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Discussion & Time Stamps

1:22 Centering

5:31 I’m supporting my friend through marriage issues and now she says she doesn’t want my help.

27:00 My husband and I are not parenting from the same place.

45:13 Need help with the teen/tween years


Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:08:57 From Peggy Jividen : The wisdom from this group is amazing but thanks, Helen.
12:10:49 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go after helen?
12:11:25 From Jackie : I have a question.
12:11:38 From Nancy Schmidt : I have a question as well 🙂
12:30:39 From Peggy Jividen : ❤️ Helen.
12:39:06 From Helen Chisholm : I think it is warrior energy that you need too
12:45:22 From Millie Hsi : Sending you love and support, Jackie. I also have a husband who grew up in an authoritarian household. And I see how that affects his parenting style. Thankfully he has grown and learned about how his family of origin’s parenting has affected his personal parenting style. It also has help inform my understanding of where he comes from. It’s still hard to witness when he uses authoritarian ways. But I can now understand that it’s deeply rooted and for any of us, it’s hard to change.
12:46:54 From Millie Hsi : I definitely think that sharing with him how his words affect YOUR feelings is really important. He cannot deny how you feel.
12:47:09 From Joe Locey : We have got to break these patterns! If he can be open to resources, there are many out there. Men need to know that it not just about them, but also for their kids and partners!
12:49:48 From Joe Locey : Todd, I’d love to have a conversation about bringing about ‘the shift’ sometime
12:50:53 From Cathy Adams to Joe Locey(Privately) : sure- shoot me an email and let’s have a talk…
12:59:56 From Jackie : I don’t know if this aligns with your parenting, but I’m thinking of Kim John Payne’s book Soul of Discipline, where he talks about being the “gardener” with tweens…reflecting a cultivating of making good choices. Through listening and watching, gardener gages the garden’s needs. He goes on to talk about parents as “guides” during the teen years.