Lessons from Ep.729 – “Toxic Achievement Culture”

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Exploring the thin line between nurturing ambition and fostering well-being, Todd and Cathy delve into the complexities of today’s achievement culture. Discover insights on balancing aspirations with emotional health in our youth.


Lessons from Ep.728 – “ADHD by Gender”

ZPR Blog, Weekly Podcast, Zen Parenting

Dive into the nuanced world of ADHD through the lens of Todd and Cathy Adams from Zen Parenting Radio. This blog unpacks key insights from their latest episode, shedding light on gender differences in ADHD diagnosis and offering compassionate strategies for parents and individuals navigating these challenges.

Zen Parenting Book by Cathy Cassani Adams - 2023 International Book Award Winner for the Parenting & Family Category

A Proud Moment: My Wife’s Book, Zen Parenting, Wins the International Book Award

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My incredible wife, Cathy Cassani Adams, has won the International Book Award for “Zen Parenting: Caring for Ourselves and Our Children in an Unpredictable World.” This prestigious award, hosted by the American Book Fest, highlights her unique perspective on mindful parenting. As her husband, I’m bursting with pride and grateful for the guidance her book provides in our journey of raising kids. Here’s to mindful parenting!

Cathy Adams Zen Parenting Blog Post - What's Keeping Me Sane - Lotus

Round and Round

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I’ve been feeling gutted for the last couple of days, and this morning I gave myself permission to stay gutted. I don’t want to move on quickly. There is no quick fix for deep exhaustion and concern. I want so badly to focus on other things – but I can’t, yet. The world has presented obstacles that can’t be removed …

Practicing Contentment

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Searching outside of ourselves for contentment will disappoint. It’s not a thing we can “have”. Instead, it’s a practice of paying attention, appreciating, refocusing. No one promised us contentment. It’s nobody’s job to give us contentment. Instead it’s an individual responsibility, a lifetime commitment. Sometimes it’s easy. Things flow, birds sing, life has rhythm. Sometimes it’s elusive. We feel worry, …