Empathy and the ability to feel your feelings

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  We were built to feel our feelings, even when feelings don’t feel very good. Anger, sadness, feeling left out – not enjoyable. But we all know these feelings intimately, they come and go throughout our lives. They are wonderful teachers, offering an appreciation for the happier moments and calmer times. They also create a sense of compassion and empathy …

The choice and power of words

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In a moment it can feel really good to yell at someone, to release the anger through words. It’s like unloading heaviness onto someone else for awhile, like a momentary relief. But later we are left feeling guilty and ashamed, with the realization that we were irresponsible. We forgot to pay attention. We lost sight of what was real and most important.

Feeling afraid? Create light.

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I told my girls about the Paris tragedy. I explained that a few very angry people chose to harm and create fear, but their actions actually led to compassionate solidarity all over the world. They thought they were spreading hate, but instead they ignited togetherness and love. In an instant people remembered what mattered most. They stopped, became silent, prayed. …

You look much better in person than you do on paper

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My dad fell and has been in the hospital. Actually he’s fallen several times over the last few weeks, but this big fall led to him being taken away in an ambulance. In the emergency room the attending physician walked in and said to my dad, “You look much better in person than you do on paper.” Which made me …

10 Harmonious Practices for 2014

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1.       Quiet meditation (quiet time, going inside, call it what you want) When I don’t do it, I can tell. I get impatient faster and I get annoyed more often.  It’s more difficult to recognize how I contribute to every situation, and even worse, it’s difficult to access that place deep down inside that recognizes the amazingness of life. 2.       …