Todd and Cathy discuss how they experience the world differently, and why understanding and respecting these differences lead to better communication. They talk about why connection is like nourishment, and why not connecting can make us feel uncomfortable mentally and physically. They discuss Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies and share which tendency describes their underlying motivation. They talk about the movie Wonder, owning our stuff, and why sexual assault allegations are uncovering a deeply-embedded systemic issue.

Time Stamps

0:35 Owning our stuff/radical responsibility

7:55- The way cathy watched football/ sees the world

19:52 RX Bar 25% off your first order

20:51 Connection- tough family/work environment

23:35 Differences between Todd & Cathy feelings

24:42 Gretchen Rubin – 4 different personality types

29:43 Wonder Review

35:20 Canvas People Enter “zen” for a free 11″ 14″ canvas

36:15 Michael Vick bankruptcy

41:45 NPR Politics

50:10 Conference Partners- Ali Folz & Rick Morrison

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