Zen Parenting Book by Cathy Cassani Adams - 2023 International Book Award Winner for the Parenting & Family Category

A Proud Moment: My Wife’s Book, Zen Parenting, Wins the International Book Award

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My incredible wife, Cathy Cassani Adams, has won the International Book Award for “Zen Parenting: Caring for Ourselves and Our Children in an Unpredictable World.” This prestigious award, hosted by the American Book Fest, highlights her unique perspective on mindful parenting. As her husband, I’m bursting with pride and grateful for the guidance her book provides in our journey of raising kids. Here’s to mindful parenting!

Anti-Racist Books and Thought Leaders

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Let’s be clear – what do we really want for our kids?

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When I ask parents this question, the most common response is:  I just want my kids to be happy. This is great in concept, but what does this really mean? Be honest – what does happiness really mean to you?  Do you want your children to work super hard so they are the smartest in class?  Do you want them to constantly …

Banning Bossy: It’s not about the word, it’s about the conversation

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People create things based on their own experience. And in Sheryl Sandburg’s experience, “bossy” made her feel wrong or maybe uncomfortable. Obviously it didn’t hold her back, but when people used it with her, the energy must have felt negative or at the very least unbalanced when compared to boys. I have noticed that there are many negative articles and …