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Discussion & Time Stamps

0:00 Team Zen Updates- Support Micro-Community

7:52 Kristen-  I’m noticing more eating and drinking since Covid.

24:52 Cathy’s OREO’s habits

27:43 Malini- My oldest son gets away with more stuff, and my younger sons are asking why

51:48 Do I say I’m doing well when the people I’m with are not doing well


Tribe Men’s Group


12:07:44 From Todd Adams : who has a question?
12:07:50 From Kristen : I have a question.
12:09:30 From Tina : Good news – happy anniversary Cathy & Todd!
12:10:27 From Kristen : Pismo beach in CA
12:10:35 From Emily Chang : I think it might be Pismo Beach California
12:11:41 From SHAUN EMERSON : invitation
12:14:53 From jacqueline : I am right there with you Kristen! It’s a contact back and forth in my mind, trying to find the right balance for the moment 🙂
12:15:11 From jacqueline : Not contact – constant
12:16:25 From jacqueline : Is it possible we’re more hungry because of the extra work we’re doing in our mind? Like, legitimately burning more calories from the stress of it all?
12:20:07 From Todd Adams : who is next?
12:21:12 From Emily Chang : drinking for sure
12:21:28 From Emily Chang : and more snacks and sweets
12:22:52 From Emily Chang : but I’m taking Todd’s advice on more water as well 💪
12:28:06 From SHAUN EMERSON to Todd Adams(Privately) : gotta fly!
12:30:07 From Emily Chang : Emma only eats the cream filling 😂
12:31:25 From Malini DiClemente to Todd Adams(Privately) : I have a question…about sibling fairness?
12:31:33 From jacqueline : Matt gets to hear my crunching 😛
12:32:55 From Todd Adams : who wants to go after Malini? question? need support? etc.
12:34:51 From Tina : I like telling my kids fair doesn’t always mean equal
12:35:45 From jacqueline : I’ve heard a saying before that goes, “it doesn’t have to be “fair”, but everyone gets what they need”
12:37:17 From Todd Adams to Edwina Cowell(Privately) : great to see you on Edwina!!!
12:37:41 From jacqueline : We need to have conviction in our decisions (hard at times)
12:38:31 From Anita Fudalewski : Sounds like my daughter
12:41:25 From Tina : Amen Cathy! And that leads to growing their executive functioning.
12:43:30 From Tina : I had to explain to my 16 & 19 yr olds that playing extended family bingo via zoom on sunday was a gift they can give the family
12:43:50 From Tina : They came around 🙂
12:49:19 From jacqueline : Well said Cathy!
12:49:39 From Anita Fudalewski : Hearing about others is helpful ☺️
12:51:32 From Malini DiClemente to Todd Adams(Privately) : I am enjoying this time too… I never got it when my boys were littles because I had to work at some capacity.
12:51:53 From Kristen : I am enjoying the more time with family I just miss my alone time away from the home.
12:53:26 From Edwina Cowell : My 21 year old and I are totally bonding and en-JOY-ing each other.
12:53:32 From Tina : Have to run, bye friends 🙂
12:55:27 From Edwina Cowell to Todd Adams(Privately) : happy to be here.. trying to find time to make these!!!
12:55:43 From Dawnelda : I have a question.
12:57:58 From Malini DiClemente : I have just been saying I am doing OK, and then nothing else really.
12:59:28 From Malini DiClemente : Gotta make lunch and walk the puppers! Thanks for the talk! Stay healthy everyone!!!
12:59:43 From Edwina Cowell : Find the silver lining is ok. We can talk about how we are grateful for the good things that are coming out of it.
13:00:27 From Edwina Cowell : Love that!!!! Don’t Dim Your light!
13:00:46 From Edwina Cowell : GTG… Be well!
13:01:45 From Emily Chang : Yass! Love this talk! thank you all! ❤️❤️