Cathy and Todd discuss why it’s OK to be uncomfortable, and why focusing on what works and what we are grateful creates the foundation to deal with discomfort. They reference the Good Newspaper, and explain why good news can help us speak out about the uncomfortable news. Todd shares some wisdom from Simon Sinek about why cell phones shouldn’t be the classroom or the boardroom, and why will power sometimes isn’t enough. They discuss if it’s safe for Todd to drive with his knee, why we shouldn’t answer the phone in a movie theater, and a wise observation from Martin Luther King.

Show Notes/Time Stamps

3:55 Comprehensive Clinical Services– Silver sponsorship for the Zen Parenting Conference

4:45 Getting uncomfortable with #Metoo(

16:20 Headlines of The Good News Paper

23:45 Canvas people (enter “zen” for a free 11″ X 14″ canvas)

27:20 Simon Sinek discussion on cell phones

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