Todd and Cathy interview Jim Dethmer from the Conscious Leadership Group.  They discuss the difference between the content (what is happening) of our lives and the context (from what energy are we dealing with what is happening.  They also talk about the universe, death, toddlers, weed, and body intelligence in this real world example when Cathy and Todd’s 12 year old daughter interrupts the interview.

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Time Stamp

3:40 Content vs Context

7:17 3 ways of supporting somebody- Safety space, subject matter expert, context of consciousness

14:18 Taking responsibility- what does that mean?

21:45 Decreasing threatened response

24:17 Daughter wanting to go back to work

28:41– As the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care, helps millions of families find high quality care for their children, aging loved ones, home and pets.

29:36 Body awareness

37:08 How do we use body awareness when we’re overwhelmed?

46:22 The universe is conspiring to help me

52:33 death

57:10 Avid Painting & Remodeling


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