A listener emailed and said her husband becomes agitated when she discusses personal growth or suggests listening to our podcast. We discuss the importance of honoring where your partner is in this moment (maybe he doesn’t want to listen to the podcast), and still speaking up about your own needs (but he can appreciate that you enjoy it). Change can be scary, but it’s a necessary and normal part of everyday life. Self awareness is not always about being dissatisfied with yourself or others, it’s about recognizing potential and being cognizant of everyday choices.  This allows us to live from a place of peace and contentment.

Do you really know what Grand Theft Auto is really about?  Are you aware that you get points for killing, selling drugs, and sleeping with prostitutes? We continue our conversation about the affect these games have on young minds. The insanity of it all is perfectly described in this Saturday Night Live segment.

We announce the beginning of our bi-monthly installment of ZPR called, “Conversations of People We Love” Our first show will debut on Friday, October 18th with a conversation with Heather Criswell- author of the book “How To Raise a Happy Child”

We also include a few entries into our tournament of bad.

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