“Leukemia messed with the wrong girl in November 2011 – my then almost two year old daughter, Maddy. That was when my family’s journey with leukemia began….”~Erin and Dan McCarthy

Last month, Maddy became a SURVIVOR, after 2+ years of treatment. It was brutal – Maddy had 3 surgeries, over 50 rounds of outpatient chemotherapy (as well as hundreds of chemo meds at home), 10 spinal tap chemo injections, 4 blood transfusions, 12 ER visits, hair loss, 16 body scans, numerous inpatient admissions, and on and on..

Dan & Erin share their 2-year experience with their daughter’s Leukemia and take us through all of the ups and downs of diagnosis, chemo, and what it means to be a survivor.

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