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Discussion & Time Stamps

3:30 Centering Exercise

5:28 Good news

7:57 11 year old over-heard our intimate moments.  What do I do?

19:40 My 9th grade daughter might fail- how do I motivate her intrinsically?

36:39 Lessons From The Diary of Anne Frank

39:02 Kids are not connecting with their friends

45:32 Care plans


John Duffy Podcast

Tribe Men’s Group


12:05:59 From Erin’s iPhone : I knew I needed that today and haven’t been able to take that short moment to do so!
12:07:31 From Cathy Adams : who would like to receive support or ask a question?
12:12:36 From Stephen George : My struggle is based around my daughter and schoolwork. She was behind prior to the stay at home “era” and has only been less motivated since then. I would like to increase her intrinsic motivations but at this point nothing seems to be working including both positive and negative extrinsic motivators.
12:13:50 From Stephen George : We had a similar experience last week.
12:13:53 From Cathy Adams : Stephen- would u like to ask live or do you want me to read it?
12:14:21 From Stephen George : You please.
12:21:28 From Kimmee Sauerwine : I’m a teacher and we had a meeting about this today. We have lots of parents asking the same thing about motivation. You are not alone.
12:22:08 From Kim Gardner : my straight A student can’t do anything online due to anxiety! she is actually talking with Duffy which is helping.. I wonder how much might be anxiety..
12:22:13 From Cathy Adams to Stephen George(Privately) : let me know if you want to chime in
12:23:32 From LisaP : I have a freshman at home who was also already not liking school and not doing well…she loves the ‘home schooling’ but I see the shortcuts and avoidance still really a challenge. Executive functioning challenges are now magnified. You are not alone for sure.
12:27:02 From Kimmee Sauerwine : Does she have a teacher that she connects with? We have set up mentors. We have teachers that are meeting with our unmotivated kids to relieve the pressure so you can be a parent and not parent and teacher
12:28:07 From Kim Gardner : my daughter is in 10th grade and we have allowed a friend to quarantine with us so they can do work together. it is working, but it’s still slow!
12:32:26 From Anita Fudalewski : Just found out my girls are off until Sept 1st
12:34:02 From Anita Fudalewski : I work in an elementary school, and they’ll be going back on May 19th
12:34:28 From Cathy Adams to Anita Fudalewski(Privately) : would you like to ask a question?
12:35:41 From Anita Fudalewski to Cathy Adams(Privately) : Not really a question, just sharing
12:36:26 From Cathy Adams to Anita Fudalewski(Privately) : okey dokey
12:39:23 From Emily Chang : my 6 year old has gone from crying about not being able to play with her friends, to now not even interested in having a virtual play date. I keep telling myself that it’ll be fine, but there still are days that I wonder. I noticed that she punched her stuffed animal one night when she was angry, never seen that before.
12:40:07 From Kristen : sounds like she hit a wall
12:40:18 From LisaP : Emily…that is where I was going to go with question. The issue of all of this screen time but it being the connection point for these kids? I have concerns that mine (15 and 17 yr olds) are not talking enough to others…faces, voices, body language…I wish they would call and talk. It freaks me out and I worry about depression.
12:40:32 From Emily Chang : not really a question just sharing
12:43:37 From LisaP : oooo, I needed to hear that. Thank you…emeshed I am…
12:43:44 From Emily Chang : thanks to you guys and this group I worry a lot less ❤️❤️😭😭
12:44:14 From LisaP : great ideas!
12:45:21 From Stephen George : This was all very helpful and reassuring.
12:45:58 From Anita Fudalewski : The work never ends!!
12:46:03 From Millie Hsi : Can I share something that I learned from Rachel Simmons’ Pandemic Parenting Webinar? It’s a suggestion that I have yet to implement but think I need to do this soon. But it would include having our kids’ take some ownership of how they can take care of themselves and how we can help them take care of themselves.
12:46:46 From LisaP : thank you so much…that control point was so helpful
12:57:03 From Stephen George : Thank you for this. I have to log off but this was very centering.
12:57:25 From Millie Hsi : This morning, I gave up on asking my boys do the morning exercise with GoNoodle that they have gotten tired of. I just went through the same GoNoodle channel and found some yoga videos. I did them for ME. But of course the boys were there and joined me for some of it. It’s a beginning! My motivation originally was to get THEM to exercise. But this morning, my motivation was for ME to get grounded!
12:59:07 From Anita Fudalewski : I’m trying to let go on waking up my younger daughter by a certain time… Mostly because she is angry and aggressive when I go in her room!
12:59:30 From Anita Fudalewski : So much surrender, it is scary!
12:59:41 From Kimmee Sauerwine : I have a work meeting! Thank you for all you do!!!
13:00:03 From Emily Chang : I did the cosmic yoga for kids for myself cuz I was sore, and Emma ended up joining me. I bought patio furniture just so we can sit on the patio even though my hubby was against it at first, he appreciated it afterwards.
13:00:13 From Kim Gardner : I’m dusting because I can’t have my cleaner over. it’s actually fun when we have the time!
13:00:48 From Alicia Schultz : Sorry got distracted so just tuned back in, but I CAN NOT for the life of me get my kid to do Yoga with me.
13:01:01 From LisaP : thank you all. Would love to know for next time or maybe on the FB page if folks are establishing some structure that is working. THank you all.
13:02:34 From Millie Hsi : Gotta run. Thank you so much! Love you guys!
13:02:45 From Alicia Schultz : Love you, thanks!
13:02:47 From Emily Chang : xoxo
13:02:47 From LisaP : xoxox. take care all.