What is Thanksgiving about? Being with family or finding the best deal? Many retailers moved Black Friday deals up a day and now people are expected to work on Thanksgiving or they feel the need to shop instead of relax.  We subscribe to not feeding into the frenzy – will you join us? We also discuss a book titled Triumphs of Experience by George Vaillant.  The book is the longest longitudinal study of human development.  Among the surprising findings: people who do well in old age did not necessarily do so well in midlife, and vice versa.  We discuss more from the book and share a clip from the author.  We learn a new idea from the author in which he states that the ability to take love in and metabolize it is the key to a successful life.

Other random stuff:

The Safety Dance, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Todd’s disdain for shopping and receving clothes as gifts.

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