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To use experience, research, pop culture, and humor to explore and explain self-awareness and mindfulness. Reflective and respectful discourse is offered through the use of podcasts, conferences, presentations, community screenings, group work, individual work, and writing to encourage empathy and compassion for ourselves, each other, and the world.


The Zen Parenting message relies on four grounding forces – self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion, connection. If we are discussing parenting, pop culture, or politics, we aim to interweave these values into every conversation.


Understand who you are and why you do what you do


Be here, pay attention, accept what is


Relate to others with kindness and caring


Our hardwiring, our joy, our reason for being

Creating conversations to encourage self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion, & connection



We are married with three daughters
We teach self-awareness
We connect through pop culture
We believe in humor & mindfulness
We know people can be a force for good
We are Zen Parenting Radio

Meet Cathy & Todd



We are married with three daughters
We teach self-awareness
We connect through pop culture
We believe in humor & mindfulness
We know people can be a force for good
We are Zen Parenting Radio

“Married self-help gurus Todd Adams and Cathy Cassani Adams, who are raising three daughters, host enlightening discussions that make you feel like you’re getting therapy sessions from two people you’d like to be friends with in real life.” By Sabrina James from Parents Magazine

Cathy Adams

ZPR Host, Author, Therapist

Cathy is ... a self-awareness expert, podcast host, & author focused on parenting and the personal empowerment of women and young girls. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Parent Coach, Certified Elementary School Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, and she teaches in the Sociology Department at Dominican University and Elmhurst College.

Cathy offers ... 1:1 in-person sessions for women interested in self-awareness, and she offers supervision and support for therapists and coaches. She creates live and virtual workshops focusing on self-awareness for women, marriage and parenting, and how to talk to kids about sex and sexuality. She gives keynotes and presentations to groups and organizations, and she facilitates panels and discussions at conferences and events. Cathy runs a women’s circle that focuses on support and personal growth.

Todd Adams

ZPR Host, Certified Life Coach

Todd is ... the co-host of the Zen Parenting Radio podcast and a certified life coach who focuses on supporting guys in finding a healthy work/family balance. He focuses on marriage, parenting, career, overall self-awareness and life enjoyment.

Todd provides ... support for guys who are looking for success in one/many areas of their life- relationships, work/life balance, parenting, etc. Todd’s goal as a coach is to get you the results you need as quickly as possible by striking a balance between challenge and support. Sessions can either be in person or virtual. First session is free. Click here for more.

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Latest Podcasts

Success And Momentum- Podcast #396

September 19, 2017

Todd and Cathy discuss Simon Sinek’s definition of success and why momentum is the key. They talk about the best predictor of whether or not we will view our lives as successful (and it has nothing to do with money). They discuss why a...


Safe Spaces, Triggers, and Civility- Podcast #395

September 12, 2017

Cathy and Todd discuss The Smartphone Generation vs. Free Speech by Jean M. Twenge about the millennial generation (otherwise known as iGen) and why they are different. They discuss how they were raised, how they think, and why they...


A Checklist For Self-Compassion- Podcast #394

September 5, 2017

Cathy and Todd offer ways to practice and recognize self-compassion, and explain why our ego tends to argue against too much self-love (but why we don’t have to listen…). They discuss lovingkindness meditation, why it’s important to...


Angst: Let’s Talk About Anxiety- Podcast #393

August 29, 2017

Cathy and Todd discuss anxiety, how and why it shows up, and why it’s important topic of conversation in every home. They discuss their documentary screening of Angst: Normalizing the Conversation Around Anxiety on Monday, September...


Be a Force For Good- Podcast #392

August 22, 2017

Todd and Cathy reveal their three speakers for the 2018 Zen Parenting Conference, and explain why each of them is a force for good. They discuss candor, wisdom, kindness, and responsibility, and offer new resources that will help each...


There’s Room For All Of Us- Podcast #391

August 15, 2017

Cathy and Todd discuss fear-based thinking, what happened in Charlottesville, and how an abundance mindset can shift the way we relate to each other. They answer listener questions about a husband who doesn’t understand the challenges...


Good Grit, Bad Grit- Podcast #390

August 8, 2017

Cathy and Todd discuss Caroline Adams Miller’s book Getting Grit, about what grit really means, and why we need to be thoughtful about the kind of grit we are using and promoting. They share some clips from her interview with Jonathan...


Say Yes & Say No- Podcast #389

August 1, 2017

Cathy and Todd discuss what a hell yes feels like, and why saying no is so important. They share an interview with Oprah on the Dear Sugar podcast where she explains how she learned to say no, and why a no can be the best decision for...


Humans Are Like Porcupines- Podcast #387

July 25, 2017

Todd and Cathy discuss why humans are like porcupines, and why it’s important to stay open and use “relational ethics”, when communicating with our loved ones. They discuss Andy Murray’s subtle equality comment after Wimbledon, they...


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