We discuss the story about a mom “spy” who told her 12 year old daughter she could spend time with her her friends, but also said she had to stay within a designated area. If she left the area, she was supposed to call her mom and let her know. The mom dropped off her daughter and then pulled the car around the block and parked out of sight so she “spy” or still see her daughter.  The group of kids eventually left the designated area and the girl did not call her mom.

Mom called the girl’s cell phone and said, “Where are you going? You were supposed to call me if you left the spot.” The child responded, “Where are you?” The mom said, “Never mind where I am, just let me know where you are going.”  Was this mom right, wrong, or somewhere in between?

We also discuss a 90 second video which can be seen here  – it exemplifies what we miss when we’re addicted to technology.

We continue to discuss our “Be U” program for 5th grade boys and girls.

Finally, we discuss why Joe Torre receives “Father of the Week” honors as well as two topics in the Tournament of Bad- Fruit flies and Cathy writing checks to herself.