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Discussion & Time Stamps

4:28 End of the school year
Nudity, Anger, Gaming, & Veganism
13:02 I would love advice/resources on how to navigate nudity and self-exploration/touching in young children
22:52 My 7-1/2 year old son is angry and I’m looking for support
42:48 My 13-1/2 year son is gaming and sleeping in late. Help.
53:30 I am a vegan and need support around my judgment of other people’s behaviors


The Meat Industry is Violent—The Work of Byron Katie®

The End of Meat Is Here

Tribe Men’s Group


12:06:08 From Peggy Jividen : disclaimer
12:08:43 From DiClemente : If no one has a question to start with I do 🙂 🙂 🙂
12:09:08 From Kristen : I needed a giggle
12:09:39 From Joe Locey : don’t worry, I am having fun with y’all!
12:10:50 From Emily Chang : the best predictor of a child’s well-being is the parents self-understanding, you usually start with that 😊
12:11:32 From Cathy Adams : let me know if you have any questions- 🙂
12:14:15 From Cathy Adams : does/is anybody doing any rituals? care to share?
12:16:48 From Joe Locey : I’d like to talk about the increase of acted out anger and frustration that I am seeing in my usually kind and thoughtful 7 yr old son, and some tools to help him work through it.
12:17:22 From Cathy Adams to Joe Locey(Privately) : would u be willing to speak?
12:18:45 From DiClemente : I have a question…During e-learning, we have ok, I cannot see my typing so I can ask the question out loud if possible?been
12:20:10 From Philip & Sarah R : Our 14 year old finished 8th grade on Wednesday—we usually have a special dinner and some celebration…he definitely had a hard time with the virtual school thing and is relieved to have it over, but just wanted to dive into video games (…he did checked out to video games about 1/2 way through the pre-recorded Kaleihala graduation video that we tired to watch)…he was not ready for ritual on Wednesday—we will try something more personal this weekend. Our 11 year old still has 2 more weeks of school. (Slow to comment on your ritual question)
12:25:03 From Joe Locey to Cathy Adams(Privately) : I’m not sure how eloquently I can express it, but yes!
12:25:21 From Joe Locey to Cathy Adams(Privately) : Siegel
12:32:19 From kelseyholt : We’re having some similar behavior and challenges with our 5 1/2 year old. we’re trying to remember that under all of the anger, he is probably really SAD – missing school, friends and grandparents…
12:32:58 From kelseyholt : And he’s sick of being with just his parents all day, every day!
12:35:40 From Cathy Adams to kelseyholt(Privately) : would you like to share?
12:36:12 From Philip & Sarah R : At seven, we found having ritual/routines lead the day helped kids feel more in control. Have a routine (that can be flexible if emotions/the day need adjustment) — then it is not what parent is saying vs what kid wants, it is just the flow of the day
12:36:18 From kelseyholt to Cathy Adams(Privately) : no i don’t think so, i don’t really have any suggestions. you can read my comment
12:40:08 From Dawn Dockey : I can really relate to having to accept you’re going to have a challenging day with your kid and to try and figure out how to get through it and take care of yourself.
12:47:53 From Cathy Adams : who is next?
12:49:12 From Anita Fudalewski : I can share something
12:50:11 From Millie Hsi : I have a couple of practical ideas for Joe but will post them to Facebook…bc I’ll need to share visuals and it’s hard for me to type on my phone. Not sure if they’ll help but my boys are 8 so similar in age to his son.
12:59:20 From DiClemente : Thank you very much guys! He just came down 🙂 🙂 🙂 Gotta go make him breakfast!
13:00:58 From DiClemente : I feel the same way, Anita! Hang in there you are not alone!
13:02:41 From Millie Hsi : Maybe one positive outcome from this pandemic will be others who open their eyes to exactly what you talk about.
13:04:05 From Millie Hsi : This is the group where you can share those feelings, Anita, and will be supported. Hugs to you. ❤️
13:04:56 From Joe Locey : thanks for being vulnerable and kudos to you for being mindful and doing your part to lessen the suffering of life! I am mostly vegetarian, strict for 15 yrs. remember there is a huge community of people out there at different levels of thought and action out there. After years of being talked down to etc, one the most important thing I’ve learned is that if I am doing it what feels best for me and my role in the world, that is what matters most.
13:11:27 From Joe Locey : Kristen neff: self campassion