Cathy and Todd discuss girls and stress and play clips from Rich Roll’s interview with Under Pressure author Lisa Damour. They also discuss the conflict between James Charles and Tati Westbrook, and how to talk to boys about being a bystander.

Time Stamps

1:06 Tribe Men’s Group

2:40 Bystander Moment Screening on July 9th–  View Trailer Here

3:50 Women’s Reproductive Rights

10:00 James Charles discussion

17:25 Lisa D’Amoure Intro

19:36 What should parents be worried about?

26:05 Fact vs fiction of the hook-up scene

31:30 Difference between girls and boys regarding harassment

33:42 Why some boys act like jerks

40:32 Girls/boys relationals

48:53 Are girls meaner?

57:18 Stress for real

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