10 Harmonious Practices for 2014

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1.       Quiet meditation (quiet time, going inside, call it what you want)

When I don’t do it, I can tell. I get impatient faster and I get annoyed more often.  It’s more difficult to recognize how I contribute to every situation, and even worse, it’s difficult to access that place deep down inside that recognizes the amazingness of life.

2.       Question thoughts

I’ve practiced this enough to know that thoughts just want to think. They have outdated advice, they are usually in fear, and they just love to worry (keeps them soooo busy). When my heart speaks and my thoughts jump on board, that’s when things really get done. But when I’m not minding my mind, the mind likes to perseverate over a past event, worry about something in the future, fear something that has nothing to do with me, self criticize, or be passive aggressive to the ones I love most. These thoughts are lost in thinking and they are not who I am.  It’s irresponsible and unwise to believe everything I think.

3.       Be here

There is nowhere else to be and nothing else to do. So it makes most sense to enjoy where I am.

4.       Slow

Fast makes me nervous and fast keeps me disconnected. Slow makes me smile and helps me be with people. Slow reminds me to sing and enjoy things that are funny. Slow slows down time and reminds me to appreciate.

5.       Focus, then move on to something else

If I am not focused, I can get lost in dumb things. That’s fun on a lazy Sunday or at night when everyone is asleep, but that stinks on Monday when I’ve got a big list. Close social networking, close the door, set aside the need to multi-task (the gift and curse of the brain), and FOCUS. Wa-la, I’m done! Now I have created time to focus on doing dumb things, because dumb things can be really fun.

6.       Relationships first

Being by myself helps me like myself better. Having dates with my husband keeps us coupled. Being with/around/available to my kids keeps us connected. Being with my friends reminds me to be Cathy. Working with people I love is why I love my work.

7.       Love is the right choice, every time

Whenever I’m not sure what to do, love is always the answer.  Even if I don’t want it to be, it is.

8.       Move and breathe

Move and breathe are the terms I use for exercise. Always makes it sound more appealing.

9.       Enjoy joy

Whenever I worry about what could happen, I recognize that I’m worried because I enjoy my joy. That reminds me to enjoy my joy instead.

10.   Practice all of these things

I would love to do these things perfectly every day, but I don’t do perfect, so I will just practice. Sometimes you have to fall down to recognize the importance of practice. Falling down exemplifies how sacred and profound harmonious practice can be.

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