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    Message from Todd & Cathy – We Love our Zen Team!

    We want to say a thank you for being a part of Team Zen – Cathy and I are really enjoying this community and feel honored to have you part of something that means a lot to us. If you just joined, welcome! We are thrilled to have you aboard and look forward to knowing you better. You will find our ZenTalk calendar below with date & time information. We hope you join us LIVE! If you can’t, remember, all talks are recorded and available on this site and via your own exclusive ZenTalk Podcast. See below for quick links to this content, our private Facebook community, Zenstore Discounts, and a calendar of upcoming events.

    We love you & Keep Truck’n!
    Cathy & Todd

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    Discussion & Time Stamps
    3:38 My husband and I are not in agreement regarding how to set boundaries on our 13 year old son.
    28:42 My 10 year old is asking me why I am working so much.
    35:41 My kids are getting horrible sleep.  What do I do?  
    44:50 Where is the balance between empathizing with someone’s situation and not allowing myself to be taken advantage of?
    52:17 My in-laws are taking advantage of ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:00 Famous people banter
    13:15 I can’t tell how my college daughter is adjusting to our new normal
    25:35 My husband is not following Covid guidelines and wants to travel
    44:30 My 6 year old son is hitting us.  I’m starting to lose it ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    4:27 I’m sad because I’m overwhelmed
    22:29 How do I express anger in a healthy way?
    42:18 My 13 year old daughter  refuses to apologize to her brothers when she hurts them ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:00 Team Zen Updates- Support Micro-Community
    7:52 Kristen-  I’m noticing more eating and drinking since Covid.
    24:52 Cathy’s OREO’s habits
    27:43 Malini- My oldest son gets away with more stuff, and my younger sons are asking why
    51:48 Do I say I’m doing well when the people I’m with are not doing well ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    0:00 Todd & Cathy riffing about awareness, acceptance, and surrender
    14:43 Anita feels big-time tension between her and her 12 year old daughter
    20:18- Kim feels challenged being the mediator between her 16 year old daughter and her husband
    41:13- how do you explain the benefits of dopamine to my 9 year old daughter
    45:45 Jennifer is sad and she’s owning it!!! (Thank you for modeling)
    54:00 SOS group ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    8:50 Matt’s Uncertainty about his job is making him stressed
    21:05 13 year old boy isolating and not sure if it’s normal
    42:54 The Work
    1:02:25 Am I recycling issues- how do i reframe them? ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    4:27 Ally is a healthcare worker and is looking support
    13:56 11 year old son uses the word “rape” flippantly and inappropriately
    26:22 13 year old keeps lying to me
    41:10 Dawn is struggling keeping her kids on a schedule
    50:52 Spin the plates ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    2:49 Cathy’s update on things that have been helpful
    10:44 Good News
    12:45 I want to expose my kids to good life skills- how do I go about it without losing my s$%*?
    20:30 Jennifer is feeling guilty because I am not productive, I’m only surviving
    25:00 The mom from Little House on the Prairie
    28:21 Lisa is trying to be normal and has been pushing down her feelings, until now ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    1:33 Cathy’s intro to the corona virus
    6:03 Lauren doesn’t know whether to let the nanny back in their home
    20:38 Gail needs suggestions to motivate her teenagers.
    26:40 Millie is in a shelter in place situation in northern California. How do I motivate my eight year olds in an e-learning situation.
    40:45 Marjorie has an 8 year old is having a hard time because of his need for routine and ...
    Show Notes & Recording
    Discussion & Time Stamps
    3:25 How do I make my kids feel supported when the other parent is in a triggered/threatened state
    30:08 11 year old son who emotes on the soccer field
    41:19 15 year old daughter wants to quit cheerleading. What should I do? ...
    Show Notes & Recording

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