Todd and Cathy discuss the Parkland tragedy, and talk about why it’s time to take action to keep our kids safe at school. They explain how we can take on all pieces of the puzzle – common sense laws, mental wellness, and community/parent/school support – rather than fight about which one matters the most. They also discuss Dr. Dan Siegel’s book Brainstorm, and process how the teenage brain works and why it’s necessary for teenagers to take risks.

Time Stamps

5:28 Parkland FL Shooting Discussion

8:26 Todd’s seeing the school shootings through children’s eyes

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28:16 Dan Siegel’s talk“Brainstorm- The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

  • Risk Taking behavior
  • Hyper-rational thinking
  • Why we’re jealous of our kids

40:48 Teenagers “vomit” on their parents

53:52 Byron Katie’s “The Work”

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