Cathy and Todd discuss the Superbowl and the most impactful commercials, specifically The Washington Post commercial titled Democracy Dies in Darkness. They discuss how the Justice Department minimized the description of domestic violence and why less information can create more problems. They process Lady Gaga’s deposition for Kesha, the Dirty John Podcast, and why connection and listening are the keys to every life relationship.

Time Stamps

3:11 Washington Post Superbowl commercial

14:52 ImPACT Baseline Test– Enter “zen25” to get 25% off your baseline test.

15:58 New Domestic Violence Criteria

24:32 Kesha situation

27:25 Dirty John tangent

30:11 Lady Gaga Rolling Stone Article

38:46 Parenting- listening

40:55 What do we do with trauma?

42:30 How to connect with our loved ones?

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47:07 ZPR Conference

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