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Discussion & Time Stamps

3:25 How do I make my kids feel supported when the other parent is in a triggered/threatened state
30:08 11 year old son who emotes on the soccer field
41:19 15 year old daughter wants to quit cheer-leading. What should I do?



12:03:49 From Todd Adams : ot
12:03:52 From Todd Adams : hot
12:04:06 From Jacqueline : 👋
12:04:08 From Millie : Exhausted.
12:04:32 From Cesa : brave
12:04:40 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Drained.
12:11:06 From Jacqueline : I go on to say in the email about how I want to make the kids feel supported in the moment too…
12:13:31 From Millie : This makes me think about the idea of using code words in the heat of the moment. Erin will remember that being brought up during the breakout with Debbie Reber. But I don’t think we figured out if it’s the best use of that technique during a heated moment. Maybe the code word is a funny one to bring humor to the situation? I will admit that I have not tried it yet. And am concerned that even a funny code word still might cause my husband to feel like I’m “telling” him that he’s messing up.
12:17:39 From Erin Kuhn-Krueger : Yes, we use “billboard” (i.e., a kid only hear/understand what you could read on a billboard driving on the highway). And yes, it often makes him feel attacked…and that could be because I wind up having to shout it to get him to stop what he’s doing/saying.
12:18:21 From Jacqueline : that’s such a great point Cathy, thank you. I love hearing you both riff on this, as it looks like there is a way to gently insert ourselves in the moment
12:24:22 From Jacqueline : And for the record (🙂) I also have moments of failure so I would like Matt to show up for me in those moments too, help me get back on track.
12:24:28 From Jacqueline : thanks so much!!
12:26:58 From Todd Adams to karnigriffin(Privately) : you’re next karni 🙂
12:27:52 From Jacqueline : this has been so helpful, thank you both so much. it will stimulate further exploration for Matt and I for sure!
12:29:11 From Millie : To do that exercise, do you first have to be able to identify your persona, like the Energizer Bunny?
12:31:31 From nicki : We have developed a joint “thought bubble” Vison that connects us. First we acknowledge what our individual thought bubbles. It has helped our joint parenting.
12:31:44 From LisaP : I have Scandinavian blood in me as well and relate SO much to this and my husband can chill out so much easier as well. I think this naming will really help. Thank you.
12:32:54 From Jacqueline : Gotta go 👋 thanks again!
12:37:38 From Todd Adams : who wants to go after karni?
12:39:28 From LisaP : I have one if we have time
12:46:43 From Todd Adams : if we have time for another, anybody else have a quick question?
12:49:45 From karnigriffin to Todd Adams(Privately) : I could respond on what we discussed earlier, if trime
12:54:06 From nicki : She may be searching for her tribe
12:55:03 From LisaP : thank you, Nicki…I think you are spot on. She at least can express her angst and anger but often in difficult ways…tks all!
12:55:22 From LisaP : I have to drop but appreciate this so much.
12:56:35 From Millie : John O’Sullivan podcast: https://zenparentingradio.com/podcasts/287-2/
12:56:41 From karnigriffin to Todd Adams(Privately) : thanks Millie
12:57:54 From Millie : That was the REPLAY, the original is: https://zenparentingradio.com/podcasts/osullivan/ though they are probably exactly the same, right?
12:58:01 From Cesa : I have to run to a client call, but really enjoyed my first team zen call. Thanks team!
12:58:49 From Alicia Schultz : that just gave me chills ‘parent your kid as if they are not your kid’
13:01:20 From nicki : Helen day light savings in chicago
13:02:32 From Millie : Will it be the Bachelor workout?