shifted my thinking about myself and my parenting. I am constantly quoting Cathy & Todd as if they are part of the family. I often cry when listening because so much of this message resonates with me and I feel connected to others who understand the way I think about my children and the world. Parenting is the most challenging aspect of my life but now I understand why. It is pushing me to grow and be a much more present and self-aware parent. I am eternally grateful to Todd & Cathy for this message and will continue to listen every week while passing on the word about this show.
United States2014-10-215LuciDuncanLove Todd and Cathy!I've been meaning to write a review for quite a while because I've been subscribing to this show since almost the very beginning. It came along at a time where I really soul searching and not happy with my parenting style (read: self-UNawareness). I listen to every episode while I am out running and I always come back feeling so emotionally refreshed. Today's podcast in particular, happens to be a topic that was weighing heavily on my mind and I loved the "tiger" metaphor. It made perfect sense and put my feelings into words so much better than I ever could have. I appreciate all you guys do for your listeners and really look forward to each show. I will probably be registering today for the sleep/kids webinar. That's also something that we happen to be dealing with right now...our daughter, who will be 11 tomorrow, is suffering some insomnia and it has not been fun. Incidentally, this is the same daughter that I frantically messaged you both about on Facebook one night because we were leaving for a trip via airplane the next day and she was experiencing quite a bit of anxiety about it. I was SO grateful that you both responded! Thanks again!!! 😀
Czech2014-10-122Jitka DZen parenting rules 🙂I love listening to your show and I am sure you will be both pleased and surprised to hear that you are being listened to in Prague! Dear Cathy and Todd, yes you made it to Europe!!!! 🙂 Being a mom of three wonderful children I can relate to each single topic you have ever covered and I am so grateful for you guys!!
United States2014-10-055SabineS23One podcast at a time: a better Me!!I discovered Zen Parenting a couple of months ago and I am loving it!! Each and every podcast gives me something to think about and a new tool to try out on my 11 year old twins. Even when I think the topic might not be something I am interested in, it never fails to grab me and stimulate me. It makes me a better 'Me' every time I listen and even my kids notice when I try a new approach and they now ask me ''Is this from Zen Parenting?" The other day my daughter loved my new approach so much, she said "I looove Zen Parenting!" Listening and learning from you guys makes me happy!! Thanks so much for all you share and please keep it coming!!
United States2014-10-045From DitaGreat reminder of what really matters in lifeTodd and Cathy: what a great influence you have had on our growth into conscious parents and people. Thanks to you I get to contemplate week by week about what kind of parents we are, want to be and what do we want to teach our children. It all seems so simple, yet without your weekly reminders it could be sometimes missed in the daily grind. You have had a tough month and still, there you are, helping people to bring their focus to what really matters. You make us laugh, you make us cry, and most importantly, you make us THINK! To all listeners of Zen Parenting Radio: please join me in congratulating Todd and Cathy to the approaching big 200 and show our appreciation for these two amazing souls by sending them a small gift via iTunes. Early Happy Birthday to Zen Parenting! Cathy: I can’t wait to read your new book!!! With love and deep appreciation. Dita, loyal listener since the episode 1
United States2014-09-305Mom of littlesAwesome podcast that's so accessibleAs a mom of two young girls ages 2 1/2 and 11 months, there are some days I feel overwhelmed and dazed by the act of parenting. I've been exploring and learning about conscious/mindful parenting and came across your podcast. As someone new to the world of mindfulness/meditation, I SO appreciate your common sense and practical discussions. Listening to your podcast feels like having a conversation with neighbors-just the more enlightened ones. Thank you for helping this mom find some "zen" in this crazy, wonderful life.
United States2014-09-265John@SSFZPR rocks!Love, love, love this podcast, and as Todd and Cathy approach the 200 episode threshold, I'm happy to report that the show just keeps getting better and better. Recommended for parents...also for humans in general. Keep on truckin'!
United States2014-09-085ambyoungAmberSo sorry to hear about your loss, Todd. My thoughts are with your family. Here is the review I keep forgetting to do: I look forward to your podcast all week. We have a 20 minute commute to school everyday and my whole attitude about commuting has changed. I no longer dread it. I actually look forward to spending time alone in the car listening to Zen Parenting. I have had many “driveway moments” where I sit in the driveway once I get home, just to finish listening to an inspiring or relevant section of your podcast. I feel like the two of you keep my thinking positive and my parenthood struggles in perspective. I so appreciate all the time you dedicate to making this consistent, free, and down-to-earth podcast available to all of us. THANK YOU! You have truly made a difference in my family’s life!
United States2014-09-055Kim from AZReviewI learn something positive each week from your podcast. My family and all others that I interact with benefit from the universal empathy you champion on your show. Thank you.
Canada2014-08-315Bobby_PizzInspiring!You guys should be really proud of the inspiring work that you do. I have listened to pretty much all of your podcasts, since Day 1. I have two boys ages 12 and 10 and you're words of wisdom and inspiration have guided and helped me through the years as my wife and I make our way through this maze called Parenthood. I constantly ask myself "what would Cathy and Todd do" when faced with a sitation! Thank you for the great work that you do ! Keep it up and good luck!
United States2014-08-195DuoglassGot Me to Listen With the TitleI feel fortunate to have stumbled across the podcast, Their point of view helps fits nicely with where I am as a person and a parent.Their advice helps me every day. My 6 year old daughter is emotional (as I was as a child). Her crying makes me uncomfortable. Letting her be upset is a idea I would not have thought of on my own. I am learning to tell her it is ok to feel and to cry.
United States2014-08-115JPFRIENDA huge part of my weekThis podcast is not just for parents. It's a wonderful way to reconnect with myself every week, a real treat. Highly recommend for anyone wanting some practical, humorous and thoughtful ideas about changing your mindset toward a more positive and engaged one.
Canada2014-08-105michellek186A wonderful podcastI found your podcasts as I was leaving my abusive husband and father of my son. It helped guide me to be my best self in the face of a huge change for my son and I, as well as show me that marriage really is about love and respect and growth. I love listening to the two of you, it gives me hope and a renewed faith in love. My son and I are forever grateful for your guidance and knowledge. A million thanks xoxox
United States2014-07-305Natesk8 123456ZPR!!i found this podcast recently through the happiest home podcast and it has instantly become a favorite. i love the thoughtful discussion b/w todd and cathy and the way they respect each other, their kids, and those around them. this idea of consciously parenting is exactly what i need in my own journey as a person and as a parent. i have recommended it to so many in just the last few weeks!! (my only complaint is that i can't listen through itunes/on my iphone to any episodes older than the last 20... but the archives are full of fabulous content and i'm working through them via my computer.) thank you so much for a great program!!
United States2014-07-305Charles Pobee-MensahIncredible People Incredible ShowTodd and Cathy Adams are incredible people. Listening to them will help make you a better parent, spouse, and overall person. You can tell how much they love each other and their kids from the open and honest conversations that they have. And their advice is practical and encouraging. I personally sent them an email concerning an issue about which we disagreed. They shared it on the show and had a positive discussion about respecting people's different opinions. What more can you ask from show hosts? - Charles
United States2014-07-115Nana2269Simply the bestI am a mom of 2 girs, 12 and 16. I came across your program 1 or 2 years ago. I love your show. I wish you guys were around when my kids were born I would of done things so differently, but it is what it is, I'm so glad I found you. I lwish you guys had a daily show, I love every subject and all of the helpful advice. THANK YOU!!
United States2014-07-115isophiloexcellentAlways a pleasure to hear their insightful thoughts and advice.
United States2014-07-065FamilyPartnerRefreshingI work as a Family Partner at a Managed Care Organization and I work as a family advocate for children, youth and parents who experience emotional distress and mental health challenges. I listen to your podcasts on my commute to work and your insights and worldview are vital to this discussion in how we best support families. I find your advice weaving it's way into my conversations with both families and practitioners. Please keep sharing your hearts. There would be something beautifully missing if you were not here.
United States2014-06-285Swissmiss111InspirationalThank you for the reminder to be a mindful parent.
United States2014-06-245ToughmamaGo back and listen to all of the shows! Well worth your time.My current favorite podcast! I listen while jogging and it alwasy puts me in the right place. This show is a breath of fresh air. It helps me feel more calm and centered. The parenting advice has litterally revolutionized the way I approach my day to day interactions with my family. Not only have Todd and Cathy's conversations helped me remember parenting truths, but they have also helped my marriage. The emphasis on self-care and self-awareness truly guide me. I apply this same philosophy in the classroom as a teacher. I can't thank you both enough for your book reccomendations and heartfelt approach to life. Thanks again!
United States2014-06-235GbbggLove love love this podcastI absolutely love what Kathy Adams has to say about every parenting issue her voice soothes my worries regarding my own experience as a parent she just has a way of say things that hit me right in the heart
United States2014-06-235KrigeeYour blog guides me back to centerI don't even have words to describe how amazing this podcast is. I listen in the car while shuttling my children around and find that what you talk about calms me and helps me focus on being present with my three children. I completely agree that the best indicator of a child's well being is a parents self-understanding. Thank you for helping me stay focused on what is important. I am becoming a better me thanks to the discussions, insights, and nudging Zen Parenting gives me. This show should be a requirement for life - everyone should listen, parent or not. Thank you!!!
Canada2014-06-175HollyLunaYou are making such a difference!The content and language that you use in your Podcasts meshes exactly with the way I have always envisioned my parenting, but yet never had the means/tools/ways to put it into place. I absolutely love your podcasts, recommend them to everyone I know and I am constantly checking for new ones. I am so thankful that you take time out of your busy schedules to offer this tool to parents! I wish I lived closer to you (I am in Calgary, Canada) so that I could attend some of your sessions in person, and especially to have my kids be influenced by the work you do. Thanks again!
United States2014-06-125EASColoradoInspiring and Accurate!So enjoy EVERY episode of ZPR! Your podcast helps me truly think about parenting in such an integrative thoughtful way. Todd and Cathy help give me the language to help transform and inspire my husband and me to becoming self-aware parents and a better "us"! I'm a Professor in Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity and a Mom of two young boys (7 and 4 years respectively)...the university where I teach is an hour from where I live. ZPR provides solace during my commute and facilitates a fabulous "change of hats" between these two significant parts of my identity. I love how your discussions, regardless of the topic, reflect an accuracy and passion for the the good in humanity. Thanks for doing what you do and taking the time to share your perspectives!
United States2014-06-045MonsieurSeaEssential!Cathy and Todd deliver Knowledge that every parent should possess. Thank you so much for your funny, charming and engaging show!
United States2014-05-315Sheila MccueBest parenting podcast. Ever.Simply the best parenting podcast out there. Listening to Cathy and Todd is some of the most well-spent time of my week. They never miss a week of podcasting either so the content is always fresh. Their back and forth banter is entertaining but they are in synch on the things that matter. Great resource for all parents - thank you for all you do!
United States2014-05-285Hmlong06Love it!This is such an amazing show. Their words are so encouraging and it's great to hear two people talk about real life experiences and ways to deal with bumps in life. I look forward to a new episode as soon as I'm finished listening to the most recent one every week!
United States2014-05-235MadThomiiAmazing showI recently discovered this podcast and have thoroughly enjoyed it on my long commutes to and from work each day. Great tips and real life examples. You guys have such soothing voices and are so in tune to yourself. It is really inspirational. I hope to learn from your examples. Thank you for doing the podcast and keep up the great work.
United States2014-05-215AmandaY8101Best parenting podcastGreat content and advice. I'm always looking forward to the next podcast!
United States2014-05-205marniekrajMindful parents unite!I love ZPR and look forward to listening each week. Cathy and Todd explain and discuss spiritual concepts in such a natural and simple way. It’s so refreshing to hear like minded parents going through the same everyday struggles in such an enlightened manner. Kudos to ZPR!
United States2014-05-165Candyland19Real Info for Real ParentsI was so excited to find this podcast--it is full of excellent, relatable information that pertains to many of our lives on a daily basis. It is comforting to know we are not in this alone and to have thoughts and ideas that actually help navigate these waters is awesome, especially when done in such a friendly way. Thanks, Todd & Cathy!
United States2014-05-075MaggiestayLove this podcastReally love this podcast. Its funny, deep, and informational.
United States2014-05-075TovaPuslYes. Yes. And Yes.I think the topic of natural consequences is a tough one and Todd & Cathy handled it with grace. The examples of being late to school and forgetting gym shoes were great, and I appreciated the details of how they handled it. And... Sexting- yikes! My boys are 9 & 12 and we're just getting into this media stuff. My 12 year old niece already had an incident where police were called. I agree with you that we need to be in cooperation with our kids as they venture into this unknown cyber-world. Thanks!
United States2014-05-075a mindful momA great toolI'm not sure how I initially stumbled upon this podcast, but I'm certainly glad that I did. The topic of natural consequences is just the topic that I needed to hear this week as it's something we are struggling to do consistently with our 6 year old. It's not easy trying to rear kids in a way that is not disciplinarian and using punitive means to motivate as that is how both my hubby and I were handled by our folks. Thanks for offering new ways to look at children's behaviors and parenting using a more mindful and conscious approach. Keep up the great work!
United States2014-05-015listeningwhilefoldinglaundryThank you for helping me to be more self awareFor my birthday, all I asked for from my husband to listen to 4 episodes of Zen Parenting. We have both had aha moments while listening. I love the way Cathy and Todd talk to and with each other while sharing their insights. Looking forward to the next episode.
United States2014-04-295ShawnPBoyleA new parent that found guidance.A few years ago my partner and I began discussing starting a family. I checked out a lot of different podcasts, some better than others, but none that hooked me until this one. Their insight and weekly discussion was valuable to me before my wife was even pregnant; (9+18) months later it would be hard to recognize any version of our family that didn't have this empowering resource. It should also be noted that Kathy and Todd go out of their way to be loving and inclusive towards all people and their preferred religious beliefs or lack-of.
United States2014-04-285Willy AiraldiGreat thought provoking- podcast!As a parent of a 10 yr old girl and a 5 yr old boy, I find this podcast not only helpful but calming. Parenting can cause so much anxiety, but I always feel better after giving Zen Parenting a listen. Thank you!
United States2014-04-215ZanneynelsSurviving ParentingZen Parenting has been a staple in my life for the past couple of years. They are a breath of fresh air while raising 4 kids in a blended family.
United States2014-04-215Killyou22Thanks!Recently traveling with my husband and children in car (kids 2 and 4 watching movie in back) and feeling frustrated with my four year old, I typed in "parenting" into podcast search and your podcast appeared! My husband and I listened to three straight podcasts. Thank you! We loved you guys! My husband even bought both Cathy's books. I am excited to have found you both! I also was able to reinforce what a wonderful husband I have, to listen and even engage! It's refreshing to be reminded! Sincerely, Claire Dowell
United States2014-04-195CN08Highly recommendedWonderful podcast! Absolutely love listening to all topics you two cover, all of which are some was resourceful for life in general. I truly admire just the genuine love and care yet fun and playful relationship you two have with one another. It's very inspiring.
United States2014-04-185simonpierceMy weekly inspiration to be mindfulI thoroughly enjoy the weekly messages that are delivered. Todd and Cathy's healthy banter offers perspectives and insights that inform and remind me how to bring the best me to all of my interactions with my boys.
United States2014-04-175Dawn from Minneapolis, MNN/AI found your show a few weeks ago and started from the oldest episode I could find, the “former bully” favorite people episode. At first I thought your show seemed scattered, but I think that’s just the way parenting is, switching between adult and child concerns and making connections between seemingly random things. I love the 80’s pop culture references along the way. I think what helps me the most is the way you share your person challenges and how you explain your though process and reasons for the actions and choices you make with each other and your kids. The episodes I’ve found the most helpful would be “are you sapping your child’s development” and the Dr. Shefali episode. “Technique” books were just not a good fit with our special needs kids, and your show and Dr. Shefali’s “Out of Control” book pair well together, and really resonate with me. I definitely see positive change in my family. I am queued up to read Dr. Shefali’s first book, as well as Cathy’s books next. Thank you for helping me to be a more present, self aware, gentle parent. It just feels so right.
Canada2014-04-165Nic/mom/friend/Great podcastI love this podcast. I'm grateful for the tools you are teaching me on being a better parent and being connected to my children, and to myself!! I would love if you could do a podcast FOR kids. Have kids with you talking about being true to yourself and all that good stuff!! Please!! I think you two are doing an awesome job! Nicole
United States2014-04-155Awesomegamer62Engaging chat, empowering messageI'm a new listener, and your show today really struck a chord with me--thank you for sharing such an empowering message about how to be authentic parents and true to principle. Also, sound effects are a little cheesy, but they add a nice comic element.
United States2014-04-135ShawnaJJWNGentle Reminders to Live in the NowThe simple and complicated of parenting are presenting in such a warm-hearted way. A welcome, constant reminder of how to be a better person, a better parent. I take away several nuggets with each podcast and many of “Cathy’s quotes” have become mantras in my mind. This is truly a wonderful, smart podcast to keep improving. Thank you, Cathy & Todd!
United States2014-03-215uskeithsZen Parenting Rocks!Last week I discovered your podcast while home with sick kids. Since then, I have been devouring past episodes. Your episode about "banning bossy" so spoke to me. I wish there had been dialogue like this when I was in school, it would have changed my whole perception of my education. Now as a mother of a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl, I feel the importance of conveying this message to them. I so appreciate your perspective and look forward to more podcasts. Thank you!
United States2014-03-165OrcaPod95065Highly recommend Zen ParentingZen Parenting has helped me to become a more self aware parent. I have found myself not only changing how I approach parenting but how I approach my life! I often quote what I hear on Zen Parenting and I will often listen to episodes twice to really take in the lessons learned from Cathy and Todd. I am a parent and an after school care provider, so I work closely with many children and I this program has made my life easier by making me think harder. LOL Thank you Zen Parenting!
United Kingdom2014-03-135Kay CamMy weekly must haveCathy and Todd, without fail, offer stimulating, entertaining, and helpful content that is practical enough to apply not just to parenting but to life in general. They do a fantastic job. Thank you.
United States2014-03-115Jonie3276JonieI listen every night after going to bed... its always nice to be reminded im not aloone in this thing called parenting.
United States2014-03-105Julie and ShavitForever grateful to ZPRWords aren't enough to express just how much your program has touched our lives. My husband and I are more in tune with each other and with our girls now. Everyone needs support in this journey (parenting and marriage) and your insight has put us on a path with heart. Thank you!!!!
United States2014-03-035Andrews ClanWonderful!I feel lucky to have found this show. Each week is an interesting topic. It's a fun conversation between two parents. Opens my mind to things I may not have thought of before. Also a way to spark good dialogue between my husband and I. I look forward to each Tuesday and the new show! Thanks guys!
United States2014-03-015Seeking Knowledge 123Executive Functioning in real time and authenticI am parenting twin boys the age of 5 with my partner and wife Anna. We both work long hours - she at the office and me at home with our boys. Listening to Zen Parenting provides a peak into how another couple parents. I find that hugely helpful. I find the conversations authentic, relevant and meaningful. Todd and Cathy provide me with a model that I can use in my daily interactions with my kids and my partner. I particularly enjoy seeing two points of view represented.
United States2014-02-285rtjmomGreat showSince I know Todd tends to favor quick and to the point practical commentary, I'll keep this simple...Keep on keeping on Zen Parenting, you're doing GREAT!! Love the show and look forward to it each week.
United States2014-02-265KMCounselingBest parenting podcast!Todd and Cathy have delivered a relevant, helpful, and entertaining podcast that I look forward to every week. All parents could benefit from their advice and discussions, and I have told all of my friends that this is the one podcast they need to make time for. Thanks Zen Parenting Radio!
United States2014-02-255rashelbellLove your show!I've been listening for a few months now. Love your new interviews with awesome people, too. I recommend your podcast to all my Mom friends. Keep it coming!
United States2014-01-245LeiFayLove the showTodd and Cathy parent from the heart and help their listeners do the same. Great show highly recommend!
United States2014-01-225MGonzo DadFather and DadI have been listening to Zen Parenting for a while now. I would think almost a year and have enjoyed Cathy's and Todd's Zen parenting shows. I am amazed how they work together as a team and then have a family life to contend to, just like us. With 3 kids, they have there hands full. The podcast has assisted me in giving my kids guidance, small ones at 9 and 11 with another one that I adopted at the age of 6 who is now going to be 20 soon. I wish I knew someone like Cathy's because we are definitely extroverts to some degree, I guess we all can be a little introverted too, you know, but from the intellectual side she gives new insights on child development which has assisted me in many situations .I just feel the teamwork going on which makes parenting easier and stronger.The moment they are instilling to the world is definitely being felt over there podcast; my hopes are I can model that moment where it can spread to make someone else life insightful emotionally and spiritually. From what I gathered and read, Todd is the logical and practical Dad, as stated, who takes the common sense approach and who cares dearly about his kids emotional intelligence. I like to call him the "color man" who carries the show thru with the thrills of flickering little musical moments at Cathy's who tend to take well at it. What a fun job? They have been funny! I found the show to be dynamic and real in the insights of everyday living. Special guest are always appreciated and the one's on the show have also been great to listen too and reflect what has been said. Thank You!
United States2014-01-185KarGroganLove this Radio Show!I look forward to listening to Todd and Cathy each week! They are both so insightful and have truly been so helpful to me by reminding me of what really is important for my family and myself.
United States2013-12-095Brenna DarazsZPR is the best parenting podcast out thereI've been meaning to write this for over a year - Cathy and Todd are a big part of my life as the mother of a 10-year-old daughter. I appreciate not only the humor they bring to the hard topics they touch on, but I also glean immensely from the practicality of Todd and the "emotional/spiritual" Cathy. I have all these characterisics as well, and they are truly a touchstone for me. ZPR is the only parenting podcast I listen to. Download just one episode and I guarantee you'll want to listen to every single one. The Adams family have been a staple in my home for nearly two years. Grateful for their honesty and authenticity. And, growing up in the 80s, oh how they make me laugh!
Canada2013-12-065DaniMD75My Daily Pick Me Up!Todd & Cathy, Thank you for your wonderful podcast. ZPR is a part of my daily routine. I listen on the job as I cater the galley of 737-300 jet, on the way home, or any chance I can sneak between breaks from my two and six year old girls. You two have given me joy and great advice when I've needed it the most. I rarely write reviews as I'm quite shy, but forced myself (my "brave thing") because I strongly believe your podcast does a world of GOOD!
United States2013-12-045MkdebuskMy favorite PodcastThis podcast is by far my favorite. I love Cathy's easy to follow advice. She doesn't tell it like a lecture either. She is very compassionate and wise and speaks from experience. I wish they had sons and lived in my area. Todd adds humor and is fun. He can sometimes take Cathy off track while other times push the show along to keep the points coming. While the last few months they have seems rushed the last few episodes have really calmed down and they seem to back into their calm peaceful flow. Thank you Cathy and Todd for the wonderful parenting talk. I can truely see it making a difference in the way I parent my sons.
United States2013-11-165Jen in MOSo excited to be able to start from the beginning...I have the “Stitcher” app on my iPhone, which is how I started listening to your podcast. I really enjoy listening and am eager to share your work with my husband. I’m hoping since it’s audio and not the written word, he’ll be more open to listening from the beginning along with me. Keep up the inspiring work! I like the dynamic between you two, it makes for relatable listening.
United States2013-11-164Terry313Really good show!!I'm having a baby very soon and I look forward to your show so I can learn what I can about being a parent.
United States2013-11-165Hunter Clarke-Fields YogaGets to the heart of conscious parentingZen Parenting Radio is not only a wonderful resource on conscious parenting, but entertaining too. Todd and Cathy share from the heart in insightful and profound, yet down-to-earth language that really gets to the heart of what it means to try to parent well. ZPR really helped me when I was looking to become a better parent and relate to my children in a way that aligns with my values. I'm so grateful for this podcast, and I look forward to it each week!
United States2013-11-145kath4dimplesA weekly joy to listen to...I began listening to Todd and Cathy because a friend of mine would post about it on Facebook and I was intrigued. I am so thankful to her that she did. I did not consider myself someone who "needed" parenting or relationship advice--I am happy and content with my family life. THIS podcast is about so much MORE than that!!! I am truly learning a lot and reflecting about topics they discuss. I love so much about this podcast but I will just mention a few highlights; First, Cathy and Todd are both very well spoken, educated, and funny! I love how relatable they are and also how they present the topics in a light and interesting way. I usually always agree with their beliefs, but I love they leave it open for you not to agree, to use the information as a reflection or conversation starter. I love the movie quotes!! =) My favorite podcasts so far have been the topics about 'failure', 'compassion', about girls/boys (we have 2 girls, ages 3 and 7, and we too receive a lot of "drama" comments), the different kinds of fear--Cathy and her one brave thing- I have fully adopted this, and pretty much all of them. Excited to continue listening and growing and laughing and loving (verb). From another chicago Kathy---THANK you!!
United States2013-11-125Karen in RIAlways something to learnI love this podcast and Cathy and Todd! I have been listening for over a year now. There is always something I learn about my kids, myself and my parenting in every episode. Their show makes me feel good about my efforts in parenting and also helps me to forgive myself in not my finest parenting moments. I enjoy listening to their anecdotes as parents as we are in the field together. I can't recomment this podcast enough!
United States2013-11-075letsalljustgetalongUplifting and genuine guidanceThis is my second review because I feel it deserves another now that it's been almost 2 years since I left the first. Todd and Cathy have been coaching me since my daughter was 5 months old. I found them while searching for support during a time when I most needed it. I got that and so much more. Their coaching has brought me to conscious parenting and conscious partnering with my husband. They bring a light heartedness to what can feel so incredibly frustrating at times and that makes me able to put my heart forward instead of my over processing head. I know that Todd and Cathy play a role in my sanity every week and my family directly benefits from that! I wish that every parent can hear what is being generously gifted by Zen Parenting. I can't say thank you enough! Lauren Old Review: I've been a listener of Todd and Kathy since the beginning of the podcast on iTunes. My daughter is 23 months and I feel as though they are a constant companion on my own first time parenting journey. I'm grateful for all the wisdom, humor and vulnerability they share with us. I feel fortunate to have found them and I hope they continue on this path of sharing their gifts. Thanks guys! Lauren
United States2013-10-225Bubba 2491Todd & Cathy Rock!Among all the nonsense and irritations we experience daily, Zen Parenting helps me remember what a beautiful life I live, what a lovely child I am blessed with, and how to be present in the moment and be mindful of the words that I say to my child, my spouse, and all those around me. Thank you for always reminding me what my purpose as a parent is: to evolve and better myself in order to be the parent my child deserves and the partner my husband seeks. I have learned and continue to learn so much from you with every episode. Love you guys!
United States2013-10-205Dare devil 333Best parenting podcast ever!I love listening to Zen Parenting as it always gives me the healthy, balanced perspectives that I need in being a good parent. This podcast is done so well, as Cathy and Todd are really fun to listen to, and their topics are well chosen and relatable. Since their girls are older than mine, I feel like they are providing me great advice one step ahead of where I'm headed with my little girl, and that has been very helpful to my husband and I. Thank you Cathy and Todd! You have no idea how influential you have been to my family, and you are contributing to many households out there in raising emotionally healthy children, and helping us as parents be our best selves!
United States2013-10-185Lori Gordon AuffhammerBest of it's kindNearly one year later, and I'm still listening to this show weekly. They just added a new bi-monthly segment featuring people they love, which is fantastic. If you parent in a mindful, progressive, open-hearted way - this is the show for you! Cathy will remind you that you have all the answers within, and Todd will make you laugh out-loud with his funny reactions, movie lines and 'tournament of bad'. They both care deeply about helping you to be the best parent (and person) you can be. Listen and you will see for yourself.
United States2013-10-085TeriHardinA fabulous 45 minutes!I look forward to this podcast each week. It's refreshing in it's lightness & levity but fulfilling in it's depth & gravity to parenting concerns. It helps me be a more focused parent by giving me new tips & perspectives & reinforcing what I know to be true but forget under the strain of daily life. Thank you & keep on keeping on.
United States2013-10-045BCousinoGreat InfoI listen to this on my drive to work every week. Even if the content isn't applicable direclty, it helps put me in a good place mentaly to interact with my children and wife.
United States2013-10-015Heyworth1My favorite part of the week.I am a mom of three boys and discovered ZPR when I was searching around for helpful parenting shows that were neither snarky or syrupy. Todd and Cathy has since become like friends (though that may sound a bit strange from a New England mom who has met neither of them). I listen to the podcast when I am cleaning up or doing paperwork, and always come away with new ideas and renewed realizations. As Cathy once said, sometimes it's just helpful to be reminded of what we know in our hearts. Keep up the good work, T and C.
United States2013-09-205TeamLillyLife changer!As a mom of three, I can't get enough of this show! Todd and Cathy are a great team with great suggestions for life, for family, and taking care of you as a parent and a person. They have truly helped me understand why my kids do what they do, and how I can change my reactions to them and build happier, healthier relationships in our home. I love being reminded each week that I am important, and that being my true self and allowing my kids the same opportunity is what makes us a stronger family.
United States2013-09-105krisdemelloInsightful and refreshingIt's nice to listen to parents who are down to Earth. I especially appreciate hearing the points of view from both a mother and a father. I think Cathy's expertise as a LCSW brings so much insight to parenting to create a point of view that is both professional and personal. They are so easy to listen to and I find myself looking forward to what they will talk about next. I learn something from every episode. They even addressed my parenting concern on their podcast within one week of an email I had sent. Love it.
United States2013-09-015emilycattGreat podcastsI look forward to this podcast each week. Todd and Cathy have a great way of sharing valuable parenting ideas.
United States2013-08-225LetreatLove this podcast!!!!Cathy and Todd are the best. I look forward to their podcasts every week. Great insights but they also have great senses of humor.
United States2013-08-225NurseryRhymeLove your style!I recently got sucked in to the world of podcasts, and Zen Parenting Radio is one of my favorites! I've downloaded so many of the old episodes, which I choose to listen to based on what title jumps out as most interesting in the moment. I've also subscribed, so I can keep up with all the latest. I'm a nanny, not a parent, but I strive to have a similar attitude towards kids as Todd and Cathy (except they're much better & more thorough at it than me!). I love getting practical tips and hearing them delve into the reasons why these techniques & attitudes work. The one thing I don't love? Too many movie lines in some episodes! Sorry Todd! That's not even worth taking a full star off though. 🙂
United States2013-08-205jal418Keeps me groundedTodd and Cathy bring to focus what truly matters in life: being present and aware of yourself and your family. They both bring to the table interesting perspectives, opinions, and laughs too. I enjoy listening to them each week. They keep me grounded in the now and make me appreciate my present moment. Thank you Todd and Cathy!
United States2013-08-155I Simply AmA Podcast You Can Relate ToThere are a lot of podcasts where you feel disconnected from the hosts and they tend to talk from a place you can't relate to. What's so great about the Zen Parenting podcast is that Cathy and Todd are "real" people that talk about "real" things. Every week they bring fresh content and I finish the podcast knowing I'll be a better parent to my children. I highly recommend you subscribe right now!
United States2013-08-075Lil pmcLike you showListen to your show @ work it truly helps me, to become a better mother. Thank you
United States2013-07-315M*What a wonderful podcast.I love Zen Parenting Radio! I've been listening for about 6 months and they are lovely. It's one of the few balanced podcasts on parenting, as you get to hear from both a male and female perspective. They remind you that being mindful is central to good parenting. Another important reminder: that taking care of you, your partner and your relationship are all important in addition to taking care of your kids. I highly recommend them.
United States2013-07-185FrenchieMamaReally insightfulI have been listening to Zen Parenting radio for a few months and I am so glad that I found this podcast. Instinctively I more or less follow the Attachment Parenting philosophy of parenting, and I love listening to how Cathy and Todd Adams apply a gentle parenting approach with their children on a daily basis. I think that listening to this podcast shows how this approach just makes sense and is the best thing for our children. Thank you for making me a better mom Cathy and Todd!
United States2013-07-185JGStoryLove this show!I look forward to this podcast more than any other each week. It has changed not only how I relate to my kids, but also how I relate to everyone in my life. Todd and Cathy, in their intelligent, fun and quirky way, don't tell you how to parent; but gently challenge you to think about your role/needs in what is happening in your family, and see if that aligns with what our children really need. I feel like Todd and Cathy are old friends, and wish I lived in "Chicagoland" so we could chat over coffee in real life!
United States2013-07-175Machaca8Great supplement in my mindful journeyAs a person who places an importance on self-improvement, I stumbled upon the notion of "mindfulness" in a book not too long ago. Shortly thereafter, I realized that it was hard for me to implement this notion with my two young kids constantly testing my patience. In comes Zen Parenting Radio! It has welded my worlds of parenting and self-improvement in a way that I cannot even begin to thank them for. And as an added bonus, their cute banter is often inspiring for couples who don't always speak the same language. Now, if only I can find a Zen Couples Radio........ 🙂
United States2013-07-175brooke111Insightful!This podcast is great. I'm not a parent, but I plan on being one someday; so I feel like by listening to these podcasts, I'm getting a huge head start by having all these wonderful ideas to think about in advance!! I'm always looking forward to listening to the next episode!
United States2013-07-175ErinCookKeeps me CalmGreat team and great to listen to. They are funny and insightful. I have a two year old and even though todd and Cathy's kids are older the lessons still apply. I have even shared one of their podcasts with my mother and brother( who is 28) and it helped them better communicate with each other. So you get insightfulness and laughs, whats not to like. Thank You Todd and Cathy
United States2013-07-155MotokoolOutstanding podcast!Simple put, they're awesome. Some much great advice and insight!
United States2013-07-145KoeashA Fresh PerspectiveThis podcast offers a delightfully fresh perspective on parenting. It really is about navigating the gray areas of parenting with honesty and an open heart. This has helped me transform the way I relate to others. My main parenting concern is raising emotionally healthy children without being obsessed or neurotic about raising them well. Cathy and Todd Adams are doing just that and it helps so much to hear how they go about it.
United States2013-07-085MictizGreat Find!I was searching for a good parenting podcast and came across this one. Upon listening to the most recent one, I'm happy to have found it. The dialogue is relevant and tonality is pleasant to hear. I've since downloaded additional podcasts to listen to!
United States2013-07-065Tanya BrittonA good dose of real life parentingBeing a stay at home mom is tough work. It is too easy to get negative or loose sight of the big picture. Whenever I feel this happening, I find 40 min to listen to Cathy and Todd and recenter myself. Thank you for the down to earth banter and insights.
United States2013-07-035BurbaniIve learned so muchZen Parenting is a great show. The topics are very timely. Todd and Cathy share some excellent perspectives on parenting topics. I have learned so much from them.
United States2013-07-035TamTDMI just love this show!Cathy and Todd are the perfect mix of practical & spiritual, smart & silly, focused & random! I love that you never know which direction the show will go yet wherever it leads, I always manage to learn something wonderful, helpful and that truly enriches my life and helps me on this journey we call parenting!! <3
United States2013-07-035New found hopeInspiredI am a single mom of a 13 year old daughter. Overall I thought I had been doing a good job, until my daughter one day decided to leave home unexpectedly to a friends house without letting me know. She said she needed time away. She had always been a straight arrow kind of girl, trustworthy. I was devastated, hurt, felt like I had failed her and was at a loss. I had been in a long time failing relationship with my boyfriend for 6 years, which i think affected her tremendously. After this incident, i finally got up the courage to end it, finally, and focus in myself and relationship with my daughter... We started therapy.... To make a Long story short, our therapist suggested your podcast and I listened. I'm hooked... I have been listening to your old shows and cant wait for new ones to be posted... I have realized how my behaviors and actions have affected my daughter even though I thought I was acting out of love. I was really limiting her and she felt afraid to be herself. I was sad that she was unable to be who she Really is and has felt inadequate. Your shows have allowed me to become a self aware parent, woman and whole person. We are progressing rapidly and our life is much more fulfilling as a family. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I just wish you weren't so far away:-(
United States2013-06-035charrua3050Realistic practical advice for parentsI look forward to hearing a new podcast every Tuesday. Todd and Cathy are awesome.They give great advice you can quickly absorb and apply in your daily interactions with your (or other) children. As a Dad to two girls they are one of my go-to parenting resources. Thanks Todd and Cathy.
United States2013-05-315OakparkveggieFantastic!This is my favorite podcast. I love their honesty, sense of humor and perspective on parenting and life in general.
United States2013-05-295April092776Intentional practical parentingI really love this podcast. I just discovered it and have been listening to them while I run. Every episode has included meaningful real-life dialogue about actual parenting and life situations. Listening to this program makes me feel calmer and and more in control of how I choose to handle these kinds of situations.
United States2013-05-145MarimardelmarKeeping it realI love these guys. So much good stuff without being heavy. Being in alignment with who we really are will help us be better parents. Each podcast reminds me to listen to what is right for me and "bring calm to the situation." And I laugh a lot, too. Thanks Todd and Cathy for keepin' it real.
United States2013-04-055kekanekaiZPR fan in HawaiiCathy and Todd provide a nice balance. I have used many of their suggestions with my own children. "Emotional vomit" is now one of my favorite words!
United States2013-03-265Gregg HansonThese guys get it.When your day is full of chaos and you feel like taking a knee, the show can teach you how to let go of your worries and your cellphone, be present and just listen. Much more productive than listening to Mike and Mike.
United States2013-03-255Ana Lu MonacoA dialogue that calls your heartZen Parenting is capable of illuminate, direct or reinforce the message of how to be good to do good. Often we cling to methods of education without thinking of the fact whether it is better for you and for your children and what benefits can bring. Cathy Todd lightly bring a dialogue with issues that are part of our everyday life, giving the opportunity for a second thought about them.
United States2013-03-215Gina LosertBest parenting podcastGreat advice. A fun listen
United States2013-03-215weblandtouchstoneZen Parenting Radio is a touchstone for me. It validates and affirms the way that we've chosen to parent, which is often dissimilar from those in my neighborhood. I am grateful for the down-to-earth wisdom and candor and humor that Todd and Cathy offer. Listening to the show is an evolved and enlightened version of standing in the parking lot talking with other parents at school drop-off. Thanks and keep fighting the good fight.
United States2013-03-215happier mamaHighlight of my weekI look forward to this podcast all week. There, todd, are you happy now? Seriously, this is something everyone involved in the care of children should check out. I have found myself stopping to take a breath and thinking about the message at least once a day since I started consuming this podcast.
United States2013-03-195SoniaPBGreat ListenI discovered Zen Parenting recently and look forward to it each week. Todd and Cathy balance out nicely, making it both relatable and enjoyable. It is an easy listen that is still deep and thought provoking. Really great show!
United States2013-03-095SeattleCaraMy Favorite PodcastTodd and Cathy's weekly conversations have encouraged me to discover a confident, wise and happy part of myself that has been there along but I didn't know how to tap into it. I'm better for it and as a result, my family is too.
United States2013-02-265Phillymom222Inspiring and centeringI'm a new mom who works full-time outside the home. I've started listening to Todd and Cathy's podcast on the train on my way home in the evening, and now I enter the house feeling centered and inspired. I am really grateful for this podcast. Cathy's midwestern accent does make me giggle sometimes, though.
United States2013-02-215ladyslippersRefreshing perspective for healthy familiesI don't know how I managed to parent before I found this show. It is such a refreshing resource of skillful means. Parenting today can feel so overwhelming with all the books and different opinions available, but Todd and Cathy are fantastic at boiling down what a real issue is and presenting several methods to address it depending on what works for you and your family. Healthy families are their first priority and you can feel that in every show. And I love that they often don't have the same perspective or opinion on an issue, just like most parents/partners, but they find a way to agree about how to navigate that difference in opinion.
United States2013-01-285LibationSlingerExcellent podcast!I love listening to Zen Parenting Radio. It has helped me personally, and as a teacher, parent, and partner. There are great practical strategies, but always a deeper, more philosophical discussion that leaves me thinking and adjusting my approach and outlook.
United States2013-01-215Foto LinzLove, Love, Love Zen Parenting Radio!!Cathy and Todd thank you! I absolutely love the podcast! For the last week, it's all I listen to throughout the day....and i can't help but tell everyone about it! Every episode provides me with much to think about and apply to my life! So glad I found you... 🙂
United States2013-01-175Julie in MNHelps me be a better parentCathy & Todd are very real, positive & informative. Coverage of a wide range of topics - helps me be a better parent. Thank you!
United States2012-12-295carriek333My favorite podcast!Hi Cathy and Todd - I'm a loyal weekly listener but I would listen every day if you posted something. I love their positive and open perspective on parenting and life. A must listen!
United States2012-12-132apo857ud9830wqjgfvery uninformativeI am looking for parenting advice that is research based and specific. I listened for about 10 minutes to silly banter with minimal fact based information. When discussing the man who shot his teenage daughters computer this was explained as being horrible for "publicly shaming the daughter". I don't know if they are aware this is an older teen who had publicly shamed her parents endlessly on facebook using the computer they bought her. No video or footage with her on it was ever played, simply her dad making a profound statement that publicly broadcasting family disputes is hurtful to all parties and he taught her that by making her feel what they felt. I didn't particularly feel strongly about this, but when these two talked about and when trying to explain why they thought this was terrible, their explanation, "it just seems wrong..." no evidence that this harmed her or other kids more then it helped them learn their public rants have consequences. All these ways of not hurting kids they talk about I didn't hear any concrete advice for how he should've handled an out of control teen publicly flogging her parents on facebook that would have been as effective as his method.
Canada2012-11-215Diana4rdAnimator/momFound your podcast last week at work and I'm hooked! I've listened to 8 episodes and shared one with my husband last night. I feel many of your techniques with parenting are similar to how my husband and I are with our kids. Your advice is great and I've recognized things I do as a mom that I need to work on. Also yay for self time!! All I have is good things to say about your show.
United States2012-10-265roxig66Love them!Been a listener for 2 years now & they've help transform my life! Being self aware & zen 🙂 Cathy has two great books also, self aware parent 1 & 2! Must read! They have short stories & are easy reads. Great for expecting parents.
United States2012-10-225LellermanMrsI am a new parent and so grateful for the discussions and topics addressed in this podcast. The Adams do their best to help us be the best version of ourselves as parents. They are thoughtful, insightful and I am so glad to have found this wonderful resource. Oh and I just started the books too! Thanks for blessings us.
United Kingdom2012-09-224CoolbhuGreat to listen toLove the pair that make the show do real and relatable.
United States2012-09-205Alexander VailMaking parenting zen at every turnI must say after stumbling across this podcast I was hooked. A supportive, loving, respectful outlook on this parenting gig we are all doing. Parenting as it turns out can in fact be a wee bit changeling at times. This show has connected with me on MANY levels. It's helped me look at these challenges in parenting and LIFE differently and in a soulful way that means something more. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this podcast. ZEN PARENTING RADIO FOR ALL.
United States2012-09-075GorillanatorLove it!Great podcast for parents
United States2012-08-025mjnew1Great podcastI love this podcast. I love Cathy and Todd's outlook on parenting and love the advice they give. I also enjoy the humor and entertainment that they include in each podcast.
United States2012-07-135Window puppy shopperThis is my new church 🙂 sooo goodA lively and casual couple talks honestly about how to go about being a thoughtful loving parent. And the many many conflicts that come up. I was raised in churches. But, have decided in my adult life that I don't believe those things. And now that I no longer attend church services, I find that I lack that inner conversation about moral conflicts. This podcast gives me that. And they choose wonderful and applicable topics to reflect on.
United States2012-07-085Markkemark1Quite simply...GREAT!I recently found this gem of a podcast, and I am hooked. Todd and Cathy have morals that I want to emulate in my life. I have 4 daughters, three of which are in their late teens,and a three year old. I love this show because of it's chemistry and the practicality. Please keep it going!
United States2012-06-185STofSSFI love this podcast!Zen Parenting Radio is amazing! Not only has it reminded me to trust my own instincts and parent from my heart, Todd and Cathy give wonderful tools/advice on how to dig deeper and find that calm, centered space within rather than acting on reactions. They are funny too! I cherish this show. I'm so thankful for you both!
United States2012-06-085EnerjesAdjusting to a summer schedule is so much more than that!The title of this episode is misleading because you cover so much more. I really enjoyed the second half of the show when you are speaking about letting people show you who they really are and believing them. Todd and Cathy, you seem to cover subjects that need reinforcement in my life at the time. Learning to let go of people and accept them for what they are and not what I want them to be....priceless. Thanks!
United States2012-05-175Tammy's Total FitnessMy favorite PodcastZen Parenting Radio is fantastic! Every Tuesday my "mommy batteries" are recharged after I listen to the fun, enlightening and inspiring Podcasts. Thank you Cathy & Todd for your podcasts. Since the Oprah show has retired...Zen Parenting is how I get my fix 🙂 I recommend this podcast to every parent.
United States2012-05-085RosaGatorGood StuffI have to file a complaint about Zen Parenting Radio. In about a 1 month's time I have managed to listen to every episode and now I am simply left wanting more! How will I be able to parent without the voice of reason in my ear? Seriously, Zen Parenting Radio is fantastic. I have always thought of myself as a self-aware person, but after listening to Cathy & Todd I feel I am becoming a more self-aware PARENT. Thank you for all you do!
United States2012-05-065Mountain huggerThank you!I have been struggling with my 7 year old and your shows have reminded me to parent like my heart knows I should. My daughter experiences the world differently then most people, I don't really want to label her. In the moment it's so easy to react. Your show has reminded me not to react but to follow my heart. Thank you!
United States2012-05-045SkalannWonderful advice that come from a loving placeI've been listening to Zen Parenting radio since they first started. And I have to say that I absolutely love it. First of all, Todd and Cathy are great together. Secondly, Cathy's advice really resonates with me. All the advice and discussions on the show, stem from love and being in a peaceful place. So, listen to this podcast...it's awesome! It's very ZEN. Shereen
United States2012-05-015Zen MomMy best friend in parentingI LOVE CATHY AND TODD! Zen Parenting Radio is my favorite podcast! It's about how to be mindful while parenting and thus have better relationships with our children and spouse. It is not an intellectual discussion about zen - thank goodness! It is down-to-earth conversation and simple advice for parents who want to raise healthy and self-confident little people. This podcast is encouraging and comforting to me as a parent. It has taught me to trust my instincts and my heart when parenting and not to worry so much about what others might think. I also subscribed to Cathy's blog and find myself re-reading it often as it reminds me of what I truly value. Did I mention that this podcast is entertaining too? Todd is quite funny! And I got my husband to tune in too because Todd gives the dad's perspective. In conclusion, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry (in a good way), and it makes me a better parent. It's priceless!
United States2012-05-015Zen Parenting RadioThank You!Hands down, my favorite thing to listen to every week. Thank youTodd and Cathy for introducing me to the importance of self care, mindfulness and conscious parenting without shame, fear or guilt! ps you can tell I have never left a review on iTunes because when it asked for a nickname I thought they meant YOUR name. And now it won't let me edit that part. Agh!
United States2012-04-285kerrin28Always a fresh point of viewI stumbled upon Cathy and Todd's show about 6 months ago and have since downloaded and listened to every episode and look forward to new shows every week. I love the lauguage that Cathy and Todd use and there approach to parenting, as well as life. This is such a fun, funny and informative podcast!!!
United States2012-04-255LilorphinannieA must listen if you strive to be a better parentTodd and Kathy discuss the topics that keep us parents up at night. Their podcast is funny and light while having honest conversations about the bumps along their journey of parenting. I look forward listening each week as their tips make me think and their stories make me laugh. Love 'em!
United States2011-10-215PickurrnRefreshingSo much of parenting is being in relationship and coordinating with your partner and I think our culture has lost that. How do we teach our kids to be a cooperative part of a family and community if they do not see us process together? Yes- its messy, but kinda fun too. I appreciate Todd and Cathy's honesty and openness to share their journey- it allows me to feel normal and I am reminded to care for myself... Someday I will my sons to care for themselves the same and their wife, how will they know if I haven't shown them?
United States2011-08-035engchck4Love it!Very informative with relatable stories. Information and resources given in a non- preachy way. I love that you get perspectives from both the male and female view. Good conversation points to have with your partner. Even before having little ones. Love & light. So grateful for what you do.
United States2011-04-215PlantedZinniasYesterdayPrepare to have some deep discussions with yourselfAlthough Todd and Cathy do not confine their discussions strictly to "parenting", it is not a letdown as the topics are thought provoking both for an individual and a couple. The fact that Cathy is a professional in the field comes through in the podcasts and plays nicely off the realities of being married. The show inspires me to keep learning and growing (and not just as a parent).
United States2011-04-204DebbieLikesToSingGive it a listen!I like this show. They're down to earth, and affirm my beliefs and actions as a parent.
United States2011-04-015EricH's iPadMORE, MORE, MORELove the chemistry between you two!! Give us MORE, MORE, MORE! How about an hour-long pod-cast? Half-hour is a tease!!!
United States2011-03-225MartyMcITodd's Right!These two do "get it." Don't be scared off by the "Zen" title . . . it isn't all about crunchy granola, sandals, saving dolphins or other hippie junk. Much of what Todd & Cathy discuss is about how parents can work in partnership and communicate to create a solid foundation from which all parenting springs. At our house, we call it the "United Front" . . . and listening to the podcast has been a good way to anticipate topics for that communication, understanding of our family values and creating our united front in advance of issues that may arise. Cathy and Todd have a very nurturing and supportive attitude toward parenting that I enjoy.
United States2011-03-115Kabby1Excellent!!!This is awesome! Great advice and very open and honest! Can't wait to hear more. Thank you! These two DO get it!
United States2011-01-265chcmLOVE Zen ParentingAbsolutely love the hosts of this new podcast! Completely entertaining...funny, comfortable and insigtful. Highest recommendation!
United States2011-01-255Todd AdamsAll GoodGreat start for healthy discussions with my wife. Anybody who wants to hear a sound and practical view point- this is your show. it's informative and yet entertaining. These two get it.
United States2011-01-235California nannyzen parenting helps me as a nannyI appreciate the option of listening to the show after it's recorded, but i can't resist.....i always listen to it live! Todd and Cathy's fresh ideas on parenting are insightful yet simple. Their suggestions can easily be applied in my field of work as a nanny, dealing with tantrums, communication and discipline. Cathy's knowledge and years of experience working with children professionally before having her own children proves her understanding of the different developmental stages. Cathy and Todd's experiences as parents are honest and humble. They are a great balance and they speak the truth. The foundation that they build from is about balance, self-awareness and self-care, which is effective in achieving healthy relationships with their children, each other and themselves individually. Their authenticity is obvious by their willingness to share what works, but also their experiences on what hasn't worked. I look forward to learning more about how to prepare myself for motherhood, but for now I am learning tools to bring with me in my work with children professionally.
United States2011-01-235290WA meaningful car rideLong weekend car rides with my husband are usually a time to catch up on schedules and to-dos or totally zone out with loud music. Today, headed west on 290W, we tried something different and listened to the first three installments of Zen Parenting. Our three year-old daughter quickly fell asleep likely due to Cathy and Todd's super smooth and comforting radio voices, while my husband and I abandoned our schedules and "to-do" lists and focused on what is truly important - ourselves, each other and the little girl sleeping in the back seat. Listening to Todd and Cathy got us out of our heads and gave us an opportunity to stop and think about whether we really are devoting enough time to self-care, talking and listening to each other and practicing what we preach for our daughter. It sparked coversation about what maybe we can work on as parents and as a couple and prompted many moments of gratitude and praise for those things we already do for each other and our daughter. Thanks, Todd and Cathy. We're looking forward to more car rides with Zen Parenting!
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