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Discussion & Time Stamps

0:00 Todd & Cathy riffing about awareness, acceptance, and surrender
14:43 Anita feels big-time tension between her and her 12 year old daughter
20:18- Kim feels challenged being the mediator between her 16 year old daughter and her husband
41:13- how do you explain the benefits of dopamine to my 9 year old daughter
45:45 Jennifer is sad and she’s owning it!!! (Thank you for modeling)
54:00 SOS group


Tribe Men’s Group


12:05:37 From Millie : LOVED that video!!!
12:05:44 From Kristen : great video
12:06:14 From Kristen : always good to hear again (and again) that I am not responsible for everyone else’s mood
12:06:29 From Kim Gardner : I have a question also
12:14:51 From Millie : One of the messages that I was reminded of from the video you sent is to first acknowledge them by Dan Siegel’s 4 S’s (make them feel seen, safe, secure, and soothed). Acknowledge that whatever they’re feeling is totally OK. After the 4 S’s, you might still give them the TV or the treat, but you’re then doing it from a place of presence and not triggered action. Need to remember this!!!!
12:15:03 From Tina : Parenting is the ultimate pay it forward endeavor 🙂
12:17:06 From Millie : But we saw Todd in his Liebowski robe and hair!
12:17:06 From Helen Chisholm : Hello, defo need to hve camera off day today 🙂
12:18:05 From nicki : had camera off on Tuesday, cause I stayed in bed and just listened
12:18:56 From Anita Fudalewski : Facebook comment
12:19:58 From Todd Adams : kim is next- who wants to go after kim?
12:21:11 From Helen Chisholm : how do you explain dopamine hits to a 9 year old. I don’t think my adult explanation was very good.
12:22:01 From Karni : Great question Helen, I’ve wondered about how to explain dopamine to my 11 and 14 year olds
12:22:47 From Helen Chisholm : Yeah Emily has just started sending texts to her cousin and she is addicted!!!
12:23:00 From Karni : is that the hormone we get a boost from when we see a lot of likes on a social media post?
12:23:48 From Helen Chisholm : Yes it is the little boichemical reward that you get when you do something like get an email or a text etc…
12:24:43 From Anita Fudalewski : Thanks
12:24:55 From Anita Fudalewski : I know we’ve heard it all before
12:29:12 From Millie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4M-syHyda8&t=3874s&fueid=49875&qid=10554
12:29:17 From Karni : Millie does a great job!
12:30:30 From Millie : Thanks, Karni. 🙂
12:31:10 From Tina : Dr John Duffy wrote – our kids did not invent this technology and as far as they know the world has always been this way. That thought really helps me not get annoyed with phone time.
12:31:44 From Karni : I try to remind myself how much TV we watched as kids
12:31:45 From lpesce : have to drop …so helpful as usual. Looking forward to listening to rest later
12:32:56 From Millie : Can I say something? I have a contribution from the video you sent that I think applies.
12:33:06 From Todd Adams : u bet
12:37:43 From Millie : Sounds like he may be reacting from a place of fear…which is SOOOOO natural.
12:39:33 From Jennifer : I have a question if we have the time.
12:46:34 From Anita Fudalewski : Thank you Nicki and Helen for the private messages of support, I really needed that!
12:48:44 From Millie : I wonder if it’s this link, Todd (Simon Sinek): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TLpGfpVW3c
12:49:34 From Helen Chisholm : SSRI Selectivec Seritonine Uptake Inhibitors
12:51:12 From Todd Adams : if we have time- who would like tto go after jennifer?
12:53:44 From Dawnelda : When I was going through my divorce, podcasts, especially Todd and Cathy, were life saving!
12:55:21 From Helen Chisholm : I think that it is difficult to be your own best friend sometimes. Sometimes it is just possible. to have the intention to be your own best friend. Often I need to have that good stuff to be reflected in the face of my friends or even an acquaintance.
12:56:16 From Millie : If we have the time, can you guys (or maybe Todd specifically bc it’s from the CLG video again) talk a bit about the “hero” perspective? The example they gave was about a mom feeling like she needs to financially bail out her kid during this time bc he was laid off. They talked about how we can act from a “hero” perspective vs just recognizing from above the line that the kid is a creator of his own experience and invite life to teach him whatever it teaches him. The whole “hero” thing is another aha for me. Just thought you might riff on it if we had the time.
12:58:46 From Anita Fudalewski : Wow, needed SOS last night
13:00:24 From Millie : Jen, I learned about the Lady Bluebottle site last night, which came from ZPR via TiLT. What a beautiful and inspirational site! So many great quotes. https://ladybluebottle.com/ Sending you huge hugs, as always!!! xoxoxo
13:00:26 From Todd Adams : send me an email @ toddadams23@gmail.com if u want to be on the sos team
13:00:28 From Helen Chisholm : I think that would be a great idea..
13:02:02 From Millie : Let’s save “hero” concept for another Zen Talk.
13:04:02 From SHAUN EMERSON : Keep Truckin’!