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Discussion & Time Stamps

  • :49 What’s going on this month
  • 8:49 I’m afraid my 11 year old son is going to struggle through the summer.
  • 25:05 I’m having a tough time speaking up when in the presence of racist comments
  • 51:49 I sometimes feel guilty for being white


Todd Adams Coaching For Guys

Tribe Men’s Group


12:08:08 From Cathy Adams : who has a question and/or wants some support around something?
12:08:29 From Megan Edwards : I do
12:15:36 From Dawn Dockey : I have one too
12:30:10 From Courtney Hannon to Cathy Adams(Privately) : Would this summer maybe be the perfect environment for him to be more confident in himself as a less social child? Because he is able to focus on one friend. There may be opportunity there. Vs him feeling any sort of shame around ‘not having as many friends as other kids’
12:40:11 From Cathy Adams : who wants to go after dawn?
12:50:56 From Millie Hsi : I so appreciate everything you guys are saying. I’ve felt the same as Dawn (minus the pool party and overt racist comments flowing) but feel desperate to do something. I like how Todd said we can try to move 10% vs 100% or 90%. it doesn’t let me off the hook but gives me a goal that’s more achievable.
12:53:13 From Millie Hsi : LOVE that hose visual! Thank you!
12:56:44 From Jennifer : I have a comment
13:01:04 From Courtney Hannon to Cathy Adams(Privately) : I have to hop off and go back to work. Thanks so much!! See you guys next time.
13:05:55 From Megan Edwards : That struck me too on the podcast Jennifer. I googled this idea after and found this article and the author to be interesting: https://gmichelle.com/2019/02/04/why-self-care-is-considered-a-privilege/
13:10:55 From Millie Hsi : 10%, Jen! ❤️
13:12:59 From Jennifer : Thanks, Millie! And thank you to everyone for listening and supporting! xo