Why do we think our children need to be busy all of the time?  Because WE are busy all of the time.  Cathy and Todd discuss why sports and social activities can be good, but too much can be a problem.  Kids need to learn how to “BE” instead of  thinking they always need to “DO”.  It’s OK if our kids get bored – of course we can play every once in awhile, but its not our job to be their constant entertainers.  Let them get bored so their imagination has the opportunity to take over – it’s a muscle that needs a work out!  If we don’t let them get bored, this muscle is weak.  Our children need to learn how to think out of the box and come up with new ideas – where does this come from?  The imagination!  So open up some space in their lives, let go of the guilt, and  let them get BORED.