The Butterfly Effect, you have heard of it right? What you do has ripples and effects others around the world. In the wake of the Boston Bombings, and all of the activities that have taken place since, it appears that there is no better display of the Butterfly Effect to be seen right now. Cathy and Todd talk about how teaching your children about this idea can lead them down the road to success and goodness.  The foundational components of goodness in children can be visualized through their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, compassion, appreciation of nature. That teaching begins at home.

Also on the show, have your children made you forget who you used to be?  This week Todd took his sister out to dinner for the first time in a good long while and it made him realize that his kids have unknowingly changed the relationship that he has with his birth family.  Have other parents out there had the same awareness?  What are some things that can be done to avoid the loss of relationship that you had before your children decided to show up?

They also give their two cents on the aftermath of the bombings in Boston and the non-stop news coverage that always accompanies these tragic events.  Are you somebody that is glued to the TV during these heartfelt times?  If so- do you have an awareness of how this may affect your children?  Cathy gives her perspective on how she talked to her 5, 8 and 10 year old.

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Finally, they discuss bad 80’s songs that we all listened to and we ask ourselves- why?