Weekly Reflection: Difficult Conversations between Women & Men (ZPR #723)

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Greetings!  My name is Brad MacLean. I’m an avid listener and supporter of Todd & Cathy’s Zen Parenting Radio podcast; as well as their go-to “IT Guy” 🤓.  I do my best to help them navigate the digital world to reach as many people as possible.  I’ve been with them going on, wow, 7 years and I couldn’t feel more blessed to be their friend and partner.

Why am I writing?  Because I want to do more to help them reach more people.  I truly believe their discussions can help us all be a little better to ourselves and to each other, for “a more compassionate world”.   They make me smile; they inspire me with their honest, authentic conversations; and they have been instrumental in helping me be a better husband, parent, and human being.  I would love others to get the same experience.  For these reasons, I am writing this blog post; a weekly reflection on Todd & Cathy’s latest podcast episode.

What to expect?  Just a simple, straightforward outline with a dash of reflection on what they talked about, including embedded video clips highlighting live moments; as well as links to various sources that will give you more context or detail around the key topics discussed.    It will be short and sweet so you can “get the gist” and then move on to their full episode for the full context and impact!

With that, here’s my reflection on this week’s episode titled  “#723 Difficult Conversations between Women & Men”!


In a world where conversations are often reduced to sound bites and tweets, the latest episode of Zen Parenting Radio offers a refreshing, honest, and respectful exploration of our gains and setbacks as it relates to gender diversity.  Todd and Cathy Adams were joined by Shaun Emerson and Chris Lozier, from MenLiving.org and the We Came This Far Podcast, for a rich dialogue that resonated with me on several levels. Here’s a closer look at what made this episode so impactful.

A Nuanced Understanding of Diversity and Inclusion

The episode kicked off with Shaun’s critique of a headline that celebrated the absence of white men in leadership roles. While Shaun’s concern was not with diversity itself, but with the negative framing of the headline, Cathy’s insightful perspective emphasized that the real issue lay in the framing. This nuanced understanding of language and semantics was a profound takeaway.

Check-out Shaun’s blog post from Menliving.org here. 

Gender Roles and Universal Challenges

As the conversation unfolded, the hosts delved into statistics about men’s struggles and teenage girls’ challenges, highlighting the unique difficulties faced by both genders. Cathy’s emphasis on the universality of challenges, regardless of gender, served as a poignant reminder of our shared human experience.

Shifting Dynamics and Historical Imbalances

The historical imbalances of privilege were acknowledged, and the hosts explored the shifting dynamics of gender roles. Todd’s personal anecdotes added authenticity, prompting reflection on societal shifts witnessed in our own lifetimes.

The Power of Conversation

The significance of conversations as a catalyst for progress was a recurring theme. The hosts emphasized empathy and understanding, underscoring the importance of dialogue in our increasingly polarized society.

Exploring Legal Impact and Listening Skills

The episode also touched on events like Roe v. Wade and the balance between patriarchal and matriarchal influences. Chris’s mantra of “listen better” was a profound reminder of the value of active listening.

Frameworks and Authentic Human Experiences

The hosts cautioned against overreliance on frameworks, emphasizing the need for authentic human experiences and introspection. This balance between structure and individual growth was thought-provoking.

Reflections and Inspiration

The episode concluded with Todd and Cathy reflecting on their podcasting journey and ending with a lighthearted reminder to “keep trucking.” Their passion was palpable, inspiring listeners to pursue their own passions.


This episode of Zen Parenting Radio offered a rich exploration of topics highly relevant in today’s world. Through engaging anecdotes and thoughtful reflections, the hosts inspired a deeper understanding of these subjects. I highly recommend giving it a listen, as it may prompt you to reflect on the importance of empathy and authentic conversations in our evolving society. Whether you’re a parent or simply someone interested in the complexities of human interaction, this episode has something to offer.

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