My guess is that your answer is, “I hope so”  or “Of course I am”.  Sometimes what we wish for our kids is different than how we treat our kids.  An example of this trust issue happened to me at Great America when I waited in line with my daughter to get on a roller coaster only to find out when it was our turn to board that she was too afraid to get on.  There are two extremes of handling this situation- either force your child through guilt, shame, or fear to get on, or you can say nothing at all and exit the line.  On this podcast I share if what I did helped her learn to trust herself and the long term ramifications of either extreme.

We explain the dangers of “labeling” your children as “good/bad” or “easy/challenging” and how that can affect who they are as they grow up.

Plus, one of our listeners wants some advice regarding teenagers. While we don’t have any of our own (yet), Cathy explains the similarities between a three year old and a thirteen year old and the idea of universal principles.

Lastly,  I call myself out for not honoring Memorial Day and the inconsistencies between my thoughts and my actions.