Todd and Cathy talk with Author Nate Klemp about his new book, Open: Living with an Expansive Mind in a Distracted World. They discuss why technology is addictive and so appealing, and how it’s not our fault that we are attracted to screens and scrolling. They also discuss how being closed leads to polarization and conspiracy theories, while staying open reconnects us and helps us see the world in a new and more optimistic way. Nate shares his experiences with screen bingeing, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and meeting people who think differently, emphasizing the importance of being willing to have a conversation.

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Open: Living with an Expansive Mind in a Distracted World

Time Stamps

(00:01:45)  Defining open and closed

(00:08:05) Why devices are good at holding our attention

(00:9:50) 15 minute thinking in a room experiment

(00:11:12) Screen seduction- It’s David vs Goliath

(00:14:08) Gum surgery w/o anastesia

(00:19:40) Two different ways to open

(00:26:56) Acorn and the oak tree

(00:30:47) David Serrano Financial Advisor Services 815-370-3780

(00:31:42) Join Team Zen

(00:34:12) Psychedelics

(00:51:40) Experience with the NRA

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