Cathy and Todd discuss why the new laws in Alabama and other states strip women of their reproductive and human rights. They discuss how we have to take a wider view and not assume everyone has access to the same resources or education. They discuss how men make these decisions but remove themselves from what should be legislated or criminalized, and how we could refocus our energy to educate and support all communities. This episode is for mature audiences.

Time Stamps

0:56 Tribe Men’s Group

1:54 Bystander Moment Screening on July 9th–  View Trailer Here

2:16 Get away for a weekend of wealth & wellness combined with Todd & Cathy’s Parenting Workshop at the nation’s newest learning immersion destination – 1440 Multiversity.

2:40 Quick take on the adversity score given by college boards.

7:35 Expanding awareness about each other

10:22 Women’s reproductive rights

23:25 birth control

28:15 condoms

32:15 list of other things we should worry about

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