What does it mean to “succeed”?  To us it means self awareness, connection to the whole, and sharing your gifts and talents.  On this show we share a few ways to help your child find greater success.

1)      (6:10) Send them to overnight camp. Benefits-

  • Give your child a sense of independence that is hard to duplicate in their normal day to day lives.
  • It’s a safe setting
  • They can “shed” their old selves and be who they are
  • There is less focus on appearance
  • It’s a place where children can feel grounded
  • They connect with nature
  • Give them a different set of social circles to count on when one is not going well

2)      (17:35) Let your child be sad even when it doesn’t make sense

3)      (23:20) “Influence” who your child is friends with

  • Decide if a child/group either drain or fills your child up
  • The delicate balance between prohibiting and discouraging certain friendships
  • Understanding/connecting with other parents

4)      Other Random Topics

  • (33:09) Friday the 13th discussion
  • (37:28) Resource of the week www.Kids-in-mind.com Evaluator of movies for kids
  • (39:35) Tournament of Bad

Reverend Ed Bacon coming to speak @ Dominican University on Thursday, October 3rd

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