Todd and Cathy discuss how inequality can lead to challenging and often unconscious communication, and they share some civil statements that women can use to feel heard. They discuss common unconscious double standards in private life and the workplace, and explain why the skit “Welcome to Hell” from Saturday Night Live was so thought-provoking. They share a moment from A Very Brady Christmas, some wisdom from Zen Parenting Conference keynote Mike Domitrz from The Date Safe Project, and a powerful speech from actor Jeff Daniels.

Time Stamps

2:55 Jeff Daniels discussion

10:00 Promo of Mike Domitzr

12:10 A Very Brady Bunch Christmas

14:42 Hamilton review

17:27 #Metoo Discussion

19:57 Saturday Night Live Clip- Hell is real

37:29 Canvas People

39:30 John Duffy story of double standard

43:13 Big Little Lies Discussion

44:48 Eight Statements for Women to Practice

  1. You interrupted me.
  2. No.
  3. That isn’t funny
  4. That isn’t appropriate
  5. I already know that
  6. That won’t be necessary
  7. Leave me alone
  8. You’re making me uncomfortable
  9. Stop ignoring what I’m saying

58:55 Threads worldwide

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