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Discussion & Time Stamps


Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History


75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice

Antiracist Baby

Why Ta-Nehisi Coates is hopeful

Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:11:45 From jacqueline : Matt would like to ask a question
12:15:38 From Kristen : DId you email those quotes or post on fb team zen page?
12:17:56 From Cathy Adams : it was in the reminder email i sent out last night.
12:22:50 From kelseyholt : Scene on Radio’s podcast series “Seeing White” is really great for learning the history, including how the concepts of ‘race’ and ‘whiteness’ were created.
12:23:57 From Kelly Copeland : Yes Seeing White was a great series. Very eye opening to me.
12:24:01 From Edith Smith : Being in Richmond Virginia and seeing the messages spray painted on the monuments has added so much context. the monuments has caused so much pain
12:25:09 From Cathy Adams : who would like to share/ask question/comment?
12:25:39 From Kristen : Not leading it Matt but having conversations with white friends is so important. A lot of my friends just want to gloss over it because its hard.
12:27:20 From Andrea Kennedy : I have a question.
12:28:12 From Millie Hsi : “Lead” in the way that Cathy and Todd have in the past couple of weeks…by bringing to our circles the names of people to follow, the podcasts to listen to, the books to read, and the questions to ask.
12:34:02 From jacqueline : We’ve starting adding more children’s books to our collection that talk about skin colour (the science behind it), the civil rights movement, etc. It makes me feel like I’m exposing my younger children to these topics despite not having any real relationships with people of colour.
12:34:59 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go next?
12:35:33 From Alicia : I was in a webinar on talking to kids about this stuff, and the one thing brought up regarding kids is to take them to parks with diverse kids playing, and have books with happy healthy families of many races and cultures, and make those books where the characters of color SPEAK, but aren’t just the token non-white characters
12:36:10 From Alicia : oh, and to do what we are doing here. Do the inner work yourself.
12:36:46 From jacqueline : Did anyone see the John Oliver show this week? That short clip at the end where the black woman breaks down why she’s so angry was very, very intense, and it really hit me emotionally. Bit by bit I feel like I’m understanding the history of this issue, and how it persists…
12:36:56 From Alicia : can I speak?
12:37:41 From Megan Edwards : Yes I did Jacqueline. She was so great and the analogy to a Monopoly game was brilliant. It is a must watch!
12:38:01 From Kelly Copeland : This is a good book for kids https://www.amazon.com/Little-Leaders-History-Vashti-Harrison/dp/0316475114/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3EKAPHRBTOV8E&dchild=1&keywords=little+leaders+bold+women+in+black+history&qid=1591810648&sprefix=little+leaders%2Caps%2C196&sr=8-1
12:39:47 From Megan Edwards : Kimberly Jones (woman at end of John Oliver show) – this is the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxyJKfK_WQk
12:40:11 From jacqueline : Thanks Megan
12:40:36 From Steve George : I’m interested in asking my children (12 & 14) how they define racism. They tend to have a very different concept of things due to their own experiances and I always seem to learn something from them when I assume I will be teaching.
12:41:17 From Andrea Kennedy : Thank you!
12:41:37 From Steve George : Not really a question…
12:44:50 From Millie Hsi : https://medium.com/equality-includes-you/what-white-people-can-do-for-racial-justice-f2d18b0e0234
12:45:19 From Cathy Adams : who is next?
12:47:05 From Edith Smith : My daughters boyfriend is black and I have been very upfront with him to let me know if he is ever in an uncomfortable position
12:47:33 From Edith Smith : that we may be out and I am unaware that is it uncomfortable for him as a young black man
12:48:07 From Edith Smith : If I know I can offer support or remove us from the situation.
12:48:34 From Cathy Adams to Edith Smith(Privately) : would u like to share?
12:48:36 From jacqueline : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/14849604-max-and-the-tag-along-moon
12:48:47 From jacqueline : We got this one from the Dolly Parton library and our kids love it
12:49:27 From Dawn Dockey : Can we get a copy of this chat after the call is over? so many great resources
12:49:44 From Edith Smith to Cathy Adams(Privately) : yes
12:49:58 From Steve George : Enlightened is the perfect word for it.
12:50:49 From Megan Edwards : Baby board book! https://bookshop.org/books/antiracist-baby/9780593110416
12:52:32 From Millie Hsi : Yes, Megan. Ibram X. Kendi, the author of the baby board book you listed, has a Young Adult version also of his original book! Last time I looked on Amazon, they were not available but I plan to buy it for my daughter’s middle school.
12:53:30 From Cathy Adams : who is next?
12:56:23 From Dawn Dockey : I’m love that Edith! “I’m awkward” will be in my pocket for these types of conversations
12:58:33 From Alicia : https://trucolourbandages.com/ Bandaids of all colors. I’ve thought about ordering a range of shades.
13:01:20 From Kimmee Sauerwine : Can you say the name of the podcast episode again?
13:01:32 From Millie Hsi : Your TruColour Bandages reminded me of something that happened at school. The art program in our elementary school system (before COVID) was through volunteers. For one lesson about Van Gogh portraits, we realized that we only had ONE flesh color and guess what it was?!!! So thankfully we had the time before the lesson to go and order chalk pastels in MANY skin tones. Because imagine the kids going to get the color to paint them self portrait and there was only ONE option.
13:01:47 From Dawn Dockey : Ezra Klein
13:02:08 From Dawn Dockey : interviewing Ta-nehisi Coates
13:02:28 From Dawn Dockey : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-ezra-klein-show/id1081584611?i=1000476756446
13:04:01 From Kimmee Sauerwine : thank you
13:04:23 From Edith Smith : Thank you.
13:04:27 From Edith Smith : gotta run
13:05:02 From Alicia : Thanks You!
13:05:07 From kelseyholt : yes please send the chat!!