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Discussion & Time Stamps

  • :25 Centering
  • 4:10 Todd’s fear about going back to normal
  • 10:19 White Fragility Pushback
  • 32:55 18 year old son is listening to music with the “N” word.


Our Interview with our friends from Happily Family on racial justice

Robin D’Angelo Family Action Network webinar

Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:07:23 From Alicia : Todd, do you make sure to flex your foot while you do pigeon?
12:07:49 From Alicia : that will protect your knee
12:16:33 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go next with a question/comment?
12:19:41 From Alicia : From her book, and from the podcast interviews, she is very open that we shouldn’t gain all our education from her. As a white person, I need to also learn from the black leaders. But I also need to have the discussion with other white people. Because part of the solution is white people accepting their whiteness.
12:20:38 From Cathy Adams to Alicia(Privately) : would you like to share that?
12:20:44 From Alicia to Cathy Adams(Privately) : sure
12:21:06 From Jackie : Thank you! Helps me sort through my feelings about it.
12:25:51 From Millie Hsi : i agree with others who’ve found Robin D’Angelo to be compelling. I found the webinar that Family Action Network where she was interviewed to be enlightening. You can view the video here: https://www.familyactionnetwork.net/events/white-fragility/
12:29:47 From Cathy Adams : who else would like to share?
12:30:48 From Jackie : Yes, that speaks to me, Cathy. 🙂
12:33:05 From Jennifer : I have a question.
12:44:24 From Cathy Adams : who else wants to share?
12:45:29 From Andrea Kennedy : I have a comment going off of some of that.
12:47:15 From Alicia : Not all black people are african
12:58:09 From Anna : Maybe the guardrails are off, don’t put too much energy into having steadfast rules and being perfect about how to correct all this, be soft, humble, be okay being on sandy ground. Listening, learning with compassion.
12:59:07 From Andrea Kennedy : I think there’s a freedom in learning to not be defensive. It’s like something you said in the zen talk last week that I’ve been thinking about a lot. I’m putting it in my own words, but something along the lines of you don’t know what your kid is going to be upset about in regards to your parenting in the future, but if they come to you and you just listen and say “I’m sorry”, it’s okay. Like I don’t have to be perfect now. With my kids or conversations around race.
12:59:11 From Andrea Kennedy : If that makes sense
13:03:31 From Anna to Cathy Adams(Privately) : My audio went out after a temp screen freeze, will watch the ending on the recording. Thank you!
13:04:24 From Kim Gardner to Cathy Adams(Privately) : is it on FB or your website