Todd and Cathy share some of the touching and funny Superbowl commercials, and they discuss a video of Will Smith explaining why fault and responsibility are two different things. Cathy shares some of her favorite self-compassion quotes, and they discuss why some quotes wake us up or resonate so strongly. Todd discusses his gullibility, he defends Taylor Swift, and he shares an aha from our Zen Parenting Conference keynote speaker Mike Domitrz.

Time Stamps

:58 Todd defends Taylor Swift @ the expense of Quincy Jones/Gerry O’Keefe

5:05 Highlights of all Superbowl ads

14:46 25 days until the Zen Parenting Conference 

23:31 Self love quotes that connects with Cathy

29:37 Todd shares the cost of his gullibility

33:10 Will Smith fault vs responsibility

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39:50 HealthIQ Life Insurance– To see if you qualify and get your free quote today

42:48 Quote- Dear self- Today and the rest of my days….

53:10 Tree Of Life Chiropractic Care & Avid Painting & Remodeling

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