Cathy & Todd discuss 8 peaceful things from 2022 and how to incorporate more peace and joy into 2023. They discuss the importance of music, why we need to embrace our creativity, and the TV shows they are watching with their teenagers.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Zen Parenting book

Phil Stutz

The Tools

The Vow


Taylor Swift

The Crown

Stranger Things



The Artists Way

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Time Stamps

5:32 The art and poetry of Morgan Harper Nichols
9:42 Zen Parenting: Caring for Ourselves and Our Children in an Unpredictable World
12:05 Self-compassion
25:03 team zen
28:24 Stutz on Netflix and The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels
29:59 The Vow, A Little Bit Culty, WTF is on my Mind?! with Marc Vicente –
33:10 Drums
38:06 Taylor Swift
41:31 Stranger Things, The Crown, Severance, The Drop Out, The Midnight Club, Euphoria
46:04 The Artists Way