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Discussion & Time Stamps

0:49 Centering

5:55 Covid Update

11:19 Dad has Alzheimers

26:00 Angel #’s

36:11 3 year-old melting down

51:52 13 year old similarities


Teenage Wisdom Podcast #420

Dr. Dan Siegel- The Power of Showing UP- Podcast #526

Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:11:20 From Cathy Adams : who is looking for support? wants to comment on cathy’s take?
12:15:28 From Cesa Schmidt : I would like support regarding my father who has Alzheimer’s and lives far from me.
12:25:44 From Dawnelda : I have a thank you
12:33:19 From Cathy Adams : who is next?
12:33:31 From Andrea Kennedy : I have a question about 3 year old fit throwing.
12:36:14 From Mimi Inahuazo : I’m waiting for a kitty from a rescue. unconditional love for sure.
12:39:06 From jacqueline : By the way, another person I follow used the metaphor of the 3 little pigs this week – thought it was neat that two people I follow used the same story as a metaphor of building solid foundations!
12:39:08 From Peggy Jividen : fox
12:40:06 From Andrea Kennedy : Jacqueline, I enjoyed that as well because my three year old has just recently gotten into the three little pigs story and talks about it all the time. And then, boom, it was on the podcast. 🙂
12:40:32 From jacqueline : Nice!
12:41:18 From jacqueline : Me too Andrea!
12:44:12 From jacqueline : Things have gotten to the point in our house with a 5 and 3 year old, Matt and I are really struggling to manage our responses. In fact, we have our initial consult with a parent coach on Monday… really hoping we can get back on track here
12:44:56 From Cesa Schmidt : Andrea; my 5 year old is really emotional about ALL the things and it is SO hard.
12:46:14 From jacqueline : Our issues are maybe a bit less about tantrums and more about the kids testing limits and boundaries. It’s driving us a bit crazy
12:47:20 From jacqueline : I’m thinking Matt and I really need to reevaluate our expectations in the house, but yeah, feel like I don’t know where to start. Hence, hiring a parent coach!
12:49:19 From Cesa Schmidt : I apologize every time I don’t make a great choice in those situations. Something I remembered from Abby and Glennon at ZPRC
12:51:27 From Steve George : You mention that a similar development occurs around 13. Can you touch on that and what it might look like? My son seems to be going through a similar situation.
12:54:47 From Andrea Kennedy : Thank you everyone!
13:00:39 From Andrea Kennedy : It’s interesting talking about more confidence. My daughter has also JUST started coming out of her room in the morning. She used to always just stay in there and read books until we came to get her. (this is fine, btw, but just interesting that she is also showing more confidence/independence.)
13:01:01 From Steve George : Thank you.