Todd shares a story of a softball coach who proclaims “boys are stronger than girls” and what happened after that statement was made. They also discuss why focusing on too many things makes us feel overwhelmed and paralyzed, and why choosing one thing helps us take action and create real change (they share examples from MOMS Demand Action and from A Wrinkle in Time). They share how they created their women’s circle/men’s group, why we should speak up for others, and they play a new song by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt called Found/Tonight (some proceeds go toward the March For Our Lives).

Time Stamps

7:28 “Boys are stronger than girls” story

19:50 Kind Snacks Partnership– To pick up your free sample box go to

20:44 Focusing on too many things is detrimental

45:32 HealthIQ Life Insurance– To see if you qualify and get your free quote today

46:17 How to create a women’s circle and men’s group

1:02:00  Tree Of Life Chiropractic Care & Avid Painting & Remodeling

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