What do you want to practice this year?

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I think resolutions are great.  Until they aren’t.  practice

Too often they turn into another burden, another opportunity for self shaming, yet another attempt to do it all perfectly this year.

While I am always interested in deeper awareness and better choices, I am not interested in burdens, shame, or thoughts that say I should be “better”.

But I am interested in practicing new things.  I am interested in questioning my stressful thoughts.  I am interested in being slower, less rushed.  I am interested in letting go of how I think it should go so I can enjoy what is.

These are the things I want to practice.  I won’t even recognize the need for practice until I am “failing” in some way, until I am feeling stressed, or worrying about the future, or rushing through my day.  These are all perfect opportunities to practice my resolutions.

So instead of resolving to always do this or never do that, I just resolve to practice.  To notice when I am trying to be perfect and then give myself a break, to choose self-compassion over self-criticism, to breathe through stress, and to commit to the moment I am in. 

Some days my practice will be in flow, and some days my practice may leave something to be desired. 

But knowing that it leaves something to be desired is the whole point, because practice is about recognizing an opportunity to practice, instead of beating yourself up for being there in the first place.

Practice does not create perfect.

It creates awareness, compassion, and an opportunity to let go and begin again.