Cathy and I talk about sibling bullying.  Is it accepted more because it’s part of living with brothers and sisters?  Or maybe because bullying was part of our household growing up?  We discuss a USA Today Article entitled “Bullying By Siblings Just As Damaging” Keep in mind it’s not just physical, it’s psychological as well.  We give our two cents as well as some tools how to recognize if bullying is a problem and what to do about it.

We also discuss an article titled “Coaches Pushing the Envelope with Offers to 8th Graders”  Coaches of high profile programs offering scholarships to students as early as 7th grade.  Is this a good thing?  Or a bad thing?

I explain why Phil Mickelson did something as father last week that I’m not sure that I could have the discipline to do.  Read the story here.

Are you or do you know a divorced parent?  We give our second tip in our series where we give an idea to parents who are divorced to lead a healthy and happy life as a divorced parent.

We have a follow up discussion to a podcast we did in March of last year entitled “Are You in The Middle Place” We have parents who are aging and have your kids who need all of our time and attention and we’re stuck in the middle.  We give a new perspective on how best to cope with being pulled in opposite directions (parents/children, happy/sad)

Lastly we continue our conversation regarding why we are struggling getting boys to register for our “Emotional Intelligence” Class this fall.

PS The Tournament of Bad- Hair of the Dog and why drinking beer is socially acceptable  @ 7:30AM