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7 Must-Listen Parenting Podcasts

Hosted by the husband and wife self help and spirituality super duo of Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams. For every heady topic like “Equal Justice And Quantum Entanglement,” there’s something a little closer to the “things you’ll actually understand” end of the spectrum — like “Who Lies More, Men or Women?” (spoiler: it’s women). The Adams’ approach is one part emotional/spiritual, one part analytical/logical, and the dynamic between the 2 of them frequently produces legitimate insights on the modern parenting condition. Also, they have really, really soothing voices.

15 Great Parenting Podcasts

Though the name implies a new age feel, Zen Parenting is easily relatable for any parent. The idea behind the show is that parents who have self-realization will be better for their kids. Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams are the married hosts who balance each other out. She is the emotional core while he is the logical view. Topics include how to deal with pain, why words and images matter, and staying internally peaceful to promote peaceful behavior on the outside. Though some of the topics go deeper into emotional analysis than most of us usually venture, they are tempered with topics that are informative without being over analytical. Tune in and get your Zen on with these very compatible hosts.

I spied an article on great podcasts for parents and picked up my phone and subscribed to the one that caught my eye, Zen Parenting Radio. I listened to the episode they recommend, “Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat“… Wow. Talk about absolutely everything I want to be as a parent wrapped up neatly in an incredibly captivating story. Be prepared, you will tear up. You will also be inspired and, if you’re anything like me, will become an instant convert to the awesome parenting experts behind the podcast. Go check it out the next time you’re folding laundry. You won’t be sorry.

Top Ten Podcasts for Balanced Parents

This show is the ultimate show for parents seeking more balance in their lives. While it's billed as a parenting show, they talk about all of the other things that influence our parenting: Relationships, self-care, friendships, and who you are. It's hosted by a couple that are fun to listen to as they discuss parenting with presence and respect. One of the hosts, Cathy Adams, says of her show, "Our tagline for the show is The best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding, so we focus on self-awareness, empathy, mindfulness, and humor (and we throw in a lot of pop culture…). Our kids learn by watching how we live, not by listening to what we say - so if we take care of ourselves, others, and choose to be a force for good, our kids will learn to do the same.

4 Podcasts You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Married self-help gurus Todd Adams and Cathy Cassani Adams, who are raising three daughters, host enlightening discussions that make you feel like you're getting therapy sessions from two people you'd like to be friends with IRL. Episode to start with: Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat. Free, iOS and Android; at iTunes Store or

Podcasts to Get You Through the Night

Not only does this podcast seek to answer a range parenting questions, it also explores a more spiritual side of parenting (and life) that helps moms and dads alike find balance and focus what matters in their lives.

7 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter About Parenting

Go ahead crack jokes about the name; the podcast is hosted by the husband and wife self help and spirituality super duo of Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams. For every heady topic like "Equal Justice And Quantum Entanglement," there's something a little closer to the "things you'll actually understand" end of the spectrum — like "Who Lies More, Men or Women?" (spoiler: it's women).

The Adams' approach is one part emotional/spiritual, one part analytical/logical, and the dynamic between the 2 of them frequently produces legitimate insights on the modern parenting condition. Also, they have really, really soothing voices.

My Favorite Parenting Podcast

The mix of emotional and logical is the main focus on this podcasts and I love how it doesn’t ask you to pick one. We are all creatures who equally benefit from feeling felt and being rational – the topics and guests on this podcast encourage you to incorporate both aspects of your self into your parenting – and how to teach your child to do the same!

Teachers, Has Anyone Asked You Lately What You Need?

My daughter listens to Zen Parenting Radio and months ago encouraged me to begin listening to their podcasts. Cathy Cassani Adams and her husband, Todd Adams produce compelling podcasts that “inspire insight with stories, and humor”. They begin each podcast with– “The best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding”.

That’s a beautiful motto for a parenting podcast, but it’s also apropos for teachers. It’s unbelievably important for educators to be self-reflective which helps to ensure that kids receive the very best they are able to give.

Can’t Miss Podcasts For Moms (So You Don’t Have To Feel So Alone)

“A husband and wife who talk about pop-culture another parenting themes through the lens of mindfulness.” ~ Angela Pruess

9 Podcasts Worth Listening to Now

Though based outside of Chicago, ZPR is going to appeal to anyone who’d like to be more calm and balanced as a parent (or person). And Cathy and Todd Adams, who are married with three girls, are just about the nicest two people you’d ever hope to listen to on the radio. They’re also pop-culture junkies and have a funny, familiar rapport—you kind of feel like you’re sitting across from couple-friends at dinner while listening to them (is that a little stalker-ish?).

10 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To

This show is presented by Cathy, an emotional and spiritual mum, and her husband Todd, a logical and practical dad. You can listing to this couple trying to figure out parenting, their relationship with each other and with their kids. I especially like the episodes when they bring guests on the show, like this one.

Zen Parenting – 14 Tools For More Cooperation And Less Overwhelm In Parenting

Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams, the hosts of the Zen Parenting Radio, define Zen parenting as:

“As a Zen Parent you learn to trust your instincts, focus on what is working, and find a healthy life balance. You make it a priority to take care of yourself and figure out what you want from life. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you feel awake and aware. Instead of worrying about what can go wrong, you notice what is working. Instead of losing yourself, you practice self discovery.”

5 Podcasts To Help You Through Hard Times

You don’t have to be a parent to listen to this podcast! Trust me. Todd and Cathy’s whole motto is “The best predictor of a child’s well being is a parent’s self understanding.” The episodes are geared more towards personal improvement and less towards the how-to’s of parenting.

Compassionate and Mindful Parenting Strategies

Cathy Cassani Adams is the co-host of my favourite podcast Zen Parenting Radio. Cathy is a refreshing and authentic look into living a life fueled by self-awarness and how this can help any parent navigate a mindful and compassionate experience with parenting.

Top 10 Mindfulness and Parenting Books & Resources

Todd and Cathy Adams are a dynamic duo that make learning about conscious parenting fun. They are often silly, but they go deep, pointing us to greater self-understanding. This podcast will bolster you each week and be a powerful support for your mindful parenting journey.

Parenting for a Better World: Why We Need Global Citizens

Cathy and Todd Adams’ uplifting Zen Parenting Radio podcast.

Helping parents with their journey to self-awareness

Mom and dad duo, Cathy & Todd created a podcast dedicated to helping parents with their journey to self-awareness.

Top 10 positivity podcasts

While the word “parenting” is right in the title, this show is more about living a positive, happy life than it is about parenting. The hosts, Cathy and her husband, Todd, banter about life lessons and inspire with their anecdotes.

Wee One-On-One: Ashley Albrecht

Favorite website or app for parents: Zen Parenting Radio. I like to listening to these podcasts while cleaning bathrooms or folding laundry.

What I’ve Learned-Parenthood

This is a radio show by both a husband and wife (mother and father) team. I love their different perspectives, yet their overall goal to parent to the best of their ability! Here’s their tagline: Providing insights, stories and humor from a spiritual and emotional mom and a logical and practical dad.

10 of Our Favorite Parenting Podcasts

Don't be put off by the name — Zen Parenting is much more than a new-age podcast. Married hosts Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams bring different perspectives to the topics they tackle — she is driven by emotions while he comes from a place of logic. With the belief that parents who have self-realization will raise happier, healthier kids as a common thread, previous topics included how to deal with pain and why words and images are important.

Local Business Shout Out: Zen Parenting Radio

A husband and wife team share parenting tips and offer parents skills for compassionate parenting.

The Power of “No” as a Parent

On a side note, if you haven’t checked out Zen Parenting Radio I highly recommend that you take the time to check them out! I listen to their podcasts all the time. I find myself relating to so much they say! They are so real about everything they discuss and make you really ponder how you are thinking and responding to different aspects of your life.

5 Free Resources That Will Make You A Better Parent

Todd and Cathy Adams have a weekly podcast where they advocate parent awareness. What I love about their podcast is the natural flow between Cathy and Todd. Cathy comes from the viewpoint of parenting from the spiritual and emotional perspective. Todd perspective is more logical and practical. The two of them blend together in a podcast that is entertaining, and I walk away from listening to their advice a better parent.

19 Notable Podcasts About Parenting

Todd Adams and Cathy Cassani Adams are married parents trying to raise three daughters while also trying to nurture their relationship. Episodes can feel a little like therapy sessions, but hearing the couple discuss what they’ve learned has probably helped spark some deeper discussions among listeners.

Kids in the House Shares Mindful Parenting Advice for Overworked Parents

Cathy and Todd Adams are the co-founders and co-hosts of Zen Parenting Radio, using their programming as a platform to stress mindful parenting, especially in the face of a hectic morning, afternoon, evening, and everything else in between. These parenting professionals are featured on the Kids In The House website, emphasizing that communication between spouses is essential to navigating every days with kids.

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A Few Parenting Resources

If you do the podcast thing, listen to a few episodes of Zen Parenting Radio and you’ll get hooked. I’ve met Tod and Cathy, listened to their show for over 4 years and continue to get great parenting tips and personal insight. These two are totally real. They record the podcast in their basement. Seriously.

Their website is full of very useful information. Make use of the search box.

Resources I’ve Used to Become a Peacemaker

In the last few years, I decided to become a peacemaker. I went from understanding very little about race and social justice to understanding enough to take are some of the resources I’ve used so far to educate myself.

Stuff I Love!

I love real stories from real people about the struggles and victories experienced in life. Below is a list of content that has enhanced me as a person and as a professional counselor.

The Best Parenting Podcasts of 2017

Self-awareness and mindfulness with pop culture and humor to expand compassion for ourselves, each other, and the world.