Todd and Cathy discuss questions from listeners – for example, how to not be “broken open” by your kids traumas, how to handle a pet dying, how to handle disrespectful or defiant behavior and much more.  They also waste some time talking about Friday the 13th and Jason……do you remember his last name?  Cathy does!  And speaking of Friday the 13th, Cathy and Todd will be teaching family at The Dailey Method, Elmhurst on Friday, April 13th…come if you dare.  And, Cathy is teaching a workshop called “Raising Children Who Love Themselves” at the Dailey Method on Saturday, April 14th (12:30 – 3:00) – call 630 832 3245 to register.  Need a speaker(s) for your group, book club, school or organization?  Cathy and Todd would love to be your presenters!  Contact for more information.