Cathy and Todd discuss fear-based thinking, what happened in Charlottesville, and how an abundance mindset can shift the way we relate to each other. They answer listener questions about a husband who doesn’t understand the challenges of busy motherhood, and how to manage, and hopefully reduce, an anxious home environment. Todd talks about his trip to New England with his daughter, and explains why this experience led to more authentic communication and connection.

Time stamps for the show…

1:30 Discussion on Charlottesville

15:56 Todd discusses his experience of travelling with his 14 year old for aweek.
25:54 – question from a mom whose husband “doesn’t get it”

41:20 question- reducing anxiety in the household
Resources discussed on today’s show

11 mistakes I have made as a husband (and why I’m better for it)

10 Mistakes I Made as a Wife (And Why I’m Better For it) 158

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