Turning your children’s failures into positive experience, When children blur the lines between fact and opinion and how we can help them.  If you want to make your life less chaotic, then you need to make a shift in your perceptions.  We discuss what imaginal cells are in a butterfly and how we can learn from them. Both how it affects our own life as well as how we’re connected to one another.  We get some help from the way one of our favorite authors Bruce Lipton.

Go visit your parents or go to jail.  That’s what they’re doing in China.  More can be read about it here.  We discuss whether or not this has a place in our culture.

Time stamp

3:03 The swimming pool with the kids- Whose job is it?  Mom or Dad?

4:15 Recollection of some of the finest moments of National Lampoon Vacation

13:40 Turning your children’s failures into positive experience

16:40 Understanding the negativity of the daily news and how it can propel us to the change the world

21:53 When children blur the lines between fact and opinion and how we can help them

24:38 The dangers of when our children start to question their own belief systems

26:45 Sheryl Sandberg- the wisdom of teaching our girls to be great leader

28:35 “Be U” Class information created by Todd/Cathy

29:20 Discussion of a new law in China prosecuting children for not checking in on their parents.  See more here 

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37:05 Tournament of bad- voices that drive us nuts and people saying their busy

39:23 Cathy’s Chicago Parent column about boredom being a good thing

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