A listener shares how her husband has her back – he tells the kids that he loves them, but he loves their mom the most. We also discuss how negative behavior from your children is a method of communication – instead of yelling or punishing, consider asking questions and offering some attention. This will offer your child what he needs, and you may feel less frustrated. Do you have a short story of how your partner has your back? Share it with us! Go to zenparentingradio.com and click “send us a voice message”.

Todd talks about managing his grief after the loss of his mom, and we discuss a listener question about how to talk to a spouse about authoritarian parenting. It takes compassion and kindness, but it can be done!

We also discuss the upcoming screening of The Mask You Live In at York Theater in Elmhurst, IL. It’s on Wednesday, March 11th and tickets are limited. Click here to reserve your seats – http://cathycassaniadams.com/product/the-mask-you-live-in/

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We are bring the documentary “The Mask You Live In” to Elmhurst @ 7:00 on Wednesday, March 11th @ York Theater.  The trailer is below.  To order tickets, please click here.  

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