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Discussion & Time Stamps

2:32 Centering
7:52 Friend not meeting expectations
27:37 Back to School?
38:52 Unmotivated 13 year old son


Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:16:25 From Jenn Kovacs : My girlfriend was in a similar situation. Her husband is a police offer in Chicago. She found a group of police officer’s wives and they have been a great support to her during all of this.
12:18:19 From Jenn Kovacs : https://www.policewivesofamerica.org/findwives
12:25:06 From Cathy Adams : I am going to read 1 question, but I want to know who wants to go after?
12:31:13 From Millie : Hugs to you, Sera!
12:33:56 From Cathy Adams : who is next? who is looking for support? who wants to make a comment?
12:40:57 From Holly Rudnick to Cathy Adams(Privately) : I have a comment and also a question if there is time. 🙂
12:41:52 From Dawn Dockey : i have something
12:41:55 From Jenn Kovacs : The group of people that I am processing this with came up with norms on how we commit to engage with each other as we each decide what’s best for our families.
12:44:39 From Dawn Dockey to Cathy Adams(Privately) : I can hold my q – not urgent
12:45:00 From Cathy Adams to Dawn Dockey(Privately) : cool. thanks
12:48:47 From Millie : that’s my kid too!!!
12:49:39 From Erin : I have a comment if there is time. But no worries if there is not.
12:50:56 From Cathy Adams to Erin(Privately) : ok- coming up
12:51:33 From Erin to Cathy Adams(Privately) : I think Dawn was before me.
12:52:00 From Cathy Adams to Erin(Privately) : thanks. we’ll see how much time we have left.
12:52:11 From Erin to Cathy Adams(Privately) : perfect. thank you.
12:59:24 From Anita : I have recently found a resource on YouTube for general parenting “strategies” that I have found very valuable… Not the complete answer to every issue for sure, but it has given me confidence in some of my problem areas!
12:59:46 From Anita : Live On Purpose – Dr. Paul Jenkins
13:02:31 From Anita : Yes! Pets!
13:04:27 From Holly Rudnick : Thank you!!!