In a blog by Jill Kirby titled “If This Is Average, Then I’ll Take It”  We discuss that in a “bell shaped” curve, most kids are academically average, yet very few parents are willing to accept this. We continue discussing how a kid might be average in the classroom, yet have other special gifts.  Could they be good enough? And is good enough something you can handle? It is our job as parents to nurture and help our children discover their own special talents and gifts.

We also discuss the continuous requests from certain listeners for Cathy to “lose her S%&*” and just be mad, mean, and negative.  Cathy tactfully defends her position on her view of the world.  Cathy and I both explain our approach to our podcast and why having “rose colored” glasses on most of the time might not be such a bad way to spend the day.

We also aim to bring ourselves as well as our listeners to be “in the know” regarding technology.  Did you know that most kids consider Facebook and email a communication vehicle of the past.  When did I become so old?

We end the show with our bad 80’s songs as well as an entry into the tournament of bad.