Cathy and Todd discuss Michelle Obama’s new book Becoming, focusing in on some of the best pieces of advice for parents and kids. They discuss why we are always evolving, why growth never ends, and why we should allow our kids (and ourselves) to fail, pivot, and change.

Time Stamps

2:23 Don’t rake your leaves

4:15 International Men’s Day discussion

8:00 The power of voices

15:06 Conference Sponsor Rita Hyland Coaching

16:04 “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

17:17 What Are you going to be when you grow up?

29:15 Failure

32:08 What if money was no object

34:11 Canvas People– To get your FREE canvas text Zen to 48-48-48. Just pay shipping and handling. This offer won’t last. Text Zen to 4-8-4-8-4-8. That’s Zen to 484848

34:49 Failure is temporary

40:22 Defining things for yourself

46:10 Becoming who you are never ends

47:34 Team Zen

48:14 Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

48:50 Painting or remodeling needs?  Check out Avid Co.

51:10 Get Your Brave On ZPR Conference

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