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Discussion & Time Stamps

  • 0:19 Centering
  • 2:20 9 year old son watches has too much screen time
  • 19:00 I have a 2 month old and a 5 year old- Am I doing this right?
  • 43:25 13 year old daughter is struggling getting her outside
  • 54:05 Depression- is this normal?
  • 59:23 Monday morning Guided meditation opportunity


Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:07:30 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go after mimi?
12:11:30 From Millie Hsi : How exactly are you teaching your girls about brain development and screen time, Cathy?
12:13:39 From SHAUN EMERSON : The other thing we forget sometimes is this stuff is designed to addict us. addiction is tough to overcome.
12:15:37 From Andrea Kennedy : I can relate to that. I often find myself thinking, wait, why on earth am I mindlessly scrolling facebbok again…
12:16:17 From SHAUN EMERSON : right, Andrea. FB, Twitter, Insta…How abut TikTok?
12:18:37 From Kimmee Sauerwine : I didn’tknow you had a channel???? I’ll follow you!
12:19:40 From kelseyholt : i can ask a question
12:22:29 From Millie Hsi : What do you do for a teen to whom we’ve told some of that brain science stuff and doesn’t care. Still doesn’t want to go outside. I guess the question is what to do with a teen who is apathetic about everything! Other than screen time.
12:23:06 From Andrea Kennedy : Awwwww! Beautiful baby!
12:23:33 From Millie Hsi : Congratulations, Kelsey! So wonderful!
12:26:29 From Millie Hsi : Kelsey, you are definitely NOT alone. I’ve been feeling like a failure as a parent lately. Literally! I know that I’m not a completely failure but I feel like I’m behind the 8 ball on so many things that it comes out as less compassion for myself.
12:26:37 From Alicia Schultz : yes! no time to recharge and feeling like I need more of it overall
12:27:02 From Alicia Schultz : and feeling guilty that I’m not enjoying all this time with my kids
12:28:00 From Andrea Kennedy : I have borderline PTSD symptoms when someone tells me they have a newborn at home. 🙂
12:28:33 From Alicia Schultz : you were not meant to do this alone! of course you are feeling less than. it’s MORE than what we as humans developed to do
12:30:21 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go after kelsey?
12:30:54 From Peggy Jividen to Cathy Adams(Privately) : Are you worried about when Matt goes back to work?
12:31:36 From Millie Hsi : Ah, YES, Cathy! Overwhelm ends up feeling like failure. Thank you! I’m feeling “overwhelmed” by so much right now but it doesn’t have to translate to my thinking that I’m a failure. Thank you for the reframe.
12:40:09 From Dawn Dockey : I have a 9 and 7 year old and this is so relevant for me. what is that saying you have Cathy? same thing in different pants?
12:45:02 From Anita : I failed accounting twice in university!
12:45:29 From kelseyholt : Thank you everyone!! <3
12:46:01 From Millie Hsi : I had a follow up question I wrote in the thread earlier… What do you do for a teen to whom we’ve told some of that brain science stuff but she doesn’t care in the slightest. Still doesn’t want to go outside, doesn’t want to take the initiative to contact a friend. I guess the question is what to do with a teen who is apathetic about everything! Other than screen time. Apathy and possibly depression. I’ve run out of ideas to motivate her.
12:47:19 From Sarah Racsa : I love that Dawn– same and we have 11 and 14 year old…and I think listening helps us to heal our own past struggles during the “dark times” early years. Thanks Kelcie!
12:47:50 From Judy Aday : It’s so hard having the kids in the room and talking about things openly – it would be so much easier to say it as opposed to trying to express it in writing. I thought about expressing some feeling today about depression. Cathy, you described the self work so well in one of the recent podcasts – I feel like you described so well what I’m going through. I am on medication now, but I resisted it originally because I felt that I have to do this work for myself and I know that it is first worse before it’s getting better. Recently you mentioned the balance about when to take medication. I’m not sure if I have a question in there, but can you comment on this self work and depression balance. When do we know when it is normal and when is it depression. I hope this makes sense…
12:51:00 From Cathy Adams to Judy Aday(Privately) : do u want to ask or have me read?
12:52:20 From Judy Aday to Cathy Adams(Privately) : you can read 🙂
13:03:43 From Millie Hsi : What time/day is the meditation?
13:04:22 From Millie Hsi : Oooh, 4:30 Pacific time may be a bit tough for me to do but I wish I could join!
13:04:44 From Millie Hsi : OMG! Nadine is so sweet!!!!
13:04:56 From SHAUN EMERSON : Millie…I will be doing it from CA so…
13:05:10 From Millie Hsi : Oh, really?!!!
13:05:21 From Millie Hsi : Then keep me posted!!!