We discuss a blog  titled The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons by Carina Kolodny.  One out of five college girls are sexually assaulted.  As parents we do everything we can to help our daughters make smart decisions and stay out of difficult situations. Are we having conversations with our sons about making responsible decisions?  Or does this kind of conversation feel unnecessary or uncomfortable?

Cathy fires back at the people who say the lyrics to Robin Thickes’ “Blurred Lines” are not that bad.

We also play a clip from Dylan Garrity talking proclaiming the similar message in his own words.

We address three different questions in the email bag concerning:

  1. Talking to other parent who speak a different language
  2. A 3-1/2 year old who does not listen
  3. A 3 year old son who “fake” cries

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